We had never intended to go this far, some things we were going to leave as they were. They say it’s dangerous to wake someone up when they are sleepwalking, and the whole idea of us writing is to awaken our target audience with the minimal amount of stress.

But since someone saw fit to load up Wikipedia and New World Encyclopedia links on Lilith with every piece of slanderous Pseudepigrapha they could find, all of it written by eighteenth and nineteenth century Jews impersonating ancient sages and knowing less about the Qabalah than you all do, we, and I personally have to take the gloves off, now it’s a street fight and I’ve never lost a street fight. Everyone talks about wanting to know the Truth, well this is the truth, raw and uncut, part 2 should be ready in early May… 

By Jack Heart & Orage

– In memoriam of unkle Hüker d. April, 20 1945 –

Writer’s note: To the Jews I apologize for my vindictive tone and I assure you it is directed towards your rabbis and the empire they serve, the ones who have always known they were lying to you and everyone else. Actually your history is something to be proud of; you are warriors at heart just like the Vikings you fought so well against. That’s why what happens in Israel is what happens, when set loose you quickly revert back to your natural state. We have given you back your penis, use it well… Jack Heart

In the Qabalah, there is no Satan, no king of demons. Asmodeus and Beelzebub are princes, not kings. There are seven princes for the seven palaces of hell. There are no kings. Only God is king. Lilith is the mother and the queen of all demons. The name of her consort; Kebad, has the same numerical value, twenty six, as God. According to the rules of the Qabalah, God and Kebad are the same entities.

Lilith herself is rabidly hostile to man. She was Adam’s first wife, but she refused to accept a subservient position to him particularly during intercourse. All Jews put a tiny scroll somewhere in the entrance to their home to keep her out and are implored not to suffer a ‘witch’ to live amongst them. A true witch derives power through the malevolent forces and is a servant of Lilith. The ancient Hebrew sages called them Daughters of the Owl. The owl is the symbol for Lilith. – Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan

This is as it was understood by me; Jack Heart in 2012. It is an excerpt from the book I wrote that year about my own personal acquaintance with this entity that goes back to 1989. I wrote the book in what I thought was retrospect, but I have since found out that it cannot ever be published because it endangers the very foundations of an empire that is built on lies, the biggest one being the one they, with her blessing, have told about her.

On page forty at the beginning of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar; Miguel Serrano’s sprawling magnum opus on the occult, as We the Masters of it Understand it, he writes,

“Like almost all of my generation in Chile and the world I knew nothing of the Jewish Problem. I clarify: my generation, because people older than us did know. The brilliant Nicolas Palacios already published his book “Chilean Race” in 1904, drawing attention to the Jewish danger. He said those who know nothing of this problem cannot know anything of the history of humanity.

And he said to appreciate the good and danger of a philosophical or scientific theory one must first ask about the racial origin of its author. If he is a Jew, then this theory must be false and harmful to non-Jews.” (1)

Last week, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem simultaneously burned, with the cathédrale burning to the ground. Churches have been burning all over France; and when it can be, it’s being blamed on the very same Muslim refugees who just had their own city of Aleppo burned down to the ground in perhaps the most senseless war in history. But it is only senseless if one does not know that Aleppo, in time out of mind, was called Nephîlā′ and was the catalyst of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish god’s murder of the Nephilim or Watchers’ children for their fathers’ audacity in teaching civilization to Man. The Book of Enoch is kept out of the bible, because in it this cowardly god giggles like a school girl in anticipation of drowning the children of the Nephilim.

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At this point, only a moron fed on the fake news of the mainstream media and the gibbering nonsense plastered all over the internet by the world’s “Intelligence” agencies would not suspect that perhaps the colloquialism; the chickens have come home to roost is in order. There is a war going on here and it has nothing, nothing at all to do with the circus clowns who have been installed in the media as distractions.

Think! Do you really think Donald Trump and ilk have launched an interdimensional war? If you do not pay attention and put down that plastic Jesus, get off your knees and burn that foul scroll called a Torah, it is going to end just as badly for you as it is for them, and that would be unfortunate, because most of you have not offended anyone or anything and have been their victims all your lives, but you know what they say about collateral damage being a necessity of war…

Since the first article I wrote for VT went viral back at the end of 2013, I have been closely monitored by the world’s intelligence agencies. They knew who I was before I did. We now have our own entourage of spooks shadowing us night and day; some, those that are traitors to the human race, trying to make things as difficult as possible, leaving fake comments in our comment sections of the Human, many of those comments splendid examples of minds damaged beyond repair, like the Deros of Richard Sharpe Shaver who played too long with technology they did not understand.

