With Full Russian Support: Terrified Trump Bans Mueller Report

Some Russian media cheering on America's descent into anarchy as Trump spins out of control



  1. The purpose of the Mule, the Dirty Dossier and the whole Russian Collusion Hoax was to drive Trump into the arms of Neocons and force him to abandon his America First agenda. Frankly I don’t really give a damn how corrupt he is. Like JFK he’s no angel but the fact is that he wanted a rapprochement with Russia and withdraw troops from the Middle East put him on the enemies list just as JFK’s efforts to end US involvement in Vietnam did or Nixon’s efforts to bring about detent did or even going back to Eisenhower and his effort to establish an accord with Kruschev that was sabotaged by Gary Powers.

  2. Missing a lot IS the point of this administration. There is no human way to keep up with all the lies and corruption going on in this White House. I am assuming you agreed with the redactions of the faulty 911 report as well? Lizzie you seem to be OK with the lesser evil philosophy of governance. Personally I think we need to shed light on all miss deeds and evil, and with such gained knowledge make informed decisions. The AG would not be violating any laws by providing the full Mueller report because the sensitive information you allude to would be taken up by the court and through established legal proceedures the congress would, under court mandated restriction receive the “unredacted” report. The Russian support header refers to the destabilizing effect Trumps executive order has on the US government. I’m sure you know the ‘hoot’ Russia gives about that. I am not a lawyer so I am certain this issue with Barr will drag on to eternity.

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