Freemasonry and Bloodletting


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio per VT Italia

“At 38 years from the massacre we do not yet know the principals, but we know many truths.¬†Milan, Brescia, Bologna, bombs on trains, are not disconnected attacks: they are massacres included in a broader strategy of tension.¬†With external hands that have always worked against the truth “.

Paolo Bolognesi 
president Association of the families of the victims of 2 August 1980

The Bologna station on August 2, 1980 after a deadly bomb exploded

¬ęThe Bologna massacre was fascist.¬†It was an operation of that invisible world government that promoted almost all the massacres in Italy.¬†That Government mentioned in the 1967 document I found in 2012 attached to the requisites of Emilio Alessandrini.¬†I am forced to repeat what I wrote in the book “The Republic of unpunished massacres”, which no one has ever denied.¬†“Who put the bombs in places crowded with normal people was driven by an ideology of contempt for the masses, based on hierarchical and authoritarian principles in the management of power.

Furthermore, as Sandro Pertini recognized, forces outside our country were interested in destabilizing civil coexistence. A thumping bombardment of misleading messages occurred against the Public Prosecutors and the investigating judges of Bologna, as soon as they took the path of neo-fascist terrorism. The Bolognese instructor judges wrote that some indications attributed to the neo-fascist group of Massimiliano Fachini the use of explosives and the packaging of bombs of the type used in Bologna. He had an enormous amount of military nature.

Then there was a mounting of the SISMI to accredit the international runway with the discovery on January 13, 1981 at the Bologna station on the Taranto-Milan train of a suitcase with eight Latin explosives.¬†It was ascertained that the screening was the work of General Pietro Musumeci, P2, and of General Giuseppe Santovito, P2, head of the SISMI.¬†The aim was to suggest the foreign runway at the origin of the massacre.¬†The explosive was used for military purposes, called Compound B used in land and air munitions “.


The late judge Ferdinando Imposimato

The Imposimato magistrate, speaking in 2016 to refute the judicial thesis of a Palestinian track, refers to a document on the New World Order that emerged during the trial for the murder of judge Alessandrini, which took place on January 29, 1979, by militants of the communist organization Prima Linea as revenge of its commitment in the fight against Red Terrorism.

It should also be remembered that for the screening of January 1981 were condemned for aggravated slander (the screening was not yet a crime of the Penal Code) also Licio Gelli, venerable master of the covered lodge P2, jumble of politicians, Masons, agents of the CIA and mafia, and Francesco Pazienza, Freemason and right arm of Gelli, agent of Sismi.¬†According to the Venezuelan mercenary terrorist Ilich Ram√≠rez S√°nchez, better known as Commander Carlos,¬†Carlos lo, Marxist-Leninist and pro-Islamic, detained in French prisons for a life sentence: “The Bologna massacre was organized by the CIA and Mossad to punish and bend Rome.

A ‘retaliation’ against the Italian tolerance policy of the Palestinian terrorist groups in exchange for their commitment not to hit Italy “.

In a few lines, this is how the militants of Nar (Revolutionary Armed Groups) convicted of the Bologna massacre (life sentences for Giuseppe Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro, 30 years in prison for Luigi Ciavardini), the military secret services, the Freemasons and the CIA. A connection that also emerges from a very recent investigation into the Swiss secret current account of Gelli himself.

A complex, articulated and fluctuating apparatus of conspiracies that crosses the boundaries of black or red ideological matrices created over the centuries with devilishly constructed plots between the State, Intelligence, Freemasonry, Mafia and terrorist groups.

The journalists of the Republic Paolo Biondani and Giovanni Tizian, in a repoortage on the Bologna massacre full of disturbing details, summarize these collusions thus citing another of the founders of Nar, or Massimo Carminati: ¬ęMassimo Carminati, arrested again in 2014 as alleged leader of Mafia Capital, but already condemned in the eighties as armorer of the Banda della Magliana.¬†Between Nar and Magliana a criminal alliance was born, cemented by a mixed arsenal of weapons and explosives.

The pact between black and big terrorists of Roman delinquency made it possible to establish relations with Cosa Nostra bosses, money launderers, piduist accomplices and secret services “.¬†Due to the many interconnections between multiple topics, I will be forced to elaborate an extremely synthetic reconstruction, taking many steps for granted and therefore I invite those interested in further reading to consult the sources at the bottom of the article.


