Trump’s Deep State Coup in VZ Implodes, Rick Sanchez/RT Coverage

Guaido's "military backers" now hiding in Brazilian embassy in Caracas...all 25 of them...


VT is contacting the president of Ecuador to see if Julio McGuiodo, John Bolton’s monkeyboy in Venezuela can live in one of their embassies.  After a few years, he can grow a beard, gain a hundred pounds and smear shit all over himself….like Julian Assange.  More on today’s disaster for Donnie Trump and his Deep State crew:

Someone remind Alex Jones that his victory dance was a bit early though he needs the exercise.

It began this morning, with Julio McGuiodo’s fake video claiming the military was behind him.  Well, he was telling the truth, several members of the military were behind him, actually standing behind him, not supporters mind you, but standing behind him.

Link to Madero’s speech (Spanish)

Later they left, when they learned what McGuiodo was trying to pull.

It looked like we had maybe 50 paid rioters joined by local criminal elements, prodded on by John Bolton and Secretary of State Pumpass.  We tried to reach the “first lady” for a comment but she was otherwise engaged.

Trump, Bolton and Pumpass, and we can add Pence to the cabal, now look like total asses.

We are waiting for tomorrow to see if Trump orders out the nukes.

My suggestion, “I invite you to cover the streets immediately.”

Who talks like that?  From Al Jazeera:

Maduro declares victory over ‘coup’ plotters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declared he had “defeated” an uprising of a group of soldiers backing opposition leader Juan Guaido, downplaying the effort as “putschist skirmishes”.

During a televised appearance on Tuesday, Maduro congratulated the armed forces for having “defeated this small group that intended to spread violence through putschist skirmishes”.

‘Various’ Venezuelan troops seek asylum in Brazil embassy: official

A number of Venezuelan troops have sought asylum in Brazil’s embassy in Caracas, a senior Brazilian official said Tuesday, after Venezuela’s self-declared president Juan Guaido claimed soldiers had joined him.

A source in Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s office confirmed to AFP there had been “various applications” from Venezuelan soldiers, but would not say how many or what ranks. Brazilian media reported 25 had applied so far.

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  1. What makes this even more hilarious are Rubio’s drug addled tweets and Daniel McAdams rapier like responses to which Rubio has no reply to.
    Up at three in the morning to spout nonsense on Twitter and expose himself as the fool he is. Apparently he’s never read what the man himself, Mark Twain once said,” It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.”
    Rubio has just boarded the neo-con clown bus. maybe the exhaust is leaking and it’s cooking his brain.

  2. Ooops, looks like this one backfired, maybe Pompous and Butthead need to examine the finer details of coup plotting. The work of amateurs. As for their boy Gaydo, he may be the one who runs off, looking for Sanctuary in the Bolivian Embassy.
    Whatever it takes, we have to make sure the orange buffoon and his Gang of Four do not remain in the White House after 2020.

    • The latest news is that Ukraina is now ruled by a comedian.
      ( Who knows, there might be a very subtle plan behind it )
      From MoA: “ Bolton, Pompeo, Abrams and of course Donald Trump have been exposed as buffoons who, despite their powerful positions, can not even organize a simple coup. They publicly supported through dozens of tweets and interviews what turned out be a bad amateur theater play. The diplomatic corps will joke about this episode for the next decade. ”