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A network in international terror that had ISIS as its epicenter, ramifications in Syria, Australia and especially in the Tamil Nuda of the southern Indian peninsula: where the imam kamikaze was stopped and then released. A strategic plot planned down to the smallest detail after which another 87 detonators were seized, 150 dynamite sticks, thousands of steel ball bearings, put in the ordnance to make more victims, and even a drone. For this massacre even one of the main exponents of the left of Sri Lanka has now ended up in handcuffs, dragging the national leader of the Muslim party and current minister into an ocean of controversy.

After the fragmentary and contradictory news even on the number of deaths, increased to 359 during the week and then dropped to 253 in the last count, blood continues to flow on the island for yet another suicide explosion of alleged extremist militants hunted by special departments of the Police and the army. In a house in the eastern city of Sammanthurai the terrorists responded to the incursion of the police forces first by Kalashnikovs and then by detonating various explosives that killed 15 people including six children. But from now on, some disturbing details emerge, especially from the dossier of the Indian secret services Raw, from which warnings were received not received by politicians, or not taken into proper consideration according to some. The alarm remains very high and the message of the US Embassy on Twitter is very eloquent: “The Sri Lankan authorities are reporting that further attacks could occur in places of worship. Avoid these areas over the weekend, starting tomorrow, April 26th through Sunday April 28th. Continue to remain vigilant and avoid large crowds ».


The kamikaze group in the photo published by the Amaq agency as a claim of ISIS: the only one with an uncovered face is the imam Moulvi Zahram Hashim

The last explosion is very similar to that occurred on Sunday 21 April, a few hours after the massacres in the three churches and four hotels, when the police raided Inshaf Ahmed Ibrahim and Ilham Ibrahim’s house, two of the alleged leaders of the attacks. When Swat agents entered the family residence in Dematagoda, a suburb of the capital Colombo, the wife of one of the brothers, Fatima Ibrahim, blew up a bomb, killing herself, the baby she was pregnant, and three other small children and three policemen. 

The two brothers had already died as suicide bombers in the attacks on the Cinnamon Grand and Shangri-La hotels, together with (apparently) Moulvi Zahran Hashmi, imam and founder of the Sri Lankan fundamentalist Islamic group National Thowfeek Jamaath, believed to be in close contact with the Islamic State. And precisely this jihadist organization, on Tuesday 23 April, through its Amaq news agency, published a photo of the eight suicide bombers including Zharan, the only one with an uncovered face. 

But the involvement of the two Ibrahim brothers dragged into this international intrigue the politics with the arrest of their father Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim, one of the most wealthy spice traders of Sri Lanka, president of the Cta association of merchants of Colombo but also political candidate and supporter of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna, the People’s Liberation Front party founded in 1965 on the ashes of the Sinhalese Communist Party.

Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim with his youngest son Ijaz Ahmed: both arrested by the police after the attacks

The block of social media and messaging services decided together with the curfew by the President of the Republic Maithripala Sirisena was not enough to stem the wave of controversy against the Head of State and the Government for the absence of suitable countermeasures to avoid the massacre, one of the worst in the history of the Christian community in recent decades. 

 Both Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe both declared themselves unaware of the intelligence reports but according to many opinion-makers this would have happened also because of the political war between the president and Wickremesinghe, removed by the Head of State and reintegrated to the guide of the Government only by intervention of the Constitutional Court. There is indeed a lawyer who calls the official statements of the two politicians “lies”.


Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and President Maithripala Sirisena

“” The dollar must always pass by here “must be the sign on top of the table of President Maithripala Sirisena. It must also be on the tables of several government ministers, including the prime minister. Even their predecessors must have had it when they got there. It is a hallmark of Sri Lankan politics over time. However the overcoming of the magnitude that we have seen in the last 5 days is unprecedented. 

The President, the Prime Minister and the Minister of State Defense have all avoided their responsibilities. The blame was appropriately moved by the inspector general of the police and the secretary of defense, who were forced to resign later ». To write a fiery editorial is the counter-information website Colombo Telegraph,

The lawyer Thishya Weragoda

In recent days he had been a former general of the Air Force to fire charges against President Sirisenahe was guilty, even as Minister of Defense, of not having alerted the Government and the National Security Council. The Head of State got away with saying that he himself was a stranger to the famous report of the secret services of April 11, which cost his resignation to the Secretary of Defense Harin Fernando and the deputy commander of the Police. 

