by Michael Piri, J.D. for Veterans Today, Tehran, Iran

I’m thirty six years old, I hold a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Saint Mary’s Law School in San Antonio, TX and graduated Summa Cum Laude in International Law / International and Comparative Politics from the American University of Paris.

I was raised in a central Texas town, College Station, home of Texas A&M.  I spent the majority of my childhood traveling around the oil fields with my father, who is a service provider for oil and gas companies.

The other part of my childhood was spent on motorcycles, flying airplanes, jumping out of airplanes, martial arts, traveling the world – having lived some eight years in Europe, learning languages – 3 in which I am fluent.  I have a very diverse background, including being born to an Iranian father and Caucasian mother from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  I am the youngest of four children.

I have been the victim of a remote electronic torture campaign for over a year and a half now, which came about during a lawsuit that I was involved in during law school, Michael Piri v. T-Mobile U.S.A.  Who is responsible and whether or not this lawsuit was the catalyst for this torture campaign are not issues I attempt to address in my articles.

I am publicly documenting this torture in an effort to educate and warn the rest of the world of the type of remote torture that is slowly trickling out and becoming commonplace around the world.  From the United States to Cuba and China, reports of this remote electronic torture are being reported worldwide.  In my estimation, this is just the beginning.

Since my first post a month ago (see “Hacking Humans”)

I have made my way to Iran — my father’s birthplace — for the first time in my life.  Although the attacks feel less intense here so far, I can still hear and feel a deep tone/signal coming from above — I imagine from a satellite — and a pulsing in my central nervous system, which varies in speed according to my activity.  I’m not an expert in this technology, but I imagine the purpose of varying the pulsations is to alter my moods and cognitive functions.

Thus far, I have established that the deep wave/signals/tones and pulsating are present at 600 mph and 35,000 feet, 230 feet deep in a cave without electricity in Georgia, 750 feet deep in a cave with electricity in New Mexico, and even in a country without amicable relations with the United States, Iran.

I’ve gone high, fast, deep, and all the way to the other side trying to evade these signals and have found no escape.  At the very least, I  have found that many potential technologies may be eliminated, as they wouldn’t be capable of reaching these depths, heights, tracking at these speeds, or bypassing a “hostile” country’s defense/detection systems.

For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, I will not attempt to explain or address the potential technologies or culprits on the other end, as this information is plentiful and perhaps much of it is misleading.  It is a labyrinth of information, one in which a non-expert can be interminably lost and seriously misguided.  For this reason, I will limit my articles to my testimony — what I know to be true as a result of being a witness to this torture.

That said, I will state one simple scientific fact, which I believe should be the starting point and focus of all attempts in explaining, understanding, and eventually overcoming these weapons being used against us around the world:  the human being is an electronic system.  We can be hacked, programmed, and controlled  — all remotely — no different than a programmer would do with a computer program.  On this point, there is a plethora of literature that describes this in detail.  A simple Google search will reveal this fact.  Follow the science, look at the evidence, and avoid the hearsay.

God gave free will to man, so how can that be subordinated to a computer?  Torture, incessant torture.  I have been on the receiving end of this hacking, programming, and controlling for over a year and a half — all of it accomplished through prolonged and relentless torture.

The victim — me in this case — is first broken down through sleep deprivation, burning, shocking, cooking, blocking of chakras and blood circulation to all parts of the body and brain in a specific way, burning/radiating of the genitals, constant zapping/clicking in the brain, pressure on the skull and brain, etc., until the victim behaves in a particular way or does a certain thing.

Classic Pavlov conditioning.  During this process, the victim’s defenses/evoked potentials are discovered, mapped, and turned into data; this data is entered into the victim’s programming on a supercomputer (My assumption based on personal observations.

It is certainly an automated system—at least in part — and I imagine that the only kind of machine that could handle such a complex task would be a supercomputer); the victim slowly loses control over his/her direction in life, control over his/her ability to reflect on the past, present, and future; and eventually loses his/her will power after becoming exhausted from the constant torture.

This is the goal of the torture campaign, replacing the victim’s will with that of a computer, with the aid of what seems to be a combination of satellites, terrestrial-based wave emitting devices/structures, and a manual operator.  With little to no defense other than venting anger, complaining, or medicating, the victim loses sight of his/her own freedom and slowly succumbs to this merciless dagger of torture that is stabbing, breaking down, and attempting to replace his/her will/soul.

I have never had my nails ripped out, been waterboarded, or experienced any of the many other forms of torture that have evolved over thousands of years of war.  However, I — and I strongly believe others like me — would prefer any of these known methods of torture to this remote electronic torture, because at the very least, there would be ears to listen, minds to understand, and hands to heal our wounds.

As it stands now, victims of remote electronic torture have no support of any significance, no defense, and no way to heal (outside of Dave Case’s CD that I am still listening to and have not given up on).

This is not a problem that is unique to me.  I am one of over eight billion potential targets, all whose bodies and minds are just as vulnerable as mine.