Others that can still write in complete sentences leave pseudo-intellectual comments in places where they know I can’t answer them. Others still create distractions in the mainstream media, like Trump tweeting about fake news while his Masters loot what they can from a world they know is going to burn. Just check our page on VT for an example of how they have been wiping our posts off the internet, many with over a hundred-thousand reads, and without even the benefit of a Madison Avenue publicist.

They’re gone, thanks to them, but so is everything you ever really loved, thanks to them.

“Fire is coming” Flying Lotus featuring David Lynch

But there are others, men and woman from the deepest Blackest Holes of Spookdom. They are the authentic heroes of what is left of a human race largely already consumed by what David Lynch called the Black Fire and Alec Newall of Nexus Magazine the Black Goo. But there are other races here that fire cannot burn, and if you are not already a bacterial agglutination, what H. P. Lovecraft dubbed a Shoggoth, a Thing, then chances are good that you are of one of those different races. These heroes are fighting for all of you, all the races; and we are writing only because of them, moved by their magnificent courage.

Because of who and what I am, what we write has launched many an expansive Wikipedia entry. Recently because we and particularly I have written so much on the subject of Lilith, whom I consider to be my lawful wife, and who by the way prefers to be called Freyja, her entry in Wikipedia has been greatly expanded, and another one under the misleading banner of the New World Encyclopedia added. They will not be getting any New Worlds, in fact as Orage has recently stated about their Old World:

“The 1,000 year deal has expired, it is in post due state. No amount of CPR and transfusions are going to extend it…

With over fifty citations for the New World Encyclopedia and close to a hundred for Wikipedia, it all looks quite comprehensive to the casual reader; but to anyone who knows anything about the occult, both entries are about as shoddy a pile of soiled toilet paper as has ever attempted to pass itself off as a scholarly work.

Considering Wikipedia’s penchant for telling Anne Frank stories, that is saying something. Absent in its list of sources are Miguel Serrano, Aleister Crowley, David Lynch, Jack Heart, whom these entries are obviously trying to rebut in the first place, and C. G. Jung, about whom Serrano, one of the iconic psychologist’s closest friends, speculates may have actually met Lilith. “At the end of his days, Professor Jung coined the term “psychoid” to refer to his Archetypes, wanting to highlight his profound concern for these apparitions, not human nor a mere product of the Unconscious, apparently. Where he showed this doubt most clearly was in the prologue to my book, “The Visits of the Queen of Sheba.”

He said “known archetypical figures are clearly discernible, but the least similar to the spontaneous products of the Unconscious with which I am familiar…” 1 At the time, they were calling her the Queen of Sheba, but Serrano would later clarify in the Son of the Widower, “Lilith is also the Queen of Sheba” 2

To Wikipedia’s credit, they do quote Johann Wolfgang (von) Goethe’s Faust: A Tragedy, but they also spend an inordinate amount of space on rabbinical literature, the Zohar, perhaps the most evil book ever written and “Kabbalistic mysticism.” The New World Encyclopedia seems to be loath to even mention a gentile author, unless quoting Greek mythology, which, no less than the greatest scholar of his time, Jesuit librarian at Lycée Louis-le-Grand; Jean Hardouin told academia three-hundred years ago, was all forged.

There are big problems with using rabbinical sources. First, Gershom Scholem aside, I have forgotten more about the Qabalah than any of the New World Encyclopedia or Wikipedia’s menagerie of mange-ridden Jewish mutts were and are ever going to know. The rabbi who founded Jews for Jesus, a good man, died a broken man after a conversation he had with me about the Qabalah at his home in Westbury Long Island, where I had come to do a landscape estimate, another guy who knew who I was before I did. Most Jews don’t even know how to spell Qabalah. The ones that do, also know they are not supposed to be telling the goyim anything true about it; I believe the Talmud recommends death for such an offense.

