With Full Russian Support: Terrified Trump Bans Mueller Report

Some Russian media cheering on America's descent into anarchy as Trump spins out of control

Russia Today: US President Donald Trump has invoked executive privilege over the unredacted Mueller report and other subpoenaed materials, the Justice Department has said.
Bush and Blair discuss executive privilege

The decision was announced by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd in a letter to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday morning. The committee was poised to vote on a contempt citation against Attorney General William Barr over failure to present the unredacted Mueller report and other materials, that have been demanded through subpoena.

What happened in the rest of the film….?

ALSO ON RT.COM‘Mind-bendingly bizarre’: Barr hearing shows ‘Russiagate’ still has hold on US politicsWe are disappointed that you have rejected the Department of Justice’s request to delay the vote of the Committee on the Judiciary on a contempt finding against the Attorney General,” Boyd wrote in the letter. “Accordingly, this is to advise you that the President has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenaed materials.”

Where did the nose go?

The White House defended Trump’s move, stating that the president had “no other option” besides invoking executive privilege, as he faced “blatant abuse of power” from the committee’s chairman Jerrold Nadler.

Democrats have sought greater transparency surrounding the special counsel investigation into President Trump’s alleged Russia ties, requesting a complete, unredacted version of the special counsel’s final report, as well as testimony from Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr.

The Department of Justice recently offered to allow select lawmakers to see a more complete version of the report, but for many Democrats that was not sufficient.

The House Judiciary Committee, led by Democratic chairman Jerry Nadler, is to vote to hold Barr in contempt of Congress on Wednesday over his handling of the report, which likely prompted the White House’s assertion of executive power.

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  1. VT is on the ball. Here are my notes to complement:
    (1) Mueller Report -> Key man in Report Unreported: Dimitri Simes = President/CEO of the Center for a National Interest -> Kissinger, Zakheim et. al. (take a look at the board).
    (2) Foreign Policy Initiative: Connects through Ukraine & has key Zio indivs. now in FDD, co-founded by Kasowitz partner, Joe Lieberman. You have a clear Neocon/Zionist-Russian nexus there.
    These are items attorneys are discussing. It is no longer “third rail” to state and enunciate these things openly. “Alt media” has been defaced by state sponsors of the “9/11 mafia” (my recent catch-all term that others are free to take/reject). “Truthers” should be AHEAD of the mainstream conversation; not repeating JSSR propaganda re: Assange, Mueller, Biden, etc.

  2. To SouthThunder230. Thank you for writing a response to me. My complaints about the article were mostly about the reporting of it; I thought the headline was misleading. In thinking over Pres. Trump refusing to release the Mueller report to the Democratic led House Committee, I think that he is not only NOT terrified but is making the Dems’ heads explode.. As to the redactions, it seems to me to be a good idea not to release names of innocent US citizens who were incidentally named in what seems now to be a non-prosecutorial report by a prosecutor, as in, 428 pages of innuendo. I do not think the AG, being the top representative of law here in the US, can release info. which is, by law, unreleasable to the public so I think he would not be able to release it and have be taken up by the court. I understand your point about Russia regarding US government chaos positively! As far as 911 goes I never read the report but always wondered about building #7 (or 5?) – the one that fell down without the excuse of an airplane hitting it. That was always a sticking point for me.

  3. The purpose of the Mule, the Dirty Dossier and the whole Russian Collusion Hoax was to drive Trump into the arms of Neocons and force him to abandon his America First agenda. Frankly I don’t really give a damn how corrupt he is. Like JFK he’s no angel but the fact is that he wanted a rapprochement with Russia and withdraw troops from the Middle East put him on the enemies list just as JFK’s efforts to end US involvement in Vietnam did or Nixon’s efforts to bring about detent did or even going back to Eisenhower and his effort to establish an accord with Kruschev that was sabotaged by Gary Powers.

  4. Somehow I have missed evidently a lot. My understanding was that the Mueller report was redacted in part because of ongoing investigations and to protect the names of innocent people. I also understood that the complete unredacted Mueller report is available to some members of some committees in a special secret room called a SKIF. Those who wish to read the unredacted Mueller report need only go there to read it. So, why does your headline say Trump is terrified? Why does it say Trump disallowed the release of an unredacted Mueller report “with full Russian support”? Why should the Russians give a hoot? I have been reading Veterans Today for some time now and mostly think you have some insider insider knowledge that causes you to paint a dire portrait of our world and mostly (and sadly)agree. But this little article stymies me. May I add that you guys need to think of the alternative – what if HCR had been elected president?

    • Missing a lot IS the point of this administration. There is no human way to keep up with all the lies and corruption going on in this White House. I am assuming you agreed with the redactions of the faulty 911 report as well? Lizzie you seem to be OK with the lesser evil philosophy of governance. Personally I think we need to shed light on all miss deeds and evil, and with such gained knowledge make informed decisions. The AG would not be violating any laws by providing the full Mueller report because the sensitive information you allude to would be taken up by the court and through established legal proceedures the congress would, under court mandated restriction receive the “unredacted” report. The Russian support header refers to the destabilizing effect Trumps executive order has on the US government. I’m sure you know the ‘hoot’ Russia gives about that. I am not a lawyer so I am certain this issue with Barr will drag on to eternity.

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