To anyone who is educated in any science that is related in any way to electronics, communication systems (including but not limited to satellites, terrestrial, etc.), engineering, physiology, human anatomy, neuroscience, — basically, any field of expertise that could play a role in this weaponry — I uncompromisingly believe that you have the duty to step forward to offer, at the very least, your knowledge in your particular area of specialization in order to aid in protecting our families and future generations from these weapons.

I can only provide my testimony, albeit valuable testimony as I can describe the process in great detail should I acquire the attention of sincere experts.  The lives of others presently targeted by this technology, and indeed, your children, your children’s children, theirs, and thereafter — the entire human race who do not belong to this small group of people possessing these weapons — are depending on your time and courage.

Based on my experience, I firmly believe that much of the world’s population is passively targeted/monitored with this technology already.  When you or someone you love happens to rub a small group of people possessing this technology the wrong way — or perhaps for no reason at all other than human experimentation, further advancing their weapons, or even for sh!1$ and giggles just because they can get away with it — their targeting will become active and your loved ones’ freedom will be surreptitiously stolen thereafter.

No one is immune to this targeting/torture — not even the wealthy, educated, and physically/psychologically/spiritually strong.  I am a prime example of this fact.

I was raised to die on my feet.  For the future of humankind, I sincerely hope we share at least this one quality that has preserved our Earth, it’s population, and the life it has birthed for thousands of years.

From my heart and mind to yours, Michael Piri, J.D.

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  1. Oh – about the clicking and vibrations. You could be suffering tinnitus or an impairment of the nervous system around the arenas that cause that kind of thing. The vastly different altitudes and atmospheric pressures in the areas you described would explain the onset. There are methods of stalking and infiltration, but I doubt they would subject random subjects to these things without you being able to deduce some sense of purpose or overtly/even subtly serving in one that was politically relevant.

  2. I’ve experienced similar things, and encourage you to consider the following: although you experienced the same phenomena you had experienced elsewhere in a cave deep underground and in Iran, it’s possible that the signals stopped, but that the after-effects didn’t. Suppose, for instance, that you were repeatedly told to feel a certain sensation every morning, or when you heard a particular kind of noise, or “while you were in a cave”, or even “when you started to think you weren’t being targeted anymore”, or were told to recall or think about certain things that triggered that sensation. Unsurprisingly, you would experience that sensation when the triggers occurred even though no stimuli were further sent your way whilst in the cave, in Iran or in any other place where the stimulation had stopped. Thus, the fact that you were no longer being targeted does not mean that you weren’t still experiencing the effects of these hostile efforts.

    I would suggest that both EM radiation and subliminal sound could explain your situation. There is research showing that bone-conducted ultrasound (i.e. ultrasound elicited by sources that are in physical contact with the individual targeted) at very high frequencies – in the range of a few megahertz – can be heard by humans, so it’s possible that ultrasound delivered without physical contact, or sent via an implant, can be perceived subliminally, i.e. eliciting a response from the target without actually being heard.

    • I would also suggest that the sensations you experienced are not the direct result of the weapons’ physical effects, but rather, an indirect, psychological phenomenon. If you feel a sensation in your left arm, for instance, that does not mean that your left arm is being targeted – it simply means that whatever was sent to you has also triggered that sensation.

      I have experienced similar attacks for the last several years, after learning about Jewish influence in the media, banks and academia and deciding to share this information.

      All I can say is that you should never bow down to these people and keep fighting them even if you’ll spend your whole life doing that. In the end, you will be grateful that you did.

    • You can be targeted even if you ignore anything related to the jews too, they have some really fine tuned criteria to choose their targets (search and browsing history, social media profiles, academic and professional achievements, intelligence test scores, your behavior in public or at school, college, …)

    • I asked for the deletion of part of my previous post as it contained personal information that I do not wish to disclose at this time. I’ll add this, however: one of the aims of any mind control technology will be to confuse you into believing it is something other than what it really is. If you receive subliminal messages, some of these might state that subliminal messages do not exist at all, or worse, they might pressure you into believing in spirits, demonic possession or telepathy, so that, for instance, instead of recognizing the subliminal messages for what they are, i.e. an intelligence agency’s attempts to influence you, you would consider them the influence of a spirit or some form of “spiritual energy”. Likewise, the subliminal messages can contain suggestions that someone other than their true sender is sending them – for instance, that a nebulous and likely fictional group such as the “illuminati” were responsible for them, rather than an actual intelligence organization. At worst, these messages would be aimed at causing you to become delirious, traumatized and willing to question your sanity, so that you would eventually come to believe they were a mere delusion.

      Finally, note this highly relevant article on optogenetics, a modern and well-documented form of mind control that researchers use in experiments on mice:

  3. Gang stalking gets updated. If a person’s spouse can make them to want to crawl back into their mother’s womb, through harassment, torture and psych warfare, think of what government and big money can do to whistle blowers, those who talk too much and various others from the out of favor group. Once a person goes on a list, those who do things to them are rewarded. Even hospitals and doctors can be bribed to help someone get even, especially if it’s political. Sometimes, blackmail or extortion is the end game. Work place politics, romantic rivalry, angering a psychopath, or just plain old jealousy, etc., can put a person behind the eight ball. This is common and has been around for a while.

