Russia launches new submarine, carrier of Poseidon underwater drones


Pravda Report: Russia’s new nuclear submarine Belgorod was launched at Sevmash submarine making factory in Severodvinsk on April 23. The submarine will be the first carrier of Russia’s new ominous weapon – the Poseidon underwater drone. The underwater vehicle can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear munitions to strike aircraft carrier groups, coastal fortifications and infrastructure.


  1. I’m a former militar policeman and I lived in times of cold war. We were everyday under a war propaganda dome, the sovietic union was a rogue nation, then for many years I make many researches of history and I went deep in many arguments, after many years my opinion changed. the real rogue nation is Usa, UK, and in definitive the principal criminal terrorist rogue nation is Israel which has as his first philosophy (those of Greater Israel) the most rogue, criminal zionist intent by very far worst than those of nazis.
    that three countries are the most racist, criminal, infamous politic seen in history (also in front of the worst tyrant dictators ever seen).
    In fact they are close friend of the most criminal regimes present today in the world, Saudis, along those of EAU and others are killing millions of civilians in order to regain resources and/or sterminate their enemies for the fantasies of some terrible princeps. In all of that the cabal which own the governments of Usa, Uk and their allied dogs of NATO, thinks to control the whole world by their unipolar geopolitics.
    When Russia finally decides to give a red line to them fortunately they found some friends very powerful that can and must put with the red line also a very strong wall that americans can’t and don’t will be able to overcome.
    All of this perhaps will bring all of us very close to a new World war. and this is a very strong danger, but perhaps is the sole way to force the axis of evil to

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