In the Qabalah, every word has a numerical value and when that value is the same as another word, the words are interchangeable, spelling is rule number one, it’s called Gematria. Qabalah is spelled with a Q; Qoph, Beth, Lamed and Heh. There is no other correct way to spell it; any alternative spelling is either a lie or a mistake, and either way you as a novice should not be reading another word after it.

According to the standard Ben-Yehuda’s pocket English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary QBLH means “receipt; receiving, reception [remember the giant television screen in Twin Peaks 2017?]; tradition; cabals, mysticism…” The numerical value of QBLH is 137, the same as MTzBH, which means an image or a monument and is used in Genesis 28, 22 when Jacob says “then this stone, which I have set up for a pillar, shall be God’s house.”

This corresponds with the Australian aborigine’s Alcheringa, which is the source of the dream, the source of the transmission for the Holographic Universe we are in…

If you can’t spell Qabalah, then there is no way you are qualified to write about it. Let us also dismiss the endless Jewish posturing as the innocent victim when they tell us that she harms their children. It should be remembered that in their Torah and their Talmud, they are instructed to bash yours, as a gentile, against rocks, feed them to bears, rape them, enslave them, and when they are through having their fun, their god will simply drown the rest in his deluge. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Ishtar (Lilith) in the aftermath of that flood swears eternal vengeance upon Enlil (Yahweh) on her necklace of Lapis Lazuli that controls all the other Djinn for what he has done to her children. It should be taken for granted that goes for all his sycophants and supplicants too…

The fact is the names at the bottom of the Wikipedia and New World Encyclopedia links on Lilith look much like the names on the editorial staff of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and all the rest of the Jewish propaganda rags that have led the human race down the primrose path to a Hell only H. P. Lovecraft could have imagined. Starting with the Old Testament and culminating with the Zohar, which technically cannot be defined as a forgery only because of the “absence of the concept of copyright in any form until modern times,” (3) everything the Jews have ever written about their religion and their history is fraudulent, much of it deliberately so…

In order to advance whatever agenda is deemed ‘good for the Jews’ at the time, their scholars can, will and always have manufactured “manuscripts, colophons, tomb inscriptions, as well as forged chronicles and “folklore” texts.” (4) Forever, there is the modus operandi of presenting their forgeries as “ancient. The authors created heroic epos (e.g. the Russian historians) or figures of great sages (e.g. the Jewish scholars).” (5) To be fair, the Jews are not the only ones who have falsified history; it’s just that they are better at it than everyone else.

One of the most prodigious of liars from this tribe of professional liars was the prototype Zionist Avraham Firkowicz (1787 – 1874) whose handiwork in creating an exodus nine hundred years before the Common Era is still cited today as a reason Russians now occupy Palestine.

Determined to prove that the Karate Jews, who only accept the Tanakh –as opposed to Rabbinical Jews, who accept the Torah, Talmud and the Tanakh as authoritative– had been in Russia since time out of mind and therefore not responsible for the crucifixion of plastic Jesus, “he fabricated colophons and falsified tombstone inscriptions.”(6) Like a ghoul in a gothic novel, he haunted Jewish cemeteries in the Crimea changing the Hebrew letters which double as numbers on tombstone inscriptions from Heh to Tav because they look very similar, pushing the dates on them back a thousand years. Conservative estimates are that he changed “the dates of the deaths of many dozens of Crimean Jews from the seventeenth-eighteenth to the seventh to twelfth centuries, which supported his ideas about the Karaite history in the peninsula.”(7)

“Beginning in the 1840s, a number of Russian and Hebrew publications appeared that described Firkovich’s “discoveries,” even though a considerable part of those were forgeries. However, they caused a sensation in the scholarly world, both in Russia and in Europe. Firkovich became well-known in research circles, and the Karaite theme became a topic of general interest and public discussion. He published a number of articles on Karaism in maskilic periodicals such as Hakarmel, Hamaggid, Hamelitz, Hashahar, and Zion as well as in Russian periodicals…”

To Jewish scholars, just like every other history scholar whether they know it or not, history itself is just a tool to establish the desired present. The awful and unspeakable truth to Jews and Christians alike is Jews have always been in Russia, it’s their native land and not one word of those horrible books and scrolls that they live their lives by is true, it’s all been fabricated. The Yiddish, their drooling dogma so dear to the hearts of their homicidally demented Christian brethren was all forced upon them by their rabbis. “Jews in the Middle Ages spoke Slavic languages (this, indeed, has since been proven true)…”(8)