Licio Gelli considered the founder of the secret Masonic lodge P2

Just at the time of the Bologna Assize Court, another trial for the massacre of another former Nar member, Gilberto Cavallini, now accused of acting in competition with the three terrorists, makes the hypothesis more consistent that the latter has received money to finance subversive operations by the hidden principal of the Bolognese massacre as well as other massacres and crimes of history.¬†In fact, last February it became known that the General Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna requested a rogatory letter to Swiss magistrates to shed light on a secret current account in Geneva by Licio Gelli, who died in 2015 without having served a day’s jail time for screening. warp after the Bologna massacre.

¬ęEverything starts from the Banco Ambrosiano crack.¬†The head of the P2 was convicted as responsible and first beneficiary of the colossal bankruptcy of the Roberto Calvi institute (the banker killed in 1982 in London).¬†Over 300 million dollars have been seized on the Swiss accounts of Gelli, coming out of the Ambrosiano funds.¬†Among his papers of the time there is now a document classified as a “plan to distribute sums of money”: several million dollars came out of Switzerland during the period of the massacre and the misdirections, between July 1980 and February 1981.

The document has this heading: “Bologna – 525779 XS”.¬†Number and abbreviation correspond to a Swiss account of Gelli with the treasure stolen from the Ambrosiano.¬†Other notes, written by Gelli, concern packages of cash to be brought to Italy:¬†only in the month preceding the massacre, at least four million dollars ¬Ľis what the journalists of Repubblica-Espresso Biondani and Tizian always write.

According to what has already been ascertained by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Bologna led by Ignazio De Francisci, there is a vein of money coming from the USA, in particular from Washington, and directed precisely to that counter-current where, according to the investigators, money could have passed for Cavallini: a hypothesis which will be up to them to try.


Giuliano Di Bernardo, former grand master of the Grand Orient of Italy, who denounced the collusion between Freemasonry and Nfrangheta

With regard to the correlations between the mafia, the ‘ndrangheta and the diverted Freemasonry, the declarations of some repentant people are precious.¬†Luigi Ilardo, the boss of Cosa Nostra who was killed when he was about to repent, confided to the carabinieri that the Mafia was following the same black plot: “To understand the massacres of 1992 and 1993 we must look at the years of the strategy of tension.¬†What our has done them, but those massacres were decided with deviant sectors of the institutions, Freemasonry and secret services “.

A thesis that is anything but new.¬†Suffice it to remember when, admittedly, among so many ramblings, in December 1992 from the Mafia repentant Leonardo Messina to the Antimafia Commission, chaired by Luciano Violante, concerning the relations between men of honor and free masons: ¬ęCosa Nostra was founded in 1630, is the arm of the masonry ¬Ľ.¬†But it is even more useful to recall the inquiry initiated by the Procuratorate of Palmi, led by Agostino Cordova, who despite not reaching any conviction allowed to monitor the members of the lodges throughout Italy, in alleged violation of the Tina Anselmi Law of 17 of 25 January 1982 on the implementation of Article 18 of the Constitution on secret associations and dissolution of the association called Loggia P2.

Connections between ‘Ndrangheta and Freemasonry are now confirmed by the confessions of Cosimo Virgiglio of Rosarno, near the Mol√® clan of Gioia Tauro, the repentant who is helping the magistrates to shed light on the Freemasonry diverted in the Vibonese:¬†¬ęIn the electoral competitions the Masonic candidates were supported by the secret members called Sacrati on the Spada or criminals who caused a conspicuous package of votes to catalyze them.¬†The Sacrates on the Sword are people with a certain criminal respect who need to put money safely in Rome.¬†It is an enlarged system composed of Masons and ‘Ndranghetists who must guarantee to the strongly politicized Masonic component the management of electoral flows “.

