Fake: InfoWars Alive and Well on Facebook After Fake Ban

Facebook link to InfoWars alive and well, advertising how the link we just posted didn't actually exist but it did....

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

VT has been banned on Facebook for 4 years now, by ban, you can’t type in “www.veteranstoday.com” without the screen freezing up.  However, we just tried that with InfoWars and, surprise surprise surprise, it went right there to Alex Jones crying in his beer about the fake Facebook ban.

Then again, why would he be banned?  Zuckstein and Jones are “buds.” Both love Israel, love big oil, love the surveillance state and love war.

…just like Julian Assange.

Hearing poor asshole Snoop Dog crying about the fake ban, reading about it on Russia Today, like the world was coming to an end…right next to the RT article bragging about how Senate Republicans upheld (losing 54 to 46) the right to bomb the poor people of Yemen forever.

Why exactly does Russia Today want Yemen bombed?  We know why InfoWars loves it, they are part of Israel.

I was telling someone this today….in response to a question…in fact an answer to almost any question:

“You see, we are ruled by the kids we would never have played with as children.  We knew better then but too many of us went into some kind of mental thing later on, maybe worms from eating too many Snickers bars…”

I am not saying I would have knocked Donnie Trump to the ground and pissed on him but I certainly wouldn’t have tried playing with him either.  The lying continually might have been funny but torturing small animals, stealing, picking fights and running away…I learned early on to keep away from those kids.

They all went to congress or became generals.  And so it goes…


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  1. “They all went to congress or became generals.” That sums it up. I might add the worst ones became cops.
    And if you’re really obnoxious and narcissistic, you can become president.
    So what does that say about those who decide to take up with the CIA or FBI? What does this tell you about nasty people like Suckerturd, Google, Farcebook and Twitter? Arrogant, self deluded and nearly every negative description one can conjure regarding these little dictators.
    So what do we say about groups like ANTIFA, Black lives Matter and the typical little SJW moron? Or some white power/neo-Nazi group? Deluded and out of touch with reality.
    America is being torn apart at the seams methodically and deliberately. Some are now expecting a civil war breaking out in the not so distant future.

  2. Do you notice that Russia Today uses the Jewish ran “Disqus” for their comments? People who make comments there are all either stupid or don’t care that it makes them ripe for more surveillance by the Zio-state. Just read the “terms” to see.

    • A lot of sites use Discus. As for myself I could give a s*** if they are watching. F***’em.

  3. It is hard to counter-effect the ongoing US-UK informational warfare rulling the planet but Veteranstoday are doing a pretty good job at it. The script for running over Venezuela has been written for so many countries for number of times, as mr.Perkins notes, the first level – economic assasins coming in as advisers, second level – jackals coming in as disruptors and hitmen and third level – US army stepping in for additional warfare. But third level these days has been so corrupt and legally undeployable that US will hardly maintain its current hegemon role.