Insider Revelations on Mueller


The owned press, I am being kind here, is trying to spin Trump off a meat hook.  “They” figure if all the controlled opposition outlets like fake CNN/DB/HUFFpo and the NYT start spinning “fail,” then nobody will look behind the curtain.

What we know is this, the FBI was ordered not to follow any leads into AIPAC/ADL, and dozens of potential Trump felonies involved those who were around Trump, those who committed obvious crimes, campaign finance, obstruction, conspiracy but were put on a list as “untouchable” because of their direct ties to AIPAC.

Dozens of money trails, threats, payoffs and money laundering crimes that Trump was directly involved in went not just to protected Felix Sater and the “oligarchs” that run the Trump/Netanyahu/Putin cabal….and this is what we are being told…

Is Putin really a member?  Why is he humiliating Russia, and Russians are very angry, by being continually photographed kissing Netanyahu’s ass?  Russians remember their losses in Syria and want blood.

Putin’s popularity is plummeting from this.

With Mueller, not a single lead was followed when it came to AIPAC names, who were at the heart of every line item Mueller was looking into.  He stopped dead and the FBI was continually reined in, sent on wild goose chases, pushed into chasing small fry…like Roger Stone and Michael Cohen.

Not one word of Michael Flynn’s testimony was put into the report.  Most of Cohen’s material was not only left out but nothing from Flynn or Cohen was even looked at.

Mueller closed every door, as he and Barr had planned from the beginning and as Chip Tatum told me would happen.


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  1. Never a truer word Gordon. When the media speaks of the “Russian” meddling in Election 2016 what they really mean is the Israeli meddling, ably assisted by elements within the cabal surrounding Putin. Interesting that so much of the Russian effort was based in St Petersberg, home City of Putin but what is never mentioned is anything to do with stories that circulated shortly after the Election in 2016 to the affect that an enormous online op that led the entire interference with the Election was based in Macedonia, paid for and ably led by Mossad and Israeli influence peddlers. Whatever happened to investigations led by the CIA & FBI at that time into the Skopje operation? Initially thought to be Russian- led and paid for but which was governed and manipulated from Jerusalem and from BiBi’s God-child, Jared’s Op that was based in California …… from memory, it was based in LA or close by.
    btw I must compliment you on the piece you wrote in New Eastern Outlook on Syria Gordon. From chatting with Syrian Christians who are based in the US and with others in Syria and further afield, I get the feeling they are completely pixxed off at the delays in clearing Idlib and with the SDF/American/Israeli influence along the Euphrates and into North and North-east Syria with everything ground to a halt for the past 5 months. SAA is camped out in south Idlib waiting for Orders to proceed with their long-planned Operation to clear that Province all the way to the western suburbs if Aleppo and all the way west to the Mountains overlooking the coastal plain on which sits one of Russia’s prized Mediterranean “assets”. After 8 years of war, the latest shortages of fuel and now, of food are, I believe, far from pixxing off the Syrian people towards Assad but rather, increasing his support and causing many to believe they have nothing left to lose with embarking on all-out war against the Turks in the north, the Turks, Yanks and Kurds in the north-east, the yanks in their 50- mile exclusion zone along the border with Jordan wherein the US has been resting and training ISIS and every other class of headchopper before redeploying them to Russia’s southern Borders and Iran’s eastern Borders in Turkmenistan and against the Israelis on the Golan. Hezbollah has remained very quiet as has Iran and I strongly suspect that both Iran and Hezbollah are ready to support Syria to the bitter end on this. Moreover, the Palestinian Milita are battle-hardened and should be ready to be redeployed to the Golan while the Iraqi Militamen are ready to assist Syria in East and NE Syria. All in all, I believe Russia has been pulled too far from safety for itself and it is long past time for Putin to tell Erdogan to either do what he promised in Idlib or forget about his S-400’s. Meanwhile, back in Moscow, I believe Putin must surely notice that Russians are fast losing patience with him on Syria and with the BiBi – Putin lovefest. Time for Putin to forget about the 1.5 Million Russians sunning themselves in Israel and think about the 140+ Million Russians sitting at home, specifically, the 80 Million European Russians who have had enough.
    For how long will the Russian Military allow themselves to be led down every rabbit-hole in Idlib and along the Euphrates by Erdogan on the one side and BiBi and Trump on the other? It is long past time for Shogun to step forward and grasp the baton he will soon be handed by the Russian Military top-brass!!

  2. No surprise the Mule is called in when a cover up is required. This should have been obvious from his handling of 9/11.

    Again he was really working for Israel and the deep state.

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