  4. You could also be under psychic attack from 4th or 5th density entities. Checkout – Law of One (The Ra Material) for more information. The channel, Carla Rueckert, in the interview sessions under a similar type of attack. Our bodies are antennas but there are ways to shield our conscious from those of negative polarity be it human relational, AI, or a higher dimensional entity. One way fend off this attack ‘is to so configure the stimuli which reach down into the trunk of (your) mind that this arrangement causes the generation of disciplined and purified emotion or Love which then may be both protection and the key to the gateway to intelligent infinity.’ Ra…. Service to others and practicing unconditional love will strengthen your defences.

  5. Very interesting , my tinnitus is about an 8 out of a 10 but have learned to live with it. Even in the middle of Alaska on my homestead – it was minor but with me – years ago. Now, I wonder if it gets turned up with the wifi. Anything is possible since we have a ” no holds bar”, when it comes to experimenting on the populace. Thanks VT

  6. I am targeted similarly. Get a constellation of treatment and its all designed to discredit and seem implausible.
    This terrorizing is relentless 24/7 no escape.
    I live in a NJ suburb and also started after a lawsuit and and run in with an investment bank.
    This is a the 9.11 FISA Patriot Act designed by Chertoff to create a police state and provide cover for the criminal Rothschild council on foreign relations.
    Some say this is part of the Star Wars satellite system that has the ability to track the masses. The microwave trace feels like a pulsing tingly sensation on your fingers and you can sort of trace it in the air.
    Another torture signal feels like a cool breeze that blows right through your bones. Causes pain inside into the bones after it remains on one particular area.
    I’m attempting to explain something I don’t quite understand.
    They also use millimeter waves that cause a burning sensation on your skin.
    Lead seems to block it which to me indicates Xray and Gamma Ray.
    The objective is to kill you with cancer and to also commit eugenics.
    MJ was targeted with this same tech I think, he slept in a lead coffin.
    If you see his health during the Brazil porch presentation about “Kike” he was fit as shit. After that he deteriorated until his death, coincidence?
    I believe they are using doppler radar and had a honey pot experience where they captured my doppler image using a backpack in Hoboken.

  7. Sounds like a classic case of spiritual “interaction”. One of the ways to know it is not electronic, is when symptoms match ancient stories, but also, the whole vibe of the story.
    Focus , listen internally with the mindset your thoughts are heard, and establish boundaries and protocols.
    The internet is not going to answer all questions. Ever.
    Too many people are frightened by this, and telling others it is electronic attacks is not helpful to very many.
    What do we do when static builds up ?

  8. “… I have established that”- Michael it would be helpful is you layout a little more as to how you did this. We don’t have an audience who is going to drop what they are doing and with no training whatsoever make this a field of study starting from scratch. As of “a lot being on the internet”, that also is no help as with problems like this for every truthful article published there will be ten that are disinformation all design and to confuse and make people give up on inquiring if they are not being effected. After all this time with so many having endured this we have not seen an NGO, national or international org set up to compile and peer review material. I ran across a very fancy website with everyone’s names and photos, etc, all very professional, that was fundraising for their effort but strangely did not bother to say what they planned to do. I reached out to them for more info and never got a reply, very strange.

  9. Thank you for this information, Gordon! This is a hot topic right now.
    I am now watching the link given by D.R. in No I (interview with Dr Barrie Trower), which is really mind blowing! Top 5G = 78 GHz, but 90 GHz is already the proven damage level (55: 40 – crowd control ).

  10. I know you’ve tried many things. Here’s an easy one, please listen to two different Duas and even better, try to learn to recite them. 1) Dua Kumail and 2) Dua Mashlool. What do you have to lose? Before doing so, make the intention that you are seeking God’s help through his designated “Wali” in this world.

    With sincere sympathy, your brother,

  11. Hi, Michael. I commented on your Part I. But I forgot to point out something else. I was told that we can be targeted through a loophole if we have a foreign-born parent, so that it can be claimed that we are a spy. However, it seems if one way isn’t found then another excuse is found to target a person. I suspect quantum scalar technology may be used. I had some proof of this when someone did a bioresonance scan on me via video (I guess it uses face and voice to get the person’s frequency picture for state of health & body mapping). This app, which I was think involved NASA research possibly, can even send energetic versions of remedies to a person. This is just like the energy healing I do, so I know it’s possible because everything is frequency and we are ruled actually by the laws of quantum physics, not merely Newtonian physics. In any case, I’m glad it’s a little better for you in Iran and that you’re still writing about this. I’m interested to know if it stays better for you. The torture is getting harder to bear for me here in Minnesota. I still would like to talk to you! I’m on Twitter @crystalshen6 or [email protected].

  12. There’s much information on this subject. For readers that are interested I recommend as a good starting point you listen to Harold Kautz-Vella. It is hard to believe claims made by men like Michael Pirie or Harold, only because most moral people can’t imagine anyone would design such programs, or actually sacrifice the life of a very young child, and drink the blood. But there are persons who thrive on the negative energy they create with such crimes, and they live amongst us.

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