But lawyer Weragoda disputes the latest public statements by politicians: “The President, during a discussion with religious leaders on April 26, 2019, said, among other things, that there are no laws that allow the prohibition of the NTJ (National Thowfeek Jamaath). The prime minister in an interview with SkyNews (UK) said that there are no laws in place to arrest former ISIS fighters because affiliation to a foreign terrorist group is not a crime “. Being the two most powerful people in the Republic they should not be so insensitive or ignorant with their words at this juncture. They should reassure the public that every step is taken immediately and not delayed. Unfortunately the opposite happened during the last week ».


Some of the victims in the church of Negombo

The Colombo Telegraph article responds to President Sirisena’s claims that the police are hunting 140 ISIS affiliates, after arresting about 80, and all homes will be checked. A week later, the failed image of Sri Lankan intelligence is well described by an Indian media, the country from which the alarm came for the attacks that have now created a climate of terror such that the US embassy advises against travel in the country and the Archbishop of Colombo suspended all Christian public functions on Sunday. 

“We had no knowledge of these attacks – US Ambassador Alaina Teplitz told Reuters – We believe that there are terrorist plots underway. Terrorists can strike without warning. Typical places are large gatherings, public spaces ». 

This led the authorities to invite Muslims not to gather for Friday prayers but hundreds of Muslims also gathered in the Masjidus Salam Jumma mosque from where accusations were made against the bombers: “They are not Muslims. This is not Islam. This is an animal – said the president of the mosque Akurana Muhandramlage Jamaldeen Mohamed – We do not have a word (strong enough) to curse them “.

The three-story luxury home of the Ibrahim family in Dematagoda, suburb of Colombo

The Newpost website in New Delhi has instead highlighted the existence of a well-ramified network of terror and has focused on the all-clear role of the arrested spice entrepreneur. “Up until Easter Sunday, Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim was one of the pillars of the Sri Lankan business community: a respected spice trader and a prominent figure in the leftist party Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna; Ibrahim has among his close friends the Minister of Industry and Trade Rishath Bathiudeen, and was often seen in the receptions of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. 

His life changed that morning, when her eldest sons – 33-year-old Inshaf Ahmed Ibrahim and 31-year-old Ilham Ahmed Ibrahim – left the family’s three-story luxury home in Dematagoda and blew themselves up at the Cinnamon Grand and Shangri-La breakfast buffets of hotels. The news that members of an elite Sri Lankan family may have been involved in suicide bombings comes as the Islamic state claims responsibility for the attack, saying that it “targeted members of the US-led coalition and Christians in Sri Lanka “.”


According to Associated Press journalist Foster Klug: “It’s the kind of sophisticated operation that points strongly to local extremists being followed from abroad. The choice of objectives – Christian and foreign – also suggests external assistance. A strictly local Islamic extremist attack would probably have targeted majority Buddhists because of anger over ultranationalist mass attacks against Muslims in the past “. 

A thesis confirmed to the same AP by the terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna: “The Muslims in the country were a” model community “that supported the government in the fight against Tamil Tig rebels in the civil war that ended in 2009 – said Gunaratna – Only after the 2001 attacks in the United States and the subsequent US invasion of Iraq, stated that radical preachers began coming to Sri Lanka, often from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and extremists began to regularly spread hatred online. This type of Islam has begun to replace the local and traditional type, which is a very beautiful form of Islam because it is open to other religions “. In short, it is inspired and guided by ISIS as confirmed by the dossier of Indian secret services.

The symbol of the foreign secret services of India RAW (Research and Analysis Wing)

“Few real tracks have emerged about what prompted the radicalization of the brothers, but now the police are questioning Ibrahim and his third son, Ijas Ahmed Ibrahim, 30, to find out how much they knew about their activities,” highlights the media Indian intelligence as a source and remarking how investigators hope to be able to gather information on training camps for the Easter attacks in a remote complex in Wanathawilluwa, as well as on the precise nature of its motivations and links with transnational jihadist networks.