Twists that are more than ever topical after the revelations of the former Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy Giuliano Di Bernardo – in charge in the early 90s and then founder of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy – heard on 6 March 2014 from pm of the Reggio Calabria Dda Giuseppe Lombardo in the Mammasantissima investigation on the secret dome of the ‘invisibles’ of the’ ndrangheta: ¬ęEttore Loizzo of Cosenza, my deputy in the Goi, a person who for me was the highest representative of Goi, in the during a meeting of the Giunta of the Grand Orient of Italy which I urgently announced in 1993 after Dr. Cordova’s investigation into Freemasonry began, to my specific request, he said that he could state with certainty that in Calabria, on 32 lodges , 28 were controlled by the ‘ndrangheta.¬†I jumped in the chair. ”


Prince Giovanni Francesco “Gianfranco” Alliata of Montereale

The previous investigations by Cordova on Freemasonry had instead led to a character as powerful as it was ambiguous to the point of being over-known as the Black Prince: Don Giovanni Francesco Stefano Ippolito Oliviero Agilulfo Pius Giacomo Orazio Maria Brasilino Alliata of Montereale and Villafranca 1921 – Rome, June 20, 1994), son of a nobleman from Trapani, and a leading player in post-war Sicilian political and Masonic life.

He graduated in Law and became head of the agrarian component of the Sicilian Independent Movement, and was indicated by Gaspare Pisciotta, Salvatore Giuliano’s right-hand man and died from poisoning in prison, as one of the principals of the Portella della Ginestra massacre of 1 May 1947, the shooting occurred in the province of Palermo,¬†in the Piana degli Albanesi, where 11 people died and 27 were injured among the workers who gathered to celebrate May 1st.

These accusations were considered unfounded by the Court of Assizes of Viterbo in 1953 when he confirmed the sentence to life imprisonment for the bandit Salvatore Giuliano (killed July 5, 1950, officially at the hands of Captain Antonio Perenze) and his men.¬†A thesis resumed in 2003 from the documentary film Segreti di Stato, directed and scripted by Paolo Benevenuti and based both on Pisciotta’s statements and on some declassified documents of the recently declassified US documents on the subject: In particular, inconsistencies related to the official reconstruction of the facts, until reaching the final in which the dense weave of international balances passing through Sicily is revealed.

According to these last theses Giuliano’s operations had to have only an intimidating purpose with shots in the air but some Mafia infiltrators, connected to Freemasonry and secret services, would have ordered the execution by means of hired snipers;¬†this will however be the subject of another more detailed article in which I will compare the massacre of Portella to that of Maidan square in Kiev.

Prince Alliata, who died a month later while he was under house arrest, was arrested in May 1994 for alleged hidden activities in a secret association. A prominent figure among the free masons and extremely restless within the same obediences: Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Freemasonry for Italy (established in 1948) from 1955 to 1960, when this obedience merged with the Grand Orient of Italy, Alliata signed at the time of reunification but was not affiliated until 1973, the year in which it adhered to the Loggia P2 (card n. 361), resigning in 1976.

Later, in 1978, it also left the GOI and will create an autonomous Supreme Council of the 33 of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite,¬†which will join with a new Serenissima Grand Loggia of Italy in Piazza del Ges√Ļ (not to be confused with the Grand Loggia of Italy), of which he will be Sovereign Grand Commander and Grand Master from 24 March 1979 until his death.¬†He was the Illuminati master of the New World Order, from which he later distanced himself, but for which he was investigated because of an Italian branch.

But it is precisely the final report of the Parliamentary Commission on the P2 Lodge, chaired by Tina Anselmi, to highlight its importance in correlation with the “relevance of the international aspect of Freemasonry”, underlining the links between North American Freemasonry and the Grand Orient of Italy ( Goi).¬†It is Frank Gigliotti, a man of the CIA, who recognizes Goi in ’47 and then works to unify the various Italian families.¬†The Sicilian Prince Giovanni Alliata of Montereale, a Mason, is in contact with Gigliotti, whose name appears in the Borghese coup and in that of the Rosa dei Venti.¬†Gelli appears on the scene just when Gigliotti ceases his activity.


Frank Bruno Gigliotti, sovereign Freemason of the two worlds

Frank Bruno Gigliotti (1896-1975), originally from San Bernardo (Catanzaro, Calabria), emigrated to the USA Рto a small town in Pennsylvania Рwith his widowed mother when he was four years old, and was orphaned at the age of 10, where he was adopted by a tribe of redskins. After a successful career as a jockey, he converted and joined the Italian Presbyterian Church in Schenectady (NY) to become its pastor but in 1924 he was persuaded to return to Italy where he attended the International Methodist College of Monte Mario in Rome.

In 1926 Gigliotti received from the Italian State, the recognition of Commendatore of the Crown of Italy, which was given to him in the presence of King Vittorio Emanuele III and Benito Mussolini. After graduating in theology at the Methodist College of Rome in 1928, he returned to the USA, where he was pastor of a Church in Montana, then another in Oregon, and then pastor of a Presbyterian Church in California at Lemon Grove.

