Our Latest Coup d’Etatis failing.



By Jack Williams for VT

So expect yet another US military invasion.

From Iraq to Libya to Venezuela the US media’s assertions that a nation has a humanitarian crisis is most often used as a pretext for another US military invasion of a targeted country.

There are worse humanitarian crises in our world than the one now occurring in Venezuela, but we hear little about them. Perhaps the most severe of those “Hells on Earth” is in the little beleaguered country of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has long bombed the defenseless nation of Yemen, the poorest in the Middle East, with some of those bombs coming from American producers.*

*On May 20, 2017, President Trump and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud signed a series of letters of intent for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase arms from the United States totaling $110 billion immediately, and $350 billion  over ten years.

Cluster bombs are made at Textron Industries in Wilmington, MA.

Unmistakable proof that the Saudis have not tried to avoid civilian casualties when bombing Yemen, but have tried to cause them is their illegal use of cluster bombs and the bombardments of open-air markets, public utilities, and churches.


Cholera in Yemen

The bombing results have produced various unsanitary conditions that have caused the largest and fastest outbreak of cholera on record, with almost a million people suspected of having the disease (almost half being children).

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest importer of weapons and arms and is America’s number one customer of bombs and other armaments.

The destruction, disease, and death the American government has been a party to in Yemen is unimaginable.

It is our complicity in these four-year-old Saudi atrocities that keeps those horrors we are helping to create in Yemen out of our media – a media that is well experienced in withholding news, as well as also creating fake news.


It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.

Mark Twain

The current heavy hype of how the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela  was created by President Nicolas Maduro is another example of the media’s fake news.

Even the technology giants such as Twitter and Facebook are in on the fake news schemes, as they have deleted 2,000 accounts of people who have attempted to explain the actual causes of the growing crises in Venezuela. The fix is certainly in for regime change in Venezuela.

Regime change in Venezuela is most assured, either by a bloody toppling of President Nicolas Maduro, or by yet another American intervention, complete with bombs and ground troops.

President Nicolas Maduro

And since the recently American inspired coup d’etat in Venezuela seems to be failing, expect a US Army/Marine/Air Force invasion of the oil rich country. Already, the Trump administration has amassed troops in Puerto Rico and in the neighboring country to Venezuela – Columbia.

US combat troops in Puerto Rico.

There are two possible reasons for the crisis in Venezuela: the country has a tyrannical dictator as their president (which the US media still claims), or the oil moguls desire the ownership of the largest oil/gas reserves on Earth (which the media would never postulate).

But why does our government want a regime change in Venezuela?

That question is much like asking why did our US government want regime changes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran in our post-9/11 America.

The cover stories for our wars on nations in the Middle East began in Iraq, with our bogus attempts to eliminate their weapons of mass destruction, which they never had.

Then our subterfuge for warring on other nations in the Middle East shifted to the ending of terrorism, the same terrorism the Western intelligence agencies have secretly organized, equipped, and funded in order for the US/NATO troops to have an enemy to pretend to fight.

Our actual purposes for bringing death and destruction to the Middle East have always been to bring about enough chaos that regime changes would naturally occur.

Our post-9/11 US government has often and repeatedly violated the basic principles of International Law with their interference in the internal affairs of foreign nations, which are most often followed by bombings and military invasions … all done under one or more of the pretenses below:

eliminating weapons of mass destruction,

ending terrorism,

bringing in democracy,

replacing dictators,

and rectifying humanitarian crises.


The oil moguls (the International Bankers) control the Western Bloc nations and the worldwide price of oil. With the assured knowledge of a greater financial return later, the Bankers sufficiently reduced the international price of oil. This was done in order to quickly bankrupt the once-rich country of Venezuela, which had nationalized its massive oil/gas reserves, the greatest in the world.

The globalist Bankers have their replacement for the Venezuelan presidency well in hand: the 35-year-old Juan Guaido, a young man who knows his first act in office would be to un-nationalize his nation’s oil and gas reserves, thus once again making them all very available to the global oil barons (the International Bankers).

Juan Guaido

Even the globalists and banker- controlled international agencies are in on the coup; they have been pouring up to fifty million dollars annually into the campaign coffers of the young yes-man Juan Guaido.

Proof of the International Bankers’ intention of completely bleeding out the existing legal and morally correct government of Venezuela was their refusal of extending them any credit, based on the oil reserves, of a country with more oil than any nation on earth. This fact becomes more than obvious whenever one considers that the barons of finance could raise or lower the price of oil at any time they chose.

Additional subterfuge commenced when financial institutions began freezing the bank accounts of the Venezuelan government.

From the various financial sieges and blockades imposed by the Bankers on Venezuela’s finances, we now have a once rich country that is currently suffering with widespread humanitarian crises.