This is the earliest known Star of David; it was unearthed in the Eastern Ukraine. Actually, scholars debate whether it is a Star of David or a Talisman of Tengri shamanism, no doubt fearful of what will happen to their academic careers should they dare say it’s both…

“Jews” in reality are descendants of the Pechenegs. Hudud al-‘Alam —a late 10th-century Persian geographer— noted that there were two Pecheneg groups. He referred to those who lived along the Donets as “Turkic Pechenegs,” and they are still known today as the Donmeh Turks. Those who lived along the Kuban he referred to as “Khazarian Pechenegs.” (9) They are referred to today as the Ashkenazi. They were once great warriors, pirates, the only ones capable of standing against the Vikings using hit and run guerrilla tactics and building no cities for the Vikings to lay waste too, as they did with the rest of the Khazarian Empire which the Pechenegs were part of.

They were Nomads, whose only possession was their “felt-huts and tents (khargāh va qubba), cattle, and sheep. They wander within the same territory on the grazing grounds situated in the Khazar Mountains. The Khazar slaves brought (uftadh) to the Islamic lands (musalmānī) are mostly from here.” (10) It was they who would defeat the Magyar and drive them West into the land of the Goths. Inbreeding has left them with only their lying tongues as weapons, which as the whole world has found out, they can use just as effectively as they once used their swords and bows.

The danger these ruthless and marauding savages posed to those who knew the true history of the human race and were busily carving up the world between them during that tumultuous tenth century is best left to be described by an eyewitness of unimpeachable credentials, an eyewitness born to the Purple. “The Pechenegs are neighbours to and march with the Russians also, and often, when the two are not at peace with one another, raid Russia, and do her considerable harm and outrage.” (11)

No one was immune to their depredations. “The tribe of the Turks, too, trembles greatly at and fears the said Pechenegs, because they have often been defeated by them and brought to the verge of complete annihilation. Therefore the Turks always look on the Pechenegs with dread, and are held in check by them.” Even the mighty Vikings were harangued by them when they moved goods for trade with the Middle East down the Dnieper River. For these reasons Constantine “VII” Porphyrogenitus (born to the Purple), the Constantine to which the city of Constantinople was really named after, in his De administrando imperio 1-3, 9 implored his purple born successors to arrange a truce with them. (12)

This was done and they were given the status of overlords among those that didn’t know man’s history. The Old Testament was concocted from their legends and the history of a Babylon that existed in time out of mind to give them a more palatable pedigree as god’s chosen people instead of what they really were; the empire’s chosen pirates. This is why all religions based on the vile child sacrificing murderer, whom of course they strongly identified with and dubbed Abraham are enemies of both the truth and the human race.

As I have already said, and it is attested to by both Russian and Jewish scholars; the original language of the Jews in Russia is Slavic. Yiddish is simply a bastardization perpetrated by Jewish rabbis of the original Babylonian language, now known as Chaldean. I personally know Chaldean far better than the rabbis do, because I do not use the dagesh which they invented. Just like Aleister Crowley, who also knew it far better than any rabbi ever did, I stick to the consonants as was originally intended; a living language unconfined by mathematical rules and restrictions. It was never meant to be spoken by animals, and in fact sounds just like the grunting of pigs at a barnyard trough when they do speak it.

Outside of the Sepher Yetzirah which has been copied and elaborated on from the Yggdrasil, everything ever said or written about ancient Jewish history is a lie. The Jews are native to Russia; any pockets of Jews found in the Middle East and Persia are the descendants of slaves. As Hudud al-‘Alam noted a thousand years ago, “Khazar slaves brought (uftadh) to the Islamic lands (musalmānī) are mostly from” the Khazarian Pechenegs…

“Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.” – Miyamoto Musashi

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Illustrations & quotes for educational purposes. © Jack Heart 2019


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Golden mean …  “g r a i l”


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  1. A real forensic study, served with extra Pizzazz by Jack Heart. The proverbial hand caught in the cooking jar, making up “ancient legend” to construct artificial identity. A pattern we’ve met, destroying and erasing, from “heathen” idols in Europe and South America, to present day bombing of Palmyra, bulldozing Bagdad and plundering its artifacts and putting cement factories, Mafia style, on top Mayan Tortuguero in Black Sun Rising 3. Now why is that, what are we not supposed to know? What else is purely made up? Those are the questions, and we propose that the answers lie not purely in the material realm.