Frank Gigliotti, was a Freemason and became Sovereign Grand Inspector General obtaining the 33rd degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and a member of the famous Masonic lodge “Garibaldi Lodge” in New York on which the former Grand Master of the GOI Di Bernardo speaks of ¬ę mafia, infiltrated in the famous Garibaldi loggia: a concentration of exponents of the gray area between Freemasonry and underworld ¬Ľ.

“Gigliotti was a high dignity of the American Freemasonry as president of the US Freemasons Committee which, after the fall of Mussolini, will lead the reunification of Italian Freemasonry under the control of the US one”, reads the Italia Mistero blog where it is recalled in 1975 Gigliotti’s funeral took place in San Diego in a Masonic Temple of the Scottish Rite under the auspices of the Loggia 736 of Lemon Grove and the American president Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945), freemason of the 32nd degree, considered Gigliotti ‚Äúa man according to his heart ‚ÄĚ.¬†Gigliotti’s project started with his assignments in the US secret services started in 1939: first he was an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) informant, then an Oss (Office of Strategic Service) agent,

Lucky Luciano, the Cosa Nostra boss in the US who helped the allies land in Sicily and returned to live there

Gigliotti worked on behalf of the OSS to prepare the landing of the Americans in Sicily, also through relations with the Mafia and Freemasonry.¬†Frank Gigliotti was in fact linked to the “Circle of the Mafia” set up by the boss Victor Anfuso to prepare the landing of the Allies in Sicily: as Massimo Brugnoli, an expert on organized crime, asserts.¬†But his ties reach up to Lucky Luciano, Salvatore Lucania (Lercara Friddi, November 24, 1897 – Naples, January 26, 1962), who after providing logistical support to the US Navy for landing in Sicily through relations with the Sicilian mafia, he is pardoned by the US and exiled to Italy.

Gigliotti appoints a plenipotentiary (Charles Fama, ed), and supplies him with a particular interpreter, a certain Vito Genovese,¬†right arm of Lucky Luciano in the Italian-American mafia (a great exception to the Sicilian rule, because Vito Genovese was Neapolitan).¬†“In the meantime, he is organizing a series of Nato lodges in Italy, forcing the Grand Orient to give them cover.

Specifically, it constitutes Verona Verona American Lodge, in Livorno the Benjamin Franklin (which will then be transferred to Pisa), in Bagnoli the Truman, in San Vito dei Normanni the JJ McClellan. Then he takes all the American personnel from the US embassy in Rome and has him set up the Colosseum lodge in Rome by founding it himself Рreads a detailed article on the geopolitical website РAll these lodges then oversee the establishment of an organism called Gladio, Stay Behind. Through his faithful, his name is Roberto Ascarelli,
To sanction the US superintendence on Italian Freemasonry on July 15, 1961, he became Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy (until 1970) Giordano Gamberini, a man trusted by the CIA, who will sponsor Licio Gelli’s rapid rise in Freemasonry, entrusting him with continue the work of Frank Bruno Gigliotti.


In this environment of intrigues between Freemasonry, Italian and American secret services in co-correlations with the Mafia and paramilitary operations like Gladio, aimed at avoiding the spread of communism in the post-war period with the use of arms, numerous terrorist massacres are beginning to take place which having opposing ideological matrices of the right or the left fall under the so-called Strategy of the tension desired by an apparatus of over-management of political power to control and direct the democratic process and to keep Italy under US influence.

“For the bomb that, in 1969, the year of workers ‘and students’ struggles, devastated a bank in Milan and plunged Italy into political terrorism, two military intelligence officers were sentenced in all levels of trial for aiding and abetting ( then Sid):¬†General Gianadelio Maletti and Captain Antonio La Bruna.

Both affiliated to the P2 Masonic Lodge.¬†Instead of helping justice, they destroyed the evidence and made the wanted for terrorism run away abroad, with false documents and money from the State – summarize the already mentioned journalists from the Republic Biondani and Tizian – For the massacre in Piazza della Loggia in Brescia ( May 28, 1974, eight dead and 102 wounded) was also convicted by the Cassation, in June 2017, after decades of misdirection, a neo-fascist who was on the payroll of the same Sid, Maurizio Tramonte: a black confidant who warned of the bomb, but the services did nothing and then burned the minutes “.