The Western media (owned and controlled by the kleptocrats)* took the baton handed them by asserting far and wide that the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, was a dictator who had brutally caused his country their existing calamities.

*Kleptomania is a mental disorder that causes the insane to steal, harm, and kill the innocent for the pure joy of doing so.

And those struck with kleptomania range from the young teenaged girl who steals a lipstick from a cosmetic counter to the psychotic gargoyles of earth who revel in the sufferings of millions of others.

The frame-up was on, and soon Maduro would pay for making the oil riches of Venezuela available to his people: the president will either be toppled or removed with force by the Bankers’ main enforcer – the  American military.

Delivering Democracy!

Because of the financial threats to the US Treasury Department from the International Bankers, US banks have been closing the accounts of the Venezuelan government.

To further ensure the bankruptcy of the Venezuelan government, in July of 2017, Citibank of New York City unexpectedly decided, all without prior notice, to close Venezuela’s bank accounts.

Citibank also blocked a shipment meant for Venezuela of 300,000 doses of insulin.

Once again, proving the almost universal power of the globalist Bankers: in November 2017, the Belgium-based company Euroclear stole payments nearly totaling $1.65 billion that President Maduro had made for food, medicine, and other supplies in spite of the ever-growing catastrophes in the South American country.

Back in the United States, Citco, the huge Venezuelan state oil company (based in America) became unable to use any of its $10 billion (plus) bank account to buy anything, much less the vitally needed medicine and food for the starving and sick in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, the US/European press ran shocking reports about how the mad South American tyrant Nicolas Maduro was forcing his people to eat their dogs, cats, and zoo animals.


The Wells Fargo Bank also got in on the “destroy Nicolas Maduro” act by withholding a payment of  over $7.5 billion made by Brazil to Venezuela for electrical power.

Then in May of 2018, the Minister of People’s Power in Venezuela was informed that his payment of seven million dollars for dialysis supplies had been blocked.

Also, the Bank of England stole all of  Venezuela’s gold they were storing for safekeeping, which has proven not to be much safekeeping at all.

Contrary to what the American media is telling us, it is not the Venezuelan government that is causing these emergencies, these severe sufferings, and privations.

No, it’s being caused by some very dark supervillain globalists, fronted by the governments and banks of the United States and Europe.

But still, the narratives of the major media place the entire fault of the humanitarian crises in Venezuela solely on President Nicolas Maduro and his administration, with nary a word about any of the hideous and monstrous crimes against humanity perpetrated by the globalists and their confederate nations and banks.

Under the posturing of protecting human rights, the leaderships of the US/NATO nations are eliminating our human rights for their untold overlords amongst the Bankers, who take their orders from the alien overseers at the nucleus of  the Illuminati.

The “rule of law” is being used to end the “rule of law” in favor of the “rule of psychopaths.”

And with that much psychopathic command, it’s understandable how fifty nations (plus the Organization of American States) have all made a predictable announcement: they no longer recognize Nicolas Maduro as the legal president of Venezuela.

Still, however, President Maduro has maintained his power through several bodies of government: the Supreme Tribunal, the National Electoral Council, and most of the Venezuelan military.

If there is one takeaway from the above message, it would be …

Maduro’s “scandal-plagued” administration is a covert creation of the Western press in the Bankers’ quest to control the narrative regarding the humanitarian crises in Venezuela.

What’s next?

I am afraid it will be a US military invasion. Let us all pray that will not happen.

  1. Speer-Williams

[email protected]

Addendum: Social media sources, such as Facebook and Twitter, have been warned that if they do not delete all forms of ill-defined “hate speech” (truth), “misinformation” (truth), and “problematic content” (truth), they will be massively fined by government.

As a result, social media, the source many people look to for the news of the world, will be denied the right to print truth and will be forced to continue their propaganda, just as the controllers of governments and the owners of the major media have long planned.

What the mainstream media and social media are allowed to say, however, is that a USAID plane, to have been loaded with medicine and food for starving and dying Venezuelans, has recently landed in neighboring Columbia.

“Aid” President Maduro has refused, to the puzzlement of the world.

Venezuelan President Maduro has wisely refused any such proffered aid from America, as he knows the US military planes could likely be carrying weapons for US/NATO inspired insurgents, as happened in Nicaragua, when American “aid” planes landed with twenty-seven million dollars in armaments for anti-Nicaraguan, Banker-inspired rebels.

Our US intelligence agencies likely knew President Nicolas Maduro would refuse any pretense of US aid to his country, but was sent anyway for its public relations value: as his refusal of food and medicine would certainly paint President Maduro as an insane dictator in the major and social media outlets of all Western nations.

American “aid” operations have not had any PR value in the nations where the Bankers have minimal influence, such as Russia, Iran, Turkey, and China, as they all know how much truth is politicized by the Western governments and their media.

