US doubles down on taking Venezuela after Guaido coup flop


Russia urges US to cancel irresponsible plans

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,  …and Press TV, Tehran

We had been concerned about what timely assistance Venezuela’s allies could supply to support Maduro if the army flipped on him. If that happened they would be flipping on the Russians also, with some risks involved there.

Russia’s main military support has been hardware and the technicians to train army personnel on operations and maintenance. Such people cannot be exposed as sitting ducks to be taken hostage, so “security contingents” would also be there to defend them.

The best technical assistance that Maduro would need is close communications monitoring to get warning of treason in the ranks. And then there is intercepting foreign communications to be able to prove when the time was right concerning who in the US is communicating with the opposition.

Despite Guaido being an obvious felon for attempting to overthrow the country, Maduro has not moved to arrest him, so he remains free to keep running around to reignite a new coup.

While this might seem crazy for Maduro to do this, it allows his Intel people to track who Guaido is talking to. You really need to know what the adversary is going to do so you have time to respond, including not over-responding.

Everybody knows that the US would love to see Maduro make a big mistake that could be taken advantage of for a military intervention. With Venezuela’s large army, one has to wonder how that could be done without triggering a civil war.

The best way is the decapitation strike by turning the military to push Maduro out, but that has not worked. The “all options are on the table” mantra is designed to keep the morale of Guaido’s supporters up, while the US scrambles to make its next move.

While it looks like a generally bloodless fight to this point, the real victims are dying in the shadows. The US blockade is murdering innocent civilians by blocking all medical supplies coming in, a crime against humanity that the Trump team just scoffs at.

I think they are making a big mistake there. Sure, Israel, the only country in the Middle East that is backing Guaido is making sure our “free press” does not publish this cruel story of the medical-supply murders. It could be a time bomb. Let’s hope so.

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– First aired … May 06, 2019


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  1. Another day, another failure. Pompous and Butthead must be getting very frustrated by now. If Washington finally decides the only option left is for direct military invasion, it does so at the risk of global condemnation but then those inside Washington, especially the White House could care less.
    So if Washington manages to bring down the current government who will it replace it with besides their little poodle Guido? Purge the military of loyal officers to Maduro? Messy business….have to hide the corpses somewhere in a mass grave that can be easily detected now. Replace them with those trained at Ft. Benning,Ga….worked so well in the past, especially in El Salvador.
    As for the Dumbocraps in congress what say you? crickets. only crickets. Not one word in opposition or in criticism of the immoral sanctions , especially medical aid, against Venezuela, which makes the Dems just as culpable and immoral as the Gang of Four inside the White House.
    The truth is, Washington has NEVER brought any semblance of democracy anywhere, especially in Latin America which it considers a satrap.
    As Benjamin Franklin once stated,” democracy are two wolves and a lamb discussing what to have for lunch, Liberty is the lamb contesting the vote with a loaded gun.”
    It’s rinse and repeat time all over again. Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia,Panama, and so on and so forth.
    How many innocent men, women and children have to die this time for corporat profits?

  2. Is it possible that, if the US attacks Venezuela militarily, the Russians might attack the US in Syria and maybe Iraq, and the Chinese attack them in the Far East ? Each one to his own ‘back-yard’.

    • No, Russia is controlled opposition and it’s economy is far too weak to fight a war.

  3. The mask the US hid behind in terms of being the world’s policeman and promoting freedom and democracy is coming off big time and revealing the US as what it really is and alway been. A corrupt and declining empire fueled by theft, arrogance, hubris, stupidity and degeneracy.

    • There are a lot of people south of the border who saw through that mask a long time ago.
      Now a lot of U.S. Americans are realizing that it was only a mask. Only an illusion to keep the voters pacified and under control.

    • I downloaded it and saved it as a PDF. Now I’m likely to get a visit from der Department of Hitlerland Security.
      I should probably make a hard copy of it and delete that file from the computer.

    • Now JohnZ here has a PDF page that might be nice to share with All here but the current format of most sitesdoes not permit attachements in Comments , Who knows with the Internet progress it might be in the Future to Allow Attaching related Pictures or Documents with these comments in a way more interactive level …… just a thought ……

  4. It’s the first modern warfare using diapers and toilet paper as weapons. They saw the women as a soft target and went after the daily comforts. They didn’t account for ,..well after 500 years of being under siege, some people can tell when the wealthy yank the chain.

  5. Any coincidence that so many “Iran-Contra” scandal characters are showing up in this admin. running Kabuki theater “coup” pressure schemes for multinational energy oligarchs of mothership, Swissrael? The Venezuelan people will not be privy to the contractual terms or signatories. No media will follow-up on what happens to Venezuela after “settlement” from a manufactured crisis is reached. No Venezuelans will see the benefits of the world’s largest oil reserves. The best solution is to return exactly to the point prior to the manufactured crisis and for those creditors like Rosneft and others to forgive the debts due and to abolish any liens upon the Venezuelan people’s oil interests. Then, to diversify the PDVSA’s holdings and to create more sophisticated guards against them with tactical strategists knowledgeable of how the oil sector works.

    • Well I certainly think Russia and China will get stiff on their investments and debts, as part of the take over plan to have a ripple effect and burn their fingers to remind them both that South and Central America are to remain an America plantation with the 1% traitors in the various countries.