Aldo Moro, the Christian Democrat statesman killed by the Red Brigades after 55 days of imprisonment

On March 16, 1978 in Via Fani in Rome, the Red Brigades killed in an ambush the five men of the police forces with the escort of the Christian Democrat leader Aldo Moro to kidnap him: two carabinieri died, Oreste Leonardi and Domenico Ricci, and three police officers, Francesco Zizzi, Giulio Rivera and Raffaele Iozzino. This blatantly left-wing episode, culminating with the 55-day imprisonment of the politician and his brutal execution on 9 May, is confirmation that supporters of the invisible world government, as Imposimato defines it, or of the New World Order, as the they call others, they do not have a precise ideological characterization but they use exponents of the mafia as of the ndrangheta, and of red or black terrorism according to the needs even supplying them with weapons of military Nato origin.

The Moro kidnapping, for which 63 Red Brigades were sentenced to a total of 22 life sentences and 300 years in prison, matured in a context of connivance between opposing politicians, secret services, paramilitary structures such as Gladio and red ideological terrorists as a tool. It would be hard to summarize the whole story in just a few lines, well narrated in a video interview with Judge Ferdinando Imposimato on this site, we just remember that according to the investigations of the then investigating judge Imposimato (then he took part in the investigations as a part lawyer civilian of the Moro family) the core of the story revolves around the discovery of the prison of the Christian Democrat politician. he matured in a context of connivance between political opponents, secret services, paramilitary structures such as Gladio and red ideological terrorists as a tool.

It would be hard to summarize the whole story in just a few lines, well narrated in a video interview with Judge Ferdinando Imposimato on this site, we just remember that according to the investigations of the then investigating judge Imposimato (then he took part in the investigations as a part lawyer civilian of the Moro family) the core of the story revolves around the discovery of the prison of the Christian Democrat politician. he matured in a context of connivance between political opponents, secret services, paramilitary structures such as Gladio and red ideological terrorists as a tool. It would be hard to summarize the whole story in just a few lines, well narrated in a video interview with Judge Ferdinando Imposimato on this site, we just remember that according to the investigations of the then investigating judge Imposimato (then he took part in the investigations as a part lawyer civilian of the Moro family) the core of the story revolves around the discovery of the prison of the Christian Democrat politician.

In fact, the magistrate who conducted the investigations admits, also in his book The 55 days that changed Italy, that the lair of the Red Brigades in Via Montalcini in Rome where Aldo Moro was kept kidnapped was discovered by the Carabinieri of the Anti-terrorist Unit of General Carlo Alberto From the Church only 4 days later and not, as can be seen in the official records, after the assassination. There, military controls of the Arma, the Police and the Guardia di Finanza alternated, as confirmed also by the recent declarations of a non-commissioned officer of the Fiamme Gialle who in 2014 had the investigation reopened on the alleged misleadings by the Prosecutor of Novara.

Francesco Cossiga and Giulio Andreotti, respectively President of the Council and Ministry of the Interior to the Moro kidnapping movement

Eloquent statements by Steve Pieczenik, the CIA agent and the US State Department called by Cossiga to be part of the Crisis Unit of the Moro Seizure (from which, however, General Dalla Chiesa was incredibly excluded): “What I suspected was the reason he left Italy early to return to America was that Cossiga was not interested in taking out Moro alive.¬†At that point I knew that my presence had the sole purpose of legitimizing what they were doing and that I was functional to their goals.¬†I refer to Cossiga and Andreotti, “Pieczenik admitted confirming the conspiracy theory in which Nicola Lettieri of the Salento, Undersecretary of State for the Interior, men of Gladio and of the Loggia P2, including the journalist Carmine Pecorelli, played an important role.

The boss of Cosa Nostra Gaetano Badalamenti convicted and then acquitted as principal of the Pecorelli murder

For this murder on 17 November 2002, the Court of Assizes of Appeal of Perugia condemned Giulio Andreotti and the Mafia boss of Cosa Nostra Gaetano Badalamenti to 24 years in prison as principals. The motive for the assassination would have been the desire to silence Pecorelli, precisely because he was aware of the discovery of the Moro prison and the lack of intervention.