The danger report sent to the president by Sri Lanka’s 007 and now broadcast by the Telecommunications Minister

“Earlier this year, the police seized stocks of explosives, detonators and ammunition in the complex for the bombing of Buddhist historical monuments in the ancient city of Anuradhapura – writes the Indian portal – Ismail Ibrahim and other men trained at Wanathawilluwa have played a role in the attacks at the end of last year to destroy Buddhist shrines and church crosses. In March, Mohamed Razak Taslim, secretary of the minister of the streets Kabir Hashim, an explicit critic of the Islamists, was assassinated “. 

Firstpost therefore cites the now famous April 11 report on the upcoming suicide attacks against “popular Catholic churches and the Indian High Court” revealing that the warnings were “generated by the India Research and Analysis Wing”. the foreign counter-espionage of New Delhi deriving “from the interrogation of an Islamist detained by the Tamil Nadu Police, named Zahran Hashmi and head of the cell. He also pointed to the site of his younger brother key character Rilwan Hashmi and the former Sri Lankan army soldier Badrudeen Mohammed Mohiudeen ». The reference isto the imam considered “mastermind” of the attacks and inexplicably released by the Indian police who had questioned him



“Founded as a branch of Tamil Nadu Tauhid Jama’at – a legal organization of social service of the religious right – Hashmi’s Tawhid Jama’at also built around protest against real and perceived Muslim grudges. For example, Tawhid Jama’at also organized marches against the oppression of the Rohingya of Myanmar and the Buddhist-nationalist religious right of Sri Lanka “. It reports the article but even Wikipedia notes the hostility received by the Sri Lankan branch Thowheed Jamath (also called NTJ SLTJ) by the other Sri Lankan Muslim communities “who accused them of receiving Saudi funding to spread Wahabism”. 

“Although Hashmi had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State three years ago, the local authorities considered him a political activist recently hungry for visibility and focused on Muslim resentment “, according to Firstpost, who then, referring again to intelligence sources, points to Hasmi and the Ibrahim brothers” in fact at the center of Sri Lankan Islamist circles who sent at least 36 people to the Islamic State in Syria – including the most important Mohammad Muhsin Nilam, killed near Raqqa in a 2015 air attack “. But even after Nilam’s death, Hashmi “kept contacts from Sri Lanka in Syria using encrypted online chat. 

Intelligence officials in India believe that the Sri Lanka jihad cell has also maintained contact with veterans of the Islamic State of Bangladesh and the Maldives, although it is not yet clear what degree of contact they have had with the leadership of the jihadist group in Western Asia “. But it comes from Sidney, specifically from the Straits Times, the information that one of the heads of the Easter suicide attacks would be investigated by the Australian authorities for its links with an alleged key recruiter of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 

This is Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed, who was targeted by anti-terrorist intelligence in 2014 for his connections with the Foreign Fighters Neil Prakash, born in Australia, alleged recruiter of Daesh and currently awaiting trial in Turkey. Abdul Lathief had become profoundly religious while studying for a postgraduate degree in technology at Melbourne’s Swinburne University from 2009 to 2013, before returning to Sri Lanka, where he completed radical Islamic teaching courses. It is believed to be one of the nine suicide bombers of the Islamist National Thowheeth Jama’ath group. 

“This was a cell that was inspired by the Islamic State and its message – a Raw Indian intelligence official told the New Delhi media – but it is likely that its actual operations were driven by regional networks, not central leadership of the Islamic State ». 

It is the same 007 Indians who point out that Hashmi had limited his public activities essentially to the use of social media for controversy against Muslim shrines and syncretic religious practices and that the same organization Tawhid Jama’at (also known as National Thowfeek Jamaath), with the exception of some small-scale clashes with traditionalist Muslim organizations that are against his policy. had not shown incitement to violence until 2018.

The year in which political tensions exploded in the country when, in October, the President of the Republic Sirisena removed the Prime Minister Wickremesinghe to replace him with Mahinda Rajapaksa, the former head of state defeated at the elections accused of violent persecution against the extremists Tamil Tigers (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) that until 2009 insaguinò the country with claims of regional ethnic autonomy.


The Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen

In a tangle of alliances in which even Asian policy analysts are lost, it emerges how the election of Rajapaksa in 2005 was supported not only by the center-left coalition of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (now led by current president Sirisena) but also from the party of former Marxist-Communists JVP (Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna) in which the arrested Mohamed Yussuf Ibrahim, father of the two suicide bombers and considered close to the Minister of Industry Rishad Bathiudeen, national leader of the All Ceylon Makkai Muslim party, was a prominent figure Congress (Acmc), which he founded in 2005 after breaking up with other Muslims from the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. Not only. A brother of Bathiudeen was arrested by the police for alleged implications with the terrorists, according to the Daily Mirror, and then released after a deposition. On the case there is the utmost discretion of the investigators.

