Robert Steele: Counterintelligence Failure by CIA & NSA in Venezuela


Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela

An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Reform US Intelligence

by Javad Heirannia republished from American Herald Tribune with permission.

Q. The above graphic shows your latest publication of collected articles and your long-standing chart condemning the Human Intelligence (HUMINT) discipline in the USA. Tell us about these as a preamble to our questions on Venezuela.

A. The publication, available at Amazon, consists of all of the articles I have published in Tehran Times and a few of the articles I have published in the American Herald Tribune, that are CENSORED by GoogleNews. The chart is one I devised after years of service as both a spy and as the pioneer for Open Source Source Intelligence (OSINT), and it is in my view an accurate reflection of just how terrible the US is at the art and science of HUMINT. Our President is being lied to every day about our capabilities and to his credit, he may now finally be realizing that he cannot trust the national security leadership.

Q. On 9 May 2019 you published the full text in English of a French article by Valentin Vasiliescu, “La plus grande défaite de la CIA depuis des décennies” (“The greatest defeat of CIA in two decades”) with some strong comments. Can you summarize the article’s core points?

A. The author, Valentin Vasiliescu, has rendered a service in pointing out that CIA fell into a counterintelligence trap. I quote the author in English translation:

It is only now that the Americans have learned that all the opposition groups of the Caracas regime have been infiltrated by agents of the SEBIN counterintelligence.

The author begins with a short discussion of the failure of US technical intelligence in Venezuela, suggesting that the NSA was blocked in its collection efforts, seeking to monitor telephone calls and other communications including facsimiles, by a sophisticated Russian-led counter-signals blockade.

The author goes on to outline how all of the opposition groups CIA was dealing with, including so-called renegade generals willing to betray President Maduro, were in fact controlled by the Venezuelan intelligence services and used to lure the CIA into a series of fatal mis-steps . The author outlines a number of specific steps that were taken to deceive CIA, including a fake take-over of a 1000-man military facility by a small group of allegedly brilliant but actually controlled opposition supporters.

The author points out that a number of “leaks” were given to the US media in an operation intended to make the CIA look very effective until the moment came to completely collapse the charade.

Q. At “Robert Steele: Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela,” your personal blog, you offer some corrections to the author’s account. Can you summarize those for our readers?

A. The most important shortcoming in the article is its failure to mention the Cuban intelligence service, one of the best in the world, easily equal to the Mossad in the Spanish-speaking regions of the world, and one of the best services I have ever encountered in terms of holistic intelligence – full use of open sources and secret sources balanced by the very best counterintelligence I have ever known. All of CIA’s so-called agents in Cuba in my time “passed” CIA’s polygraph examinations, and as a result two of my CIA clandestine service classmates where covertly video-taped across a full spectrum of secret acts within Cuba, for a television documentary that should be standard viewing for every spy school. The Cubans are a class act and they are the leading foreign intelligence service embedded with the Venezuelan intelligence service.

Cuba places a lot of emphasis on Venezuela because this is where there is a large Cuban emigre community, and it is an excellent place from which to monitor CIA’s ham-fisted attempts to organize covert actions against Cuba.

The second flaw in the article is its assumption that Russian intelligence arrived in Venezuela recently.  They have been there in force for decades, generally relying on the Cubans for day to day interactions with the Venezuelans, but always being “big brother with big pockets” as needed,

The third short-coming in the article is its evaluation of NSA’s failure.  I do not believe that the Russians were instrumental in “shutting down” NSA coverage of Venezuela as much as NSA is inherently incompetent across most of the world. They simply do not have resources pointed at countries other than China, Iran, and Russia, and even when they do try to provide coverage, they fail for lack of dedicated antennas, linguists, and process – NSA’s dirty little secret it that it processes less than 1% of what it collects, and its collection capabilities in the Western Hemisphere stink.  I would even hazard a guess that the Zionists fed “Signals Intelligence” to NSA, and that the Cubans and Russians, with great mirth, staged multiple conversations intended to be captured, as part of a grand drama to suck the Americans into the Venezuelan tar pit.

Q. In your book, The New Craft of Intelligence, also a monograph The New Craft of Intelligence: Achieving Asymmetric Advantage in the Face of Nontraditional Threats, you list twenty six “new rules for the new craft of intelligence,” among which Rule 012 is Counterintelligence Matters More. In later years you have on repeated occasions stated that secret intelligence cannot be successful without being bracketed by both Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and counterintelligence. Is there a personal experience on the counterintelligence front that informs your adamancy on this point?