On October 30, 2003, however, the Court of Cassation annulled the sentence imposed on appeal to Giulio Andreotti and Badalamenti, definitively affirming their non-involvement.¬†A sentence of acquittal that did not however give answers to the execution of the journalist and left open disturbing doubts also on the Italian justice because according to the same Imposimato: “The sentence of Appello had unexceptionable motivations”.


General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa killed by the Mafia on 3 September 1982

Among those who were eyewitnesses of the discovery of the prison of Aldo Moro there was obviously also General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa who, after the winning fight against the Red Brigades obtained also with the arrest of the murderers of Moro. The deputy commander of the Worthy Weapon personally experienced the connection between politics, Freemasonry, terrorism and the mafia to the point that he was approached and co-opted for an inscription to the diverted P2 loggia to which however he did not complete the registration.

It is important to note that this exemplary hero of the struggle for justice and legality has made a path to “yoyo” between the two worst subversive and criminal phenomena of the twentieth century, namely organized crime and terrorism.¬†It is helpful to re-read his biography: after the war he fought banditry first in Campania and then in Sicily;¬†after assignments in Florence, Como, Rome and Milan, between 1966 and 1973 he was again in Sicily where, with the rank of colonel, commander of the Carabinieri Legion of Palermo, he investigated Cosa Nostra.¬†Having become a brigadier general in Turin from 1973 to 1977, he was the protagonist of the fight against the Red Brigades;¬†it was he who founded the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, active between 1974 and 1976.

Promoted to general division, he was appointed in 1978 Coordinator of Police Forces and Information Agents for the fight against terrorism, with special powers. From 1979 to 1981 he commanded the Pastrengo Division in Milan; between 1981 and 1982 he was deputy general of the Arma. inquired about Cosa Nostra. Having become a brigadier general in Turin from 1973 to 1977, he was the protagonist of the fight against the Red Brigades; it was he who founded the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, active between 1974 and 1976. Promoted to general division, he was appointed in 1978 Coordinator of Police Forces and Information Agents for the fight against terrorism, with special powers. From 1979 to 1981 he commanded the Pastrengo Division in Milan; between 1981 and 1982 he was deputy general commander of the Weapon. inquired about Cosa Nostra. Having become a brigadier general in Turin from 1973 to 1977, he was the protagonist of the fight against the Red Brigades; it was he who founded the Special Anti-Terrorism Unit, active between 1974 and 1976.

Promoted to general division, he was appointed in 1978 Coordinator of Police Forces and Information Agents for the fight against terrorism, with special powers. From 1979 to 1981 he commanded the Pastrengo Division in Milan; between 1981 and 1982 he was deputy general of the Arma. with special powers. From 1979 to 1981 he commanded the Pastrengo Division in Milan; between 1981 and 1982 he was deputy general commander of the Weapon. with special powers. From 1979 to 1981 he commanded the Pastrengo Division in Milan; between 1981 and 1982 he was deputy general of the Arma.

In 1982 the Government appointed him Prefect of Palermo to fight Cosa Nostra. He was killed in Palermo with his wife Emanuela Setti Carraro a few months after taking office in a Mafia attack where his wife and escort agent, Domenico Russo, also died.
It is important to note that the Lead Years of Terrorism and the so-called Tension Strategy began in the early seventies just when Dalla Chiesa is achieving exceptional results in the fight against the Mafia: after investigating the mysterious disappearance of journalist Mauro De Mauro (1970) who was investigating the murder of Enrico Mattei), in 1971 he found himself investigating the murder of the prosecutor of the Republic of Palermo Pietro Scaglione.

The result of these investigations was the dossier of the 114 (1974) from which dozens of arrests started of the bosses and boundaries in isolated areas for the collusions. The innovation desired by Dalla Chiesa was that of not sending the bosses to confinement on the outskirts of the big cities of Northern Italy; he claims instead that the destinations were the islands of Linosa, Asinara and Lampedusa.

Just when he was one step away from beheading the Sicilian leadership of Cosa Nostra, to the great disappointment of his friend and ally in the fight against the Mafia, Mr Pio La Torre, he was called to Turin to deal with terrorism.¬†When he returned to Sicily as Prefect he carried within him the secrets of Moro’s prison and the memories of the quarrels of Forte Braschi, formerly the headquarters of Sismi’s military intelligence and now of Aise, where he long fought for the liberation of the political seized.¬†He tried to get to uncover the Third Level of the Mafia, or the high-ranking exponents of politics and finance, but he succeeded only minimally because of the scarce powers received and for the short time spent in Palermo, only 100 days with the title of film of the same name, from May until September 3, 1982, the day of the deadly ambush.