The Daily Mirror’s breaking news on the arrest and release of the minister’s brother

«Every Minister of Industry and Commerce meets representatives of business and commerce for commercial issues and business development. As Minister of Trade, I also meet regularly with representatives of the business and commerce world. I met Ibrahim Hajiar (YM Ibrahim, president of the Colombo Traders Association – CTA) in 2017, together with his CTA representatives in my Ministry office to solve the supply problems that they officially presented to me. 

However, referring to the photo of this official meeting, a parliamentary parliamentarian publicly accuses me of having personal ties with the terrorists. I strongly condemn these false accusations. Unfortunately the same people like me who have always been opposed to terrorism are now accused of having links with terrorists ». This is the official statement released by the Muslim minister Rishad Bathiudeen last April 24 in front of the Parliament which, as reported by the Asian Tribune, added: “Referring to the photo of this meeting, they accuse me of having links with a terrorist. 

There can be no worse or less expensive political campaigns than this one! The international terrorism that has hit developed countries like the United States has now arrived in Sri Lanka. This is not the time to talk like that. The Muslim community of Sri Lanka has already condemned this act. There is also an accusation that a “political deputy” has succeeded in having individuals arrested over the Wanathavilluva incident released, apparently defying the law. 

But despite the accusations about a “certain person”, nobody clearly identifies who this politician is. Today I claim to know the identity of this politician. I sincerely urge you not to make such wild accusations and create a difficult situation for people like me. “

Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen on June 1, 2017 at the official meeting with the Secretary of the Colombo Traders Association (CTA) Suriyar (left) and the President of CTA Yussuf Mohamed Ibrahim (right) at the Ministry premises

The reference is obviously to the involvement of Ismail Ibrahim, younger brother of the two bombers and son of the Cta president. But Bathiudeen also had to defend itself against the accusations against its relatives. “My brothers and I are not connected to NTJ (National Thowfeek Jamaath),” he said in a special press conference to respond to suspicions against him following the terrorist attacks on April 21: “I also reject all the accusations made by the MP SB Dissanayake on me on April 25th. 

This is just a game of economic policy and my ACMC party and I refuse to play low politics. None of my political or ministerial advisors is connected to the national terrorist organization Tawheed Jamat (NTJ). The media also reports that the Industrial Development Board (IDB) gave empty cartridges to a company to the Shangri La suicide bombers due to the influence of a powerful government politician. As per procedure, neither I nor the secretary of the ministry now have the power to approve these requests and only IDB officials and experts have the authority to accept them. 

More than 200 companies make these requests and there is only one company that analyzes them. The IDB does not have the capacity to monitor all these companies on a daily basis. ” More than 200 companies make these requests and there is only one company that analyzes them. The IDB does not have the capacity to monitor all these companies on a daily basis. ” More than 200 companies make these requests and there is only one company that analyzes them. The IDB does not have the capacity to monitor all these companies on a daily basis. “

In the absence of further elements, all we can do is stick to the Islamic minister’s defenses. However, the fact remains that as the hours and days go by, suspicions about intelligence flaws and the planned attack multiply instead of fading. Today the presumed friendship between Bathiudeen and the Ibrahim-arrested Islamic-communist is on the front pages of the media. 

Yesterday, under the lens of a Gospa News report, the business and political intrigues between former President Rajapaksa, the current president Sirisena and one of the most important Muslim tycoons in the world: the Sri Lankan Subaskaran Allirajah, tycoon of Lyca Productions, Chennay film company in Naked Tamil of India, founder of the LycaMobile telephone company in London, whose simcards are favored by African and Asian migrants for reduced rates and because they are also available anonymously without registration, financier of conservatories Tory in Great Britain but also, through the Gnanam Foundation, of Muslim Aid: the most important Islamic NGO considered the financier of terrorist groups like Hamas and others in Bangladesh and Pakistan. At this point, too many coincidences begin to appear …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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    Could it be, there are more as simply religious or terrorist interests in play?

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