Alan Sabrosky on this week’s censorship avalanche

NYT, Jeremy Corbyn, Roger Waters, Alain Soral, David Icke, Louis Farrakan, Alex Jones…who’s next?


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

This week the West got buried beneath an avalanche of censorship.   Can you guess who was behind it?

Hint: Here are some of the news stories about the week’s superficially unrelated cases of censorship:

Facebook bans “dangerous extremists”

French intellectual sent to prison for a cartoon

Los Angeles Aero theatre bans David Icke film

Republicans rally to quash panel discussion at U. Mass

Florida bill outlaws criticizing a certain powerful group

Jeremy Corbyn targeted for mentioning who owns the banks (and the West)

New York Times forced to apologize and pull truthful and accurate cartoon

80-year-old grandma imprisoned since 2016 for discussing history

In every single one of these cases, and in hundreds of similar cases, the annihilation of free thought and free speech in the West is being perpetrated by the same group.

Can you guess who these people are?

Can you think of any ways to eliminate their influence from public life so we can re-establish the Bill of Rights?





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  1. Zionists fear BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) terribly. So, they are lobbying every politician for laws against it; so far there are 27 states bought out, listed here: We should call each of those sponsors and tell them how treasonous to America they are being.

    Zionists want us to refuse the extent of revulsion over Israel’s crimes.
    The Zionists are telling us, what to think, and whom to conduct business with! Read this please:
    The Zionists want to modify our Constitution to ban criticism !!!

    And now, they want to make it a FEDERAL CRIME to criticize them!
    Please read this:

    They are big part of the 1-percent that owns more than the 40% of America. Through the economical power/pressure they are going to create a two-classes America (God forbid): Masters and Slaves. While China is passing us like a train. While robots are going to disappear manufacturing, and then,… disappear food.
    The charade Trump against China, is a tease compared with the support to Zionism that means every little thing that Trump is doing, that mimic and justify the terrible Crimes Against Humanity that Israel is committing to the Palestinians and to so many other countries.
    We should get together and hire lobbyists to counteract the immense immorality that is rotting our America.


    The NYT is blasted for depicting Netanyahoo in an Israeli dog-collar reminds me of the time the same paper advertised for a famine relief in the Sudan or some other African country back in the late 80’s for a Jewish Relief Agency – not HIAS. The agency had a query from a perplexed contributor who asked how the money benefited Israel and was assured that it was Israel related. When she asked how, she was urged to look close at a photo of the security dogs guarding the perimeter of a famine relief camp and see they each has a Star-of-David attached to their collars. For the life of me I cannot recall any of the Alsatians looking remotely like Yetanyahoo. I remember the time well as if it was yesterday as I was keen to have Bibi included in the upcoming Crufts show in London and was keen to pay the entry fee out of my own pocket.

  3. Next stop. An American Gaza. Solzhenitsyn was a frequent Gulag guest for speech control violations.

  4. Where is a real boxer when we need him? Muhammad Ali (the boxer, not the Ottoman viceroy of Egypt) certainly would have something to say if he were around and able to speak. And he by the mid 1970s would have been too popular to shut up.

  5. I already watched it on Friday and what I saw was the usual suspects interference w the truth to suppress.

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