  2. The Kabbalah is a red herring. Concocted in Andalusia in imitation of esoteric Islam, probably Sufi. These people made up a terribly mangled story and of course Lilith is at fault. Never the Man. It is so convoluted it really makes little sense. Sparks from a lower celestial realm above which is pure light from which all entry is denied. So one must go into matter—to redeem the light—-this is Manichean badly mangled. Or the Gnostic one, whatever.
    The Chilean Miguel is a fantasist. Most Nazis did not even go along with Herr Himmler’s Ahnenerbe. The Hitler quote re: the party is only political on the outside is meant in that it is a Volkisch Movement. A revolution whence the Brown Shirts [until not] were the vanguard. As for Crowley he is a Jester. Known for his outrageousness. An exile from the Golden Dawn. A restless psyche chasing too many god-daemons. Jung was the only one who kept his head. As I empty mine. Using Thai Buddhist breathing techniques. From this to not-this2theAbyss2theVoid2beyond it all…

  3. Maybe we got to hear from some Russians now, as they should know. More than “200 years together”, beyond the pale and all that, great patriotic war as a given identity, constructed as so many other things… I for one would welcome the dialogue. To cut through the old artificial divisions that only benefit the empire of vampires…

    • I’m not Russian, 20 miles from the border on Finnish side. Friends on the other side of the border are the same as me. But given identities differs a lot. They are supposed to be Great Patriotic Warriors and I’m supposed to be Central European, former fascist, no war – open borders, multiculti globohomo. Both wrong I think.

      The concept of Russian is also wrong. Finno-ugrian tribes from Ural to Central Europe. Khazars in the south, stealing young finnic girls and selling them to slaves. Enough was enough and Kiev Rus demolished Khazar Kingdom and epicenter of Rus was removed from Novgorod to Kiev. Also Ruriks were replaced by Romanovs. When Christianity came, the Czar was given somewhat similar statue as Pope. Natural religions disappeared, natural languages disappeared and were replaced with russian, the Royal House instead spoke French.

  4. Seems that You just don’t believe that there won’t be a sword without blacksmith. For sure Alexander Nevsky understood that. Catholics and Vikings approaching from the West, Tshengish Khans mongols in the south and Ural mountains in the east. Compromise had to be made and he made that with mongols and waited to save Novgorod Rus.

    Norwegian Sagas are self delusion. There are no heroes, just those as the story and the time goes. Better read Orwell or Kalevala, which Nevsky knew, that is the true nature of man. Here’s one 4 part TV series based on Kalevala:


  5. I believe Jack got his facts correct as nothing to correct here.

    The truth is the truth whether or not you care for it or not matters not as I would say go back to Tel Aviv!

  6. Thanks Jack, for this next installment of hard facts about something which is deeply hidden from public knowledge. I could also say: the plot thickens.

    You are right, the time is already running out for theses ingrained liars and tricksters of highest level.

    It also gives a wonderful answer to Brennan O’Connels question, when and how is this going to be stopped.

    The truth is the sharpest weapon. Keep going and best Easter wishes to You and Orage.

  7. There is also no Buddish-Islam nor any Siva-Christianity. Wether you are Jew or Christian, Buddhist or Muslim there is no mixing of religions. It´s an oxymoron to be Judeo-Christian.

    • Not really, Christianity was created by cobbling together a bunch of Jewish myths and fairytales, so the two religions are inextricably connected.

    • @Ian Greenhalgh, Managing Editor
      some say Christianity is Judaism light for the Goyim, but if you understand the message send to us that hatred blinds the world “an eye for an eye, a Tooth for a tooth” you can only say yes to this message. Same told us Buddha and other wise man. Maybe you are right about stolen history the real message can´t be ignored.

    • The Jews rejected Jesus, and Jesus rejected the teachings of the Pharisees. The OT was attached to the NT because it was believed the Prophets had predicted Jesus’ coming. The Jews wanted Jesus dead. They did not like it that he threw the money-changers out of the Temple. I also think the term Judeo-Christianity is a misnomer. But it is of course true that Christianity adopted many of the OT myths, such as of Adam and Eve, the Flood, etc

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