Nino Pagliccia of Counterpunch has written, “The provocative (US) “aid” was a pathetic attempt to break the loyalty of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, as well as to test the reaction of the Venezuelan people, particularly on the Venezuelan border with Columbia.”

Moreover, associating political objectives with humanitarian aid is in opposition to the principles of humanitarianism.

And if the American government was really interested in sending humanitarian aid to a distressed people, they would have done it long ago for the people of Yemen.

And to my knowledge, our federal government has not yet sent the dying people of Yemen anything but more exploding bombs, while our news often tells different stories.

In almost every act of our lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business or in social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.

Edward  L. Bernays (1891-1995)

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

Former CIA Director William Casey

News Bulletin: America is selling nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

In the most dangerous foreign policy decision of his presidency, Donald Trump has sold nuclear technology to the despotic kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Not only is that the most dangerous decision Trump has ever made, it is one that leaves me at a loss for words, except our country is the most interventionist nation on earth, with over 800 US military bases across the world.

Electrical Power Outage Bulletin:

This electrical power outage comes after the Bankers’ failure to cause a revolt within Venezuela’s military and people with their extensive and varied strikes, which all began after the government nationalized its own oil.

The Bankers turned to their mad dog coalition: the Israeli/American intelligence agencies, who have the enormous advantage of access to unprecedented hi-tech amalgams, that can cause horrific nation-wide problems.

It was obviously those spy agencies that recently sabotaged the power grid in Venezuela, in an attempt to create a disaffection with President Maduro’s administration within the people and military of the country.

The grid has been so destroyed that it would now require considerable time, labor, and technical expertise in order to restore electrical power in Maduro’s Venezuela.

Being the military wing of the Bankers’ New World Order, the US government is blurring the lines between war and politics, with something they are calling 4GW(4th Generation War), which includes cyber attacks, EM attacks, infra-structure attacks, and propaganda: all of the above is currently being applied against the legitimate and existing government in Venezuela.

With the small quantities of food that was available now rotting on shelves, gas/oil being unable to be pumped, hospitals, police, and the military being unserviceable, and citizen patience wore thin, Maduro now faces his greatest threat yet.

At this point, Venezuela’s best hope comes in the form of the Bankers’ three preeminent archenemies …

Russia, China, and Iran.

Now perhaps, those who have bought the media’s propaganda that has so demonized Iran, Russia, and  China will awaken to the actual lay of the land and see through the Bankers’ endeavors to sanitize their dirty-hybrid wars on the people of Venezuela.

Whatever we are not allowed to hear, talk, or write about is something we should find out about.

It is my hope that a Russian-Iranian compact will end the conflagration in belabored Venezuela, with the country retaining ownership of its oil and gas reserves and with its current government left intact.

Let us pray that Venezuela will not become yet another US engineered Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya/Syria-like tragedy.



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  1. Well they all do it – that is what confused me at first. If an automatic debit (AD) fails, then they charge the account holder with an NSF charge (about $50 today), but they also increase the overdraft balance by the amount of the AD even though the amount was not advanced. They then let it sit for 1 to 5 days, followed by an equal fictitious credit in the same amount under an “error correction” code. Then at the end of the month or statement period they charge the account holder interest (at the 21% overdraft rate) on the fraudulently inflated balance for the 1 to 5 day period.

    The practice and process on its face involves falsification of an account, fraud, breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty, embezzlement, constructive and actual forgery, uttering forged documents, receiving payments or partial payments of interest at a criminal rate, mail fraud, laundering proceeds of crime, and racketeering.

    But nothing is done because everyone agrees that it is the account holder’s fault for the constructive missed payment that triggers the failed AD.

  2. *Kleptomania is a mental disorder that causes the insane to steal, harm, and kill the innocent for the pure joy of doing so.

    With respect, I have to take exception to this statement. One of the things I have studied over the years is the naked falsification of accounts by bankers to defraud their customers of relatively small amounts, and which I at first started to refer to as kleptomania. But there two primary distinct forms. One is a fascination with and urge to possess certain (usually) small valuable objects, and the other is for the physiological thrill or excitement from the risk of getting caught.

    What is referred to in the context of the article is an entirely different thing. It is an essential and material element of naked domination to take the thing away from its lawful owner or possessor for its own sake, even if the thing itself is destroyed in the process. The bankers’ motivation is indeed entirely psychotic, but labelling it as kleptomania is, I think, misleading and counterproductive to understanding.

  3. Another coup American style. You’d think the CIA would hide it’s face in shame but no they’re too stoned from the LSD leftover from MkUltra.

  4. Very good article Jack that sums up the reason why Venezuela is in the mesd it is and not because of Maduro as the MSM and the sheeple that follow it blindly are saying. I have always made a point whenever I comment how it is the sanctions that have made the crisis Venezuela is in not Maduro and I will now use your article as a reference source for the idiots that want to spout off that it is Maduro. Thank you.

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