For the murder the killers Raffaele Ganci, Giuseppe Lucchese, Vincenzo Galatolo, Nino Madonia and 14-year-old collaborators of Justice Francesco Paolo Anzelmo and Calogero Ganci were sentenced to life imprisonment. The leaders of the Cosa Nostra were also sentenced to life imprisonment, namely Riina, Bernardo Provenzano, Michele Greco, Pippo Calò, Bernardo Brusca and Nenè Geraci.


Francesco Cosentino, Freemason to the truths of the secret P2 lodge and iron andreottiano

Today new important elements emerge that call the Freemasonry into question.¬†¬ęThe order to eliminate from the Church arrived in Palermo from Rome.¬†From the deputy Francesco Cosentino ¬Ľ.¬†This was declared by Roberto Scarpinato, Attorney General at the Court of Appeal of Palermo, on the occasion of the hearing of 8 March before the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission in relation to the Mafia-Freemasonry plots, summoning Francesco Cosentino, who died in 85 , Christian Democrat, Andreotti, Mason.

As part of that audition, later classified as a secret, Scarpinato said he had been informed of “plans of attacks, over time, against magistrates of Palermo hatched by Matteo Messina Denaro for interests which, from various elements,¬†seem not to be circumscribed to the mafia but attributable to entities of a superior character “and recalled various ties between the bosses of Cosa Nostra and Masonic lodges in particular those of Stefano Bontade who was part of a secret lodge” an articulation in Sicily of the P2 by Licio Gelli ¬Ľ.

Now, behind the assassination of the general, the figure of Cosentino emerges as a principal, a powerful parliamentary of the DC, secretary general of the Chamber, loyal to Giulio Andreotti and prominent figure of the P2 Masonic lodge of Licio Gelli, so much so that Roberto Calvi’s wife , Clara Canetti, at the P2 commission of Tina Anselmi said on December 6th 1982, that “Gelli was only the fourth … The first was Andreotti, the second was Francesco Cosentino, the third was Umberto Ortolani, the fourth was Gelli”.

The Attorney General at the Court of Appeal Roberto Scarpinatro

And while the judiciary, and in particular the attorney general of Palermo Scarpinato, tries to shed light on extreme crimes with extreme difficulty, also because many of the alleged principals have already died, this new even more curious conspiracy theory appears that P2 was not that a screening lodge aimed at distracting investigations from another secret cover affiliation called P1, on which we will dwell in other articles, used as a link between the other secret Italian and American lodges in Masonic projects implemented through secret services, mafia and terrorism.¬†A track that can also lead to the background of the murders of the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.¬†Massacres performed with the use of military explosives …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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  1. BTW, as we are talking about Italy and Sicily, I recently read a book that I found most interesting. Andrea Camilleri’s “The Sacco Gang”. A. Camilleri is the author of the Montalbano series of the Sicilian police detective. The Sacco Gang is a real story from Sicilian past where a family tangles with the Mafia and the events that unfold. Not what you would expect at all, and the twists are amazing. Highly recommended.

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    I found a digital copy at a site “”. Mr. Lina details the long history of the corruption of Freemasonry with all kinds of other criminals and New World Order groups.

  3. Super interesting article. It is clear though that it is machine-translated and that made it quite difficult to read. The auto-translator also mangles some of the really interesting names, like Sacrati della Spada, which is clearly a secret organisation, but it was hard to get a grip on exactly what it was. Still, this is gripping stuff.

  4. I had a feeling that this was a machine translation from Italian. For someone not familiar with the post-war Italian political history, this was a tough read. No chanche to look up all the names for background information. But I read it all! Although fast in order to get through. Fortunately I had heard about some of these events before, and so I was able to get something out of it. GOI, I found out, means the Grand Orient of Italy. But exactly how all these lodges interrelate, and what they stand for, is not so easy to get for an outsider to the Italian scene. BTW, anybody here familiar with Zagami? He is Italian and talks a lot about the freemasons, but I don’t know if any of his stories relate to the topics covered in this article.

  5. Good read & deeper than most know. Thanks for sharing more truth & many still have no idea how it really works. If it was all good, then there wouldn’t be the need for secrecy would there.

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