A. I have had two counterintelligence experiences, the first institutional and the second very personal. On my return to Washington from three back-to-back tours in the clandestine service abroad, I was put in charge of offensive counterintelligence for a denied area target with a global presence. Within six months I flunked every Chief of Station (COS) world-wide for failing to address this top-priority target. CIA does not take counterintelligence seriously.

The second lesson was indirect but very powerful. I learned that a large number of operations that produced promotions and praise for all concerned, had in fact been totally controlled by the opposition. Every “success” was contrived by the local intelligence service with the support of other major power intelligence services, as a means of exposing CIA capabilities and interests in that particular country, including its technical capabilities.

This is when I understood viscerally that all intelligence is a fraud unless it is rooted in absolutely rock-solid counterintelligence.  No one in the US Government – not CIA, not NSA, not the FBI – takes counterintelligence seriously.

Q. You are known to be a supporter of President Donald and have for decades been calling for the reform of the US Intelligence Community. How do you see the failure of CIA and NSA in Venezuela from a Presidential perspective?

A. The failure of CIA and NSA – and of the Zionist-controlled Department of State – in Venezuela is one of the most positive things to happen in recent memory because it opens up the possibility of Presidential-level recognition of both their incapacity – they lie to him every day – and the urgent need for change.

I despise the Zionists and their control of both the US Congress, where they are bribing and blackmailing all but perhaps three of the 535 Members, as well as their control of US national security policy that includes close to 10% of our Senior Executive Service (SES) and Senior Intelligence Service (SIS) being dual-Israeli-US citizens who have pledged loyalty to Israel First (in effect, each is a sworn agent of a foreign power in absolute betrayal of their Oath to support and defend the US Constitution).  The treason of our Members of Congress and the treason by every Executive employee that is a Zionist or places Israel’s interests ahead of America’s, is the single greatest counterintelligence failure – by design – within the USA. Ridding America of the Zionist parasite is the non-negotiable first step toward Making America Great Again (MAGA).

Amy Zegart, a protégé of Condolezza Rice, wrote a superb book, Flawed by Design, in which she concluded that the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) and National Security Council (NSC) were created from day one to serve the Deep State and were flawed by design – they are not intended to inform the President, protect America, or devise intelligence-driven ethical grand strategy but rather to subvert and destroy the USA from within. Another book, by David Talbot, The Devil’s Chessboard, not only places CIA and Allen Dulles as the center of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, but also documents how CIA was created by Wall Street as a foundation for secretly taking over the entire U.S. Government to which I would add, as Governor Jesse Ventura and others have pointed out, state governments and the court system. CIA’s role in destroying US society in the 1960’s as an agent of the Deep State, is ably documented in Daniel Estulin’s Tavistock Institute.

Amy’s core point is that all three of these Deep State assets – CIA, JCS, and NSC – are so totally compromised that they cannot be reformed “on the margins.” We need to fix the entirety in one move.

Q. Is there any aspect of the US failure in attacking Venezuela that was not covered by the article?

A. What a great question! Apart from having served in Venezuela and grown up in Colombia, I was also the founding senior civilian of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA) and the Study Director for its flagship study, Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World (1990). Anyone suggesting that the US can invade Venezuela from the sea or from the Colombian jungle is either a moron or a Zionist agent. Caracas, the capital, is surrounded by mountains with the international airport located by the beach isolated from the capital by a single major tunnel easy to blockade. From Colombia there is zero cross-country mobility to speak of, as well as bridge-loading constraints, and any invasion force will, at best, reach Maracaibo – and probably not if the Russians use electromagnetic warfare to neutralize US Navy ships and blind or silence US satellites. In addition I suspect we still do not have the necessary 1:50,000 maps for the two countries, which will be essential when our geospatial positioning satellites are blocked, making our digital laptops useless in the field.

For me this entire matter is an illustration of how complicit and unethical the US think tanks and media are, and of the lack of integrity in the Departments of State and Defense.  Anyone suggesting we attack Venezuela, or that it would be possible to occupy Venezuela, should be fired immediately. For your reader’s convenience, here are the short summaries from my study for Venezuela, and Colombia. Although done in 1990, little has changed in terms of climate, hydrography, and topography, while the local military capabilities augmented by the Russians and perhaps also secretly by the Iranians and Chinese, are easily equal to the defeat of US forces that are roughly 60% capable within 60% available if not worse (some say 40% capable within 40% available).

Q. The President is known to be interested in intelligence reform. He ordered Mike Pompeo to talk to Bill Binney, the NSA Technical Director and your colleague. Did anything come of that? What do you and Binney think the President should do?

A. Very early on the President made it clear that he understood that the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) that is the “flagship” product of the US Intelligence Community, was largely worthless and not worthy of his time. He is a world-class businessman – Jack Welch was very impressed by our President’s acumen as reported in Cliff Sims’ Team of Vipers – and our President knows that when General Tony Zinni, USMC (Ret) says that the US intelligence community provides “at best” 4% of what a President needs to know, this is accurate.

Binney tells me – and I have his permission to share this – that Pompeo met with him and then ignored him. Binney told Pompeo he was being manipulated by trained liars and could not, should not, believe anything they told him.  Pompeo chose to become one of the liars rather than serve the President and the public with integrity. Pompeo chose to ignore the President’s correct gut feeling that Binney’s views mattered, and in refusing to listen to Binney, Pompeo failed to serve the President with integrity.

Bill and I have discussed the future of US national intelligence many times, most recently over lunch where the above photograph was taken, and we agree on three general statements:

01 The President can safely eliminate the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and eliminate a substantial portion of each of the technical agencies (NSA, National Reconnaissance Office, National Geospatial Agency), using the savings to fund the Wall and other needed infrastructure.

02 The position of Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) should be reinstated and Gina Haspel elevated. After CIA has itself been pared down, the surviving portions of the three technical agencies should be integrated into CIA as new Directorates for Signals, Imagery, and Geospatial Intelligence.

03 The President should create the Open Source Agency (OSA) as recommended by the National Security Act of 1992 (not implemented), the Aspin-Brown Commission, and the 9/11 Commission, and as twice approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) at $2B a year. Bill Binney’s Thin Thread, the meta-search capability for low-cost real-time pattern analysis of all databases, is the backbone for the information access side of the OSA. The OSA with Thin Thread would also do what the FBI is incapable of doing: quickly and inexpensively expose networks of traitors, pedophiles, and white-collar criminals with a degree of precision that would delight the President.

The OSA is explicitly intended to create a new distributed Web 3.0 and a two-way truth channel connecting the President to all US voters and a local to global social ecology that cannot be censored or manipulated the way the Zionists are now censoring everyone who disagrees with them.

Apart from its communications value to the President, the OSA would have an immediate agricultural, economic, and energy impact (and therefore a considerable political impact) on multiple US states including Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

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  1. “Ridding America of the Zionist parasite is the non-negotiable first step toward Making America Great Again (MAGA).”

    The festering presence of the parasite – is like taxoplasmosis that makes a rat love a cat, with the unusual caveat by way of an apt political metaphor that the Zionist rat does for the ‘cat’ in the end. Yes, American is in a deep state of taxo at the moment and a few more cycles through the proverbial ringer and we will all be hanged out to dry or just simply hanged. What, good David, has changed since 9/11 go give even a scintilla of hope that things have changed for anything but the worse? Trump it appears, is just another rider for the same horse. Or is it a horse at all? Maybe he is saddled on a Bactrian – a camel with two humps to satisfy his hankering or predilection for even-toed ungulates that includes big arsed hippopotamuses.

  2. “He is a world-class businessman…” This comment about Mr. Trump destroys any credence a reader might put in Mr. Steels’s otherwise believable comments.

  3. The CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Security Council were created by President Truman, from those days until today come the problems….

  4. Kasowitz – FDD – FPI – Ukraine – Trump Presidency – Dimitri Simes – Kissinger/Zakheim/Greenberg. The Zionists have fifth columns in both Russia and America, and have been exploiting them in a dialectic since the 20th century. Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel multinational corps. of mothership, Israel. The Neocons weren’t “duped” into Venezuela by Russia. America was duped by the Neocons (Israel) and Russia (Israeli oligarchs) into Venezuela, just like Syria et. al., which they managed to create Brzezinskyite buy-in into out of compromise for the Iran deal. Right now, Israelis have Russia and America basically battling over who will be Zion’s biggest bitch.

  5. 1 Hour ago… Thank you to the state of New York for your support for Israel on our Independence Day and the moving tribute in which the spire of One World Trade Center and the Kosciuszko Bridge were illuminated in blue and white. How Ironic. … and we are suppose to say? Thank you for doing 9/11 Mr Netanyahu…. …. The social media accounts are divided into three main categories. They include Likud party accounts, financed by the party and run by its new-media manager, Yonatan Orich; and the prime minister’s pages, financed by the Prime Minister’s Office and managed by Topaz Lok, who has moved over to run Netanyahu’s election campaign. But the most followers come from Netanyahu’s personal social media accounts. Netanyahu’s Facebook page was launched in 2010 and currently has 2.3 million followers. The Prime Minister’s Office and Likud declined to say who runs Netanyahu’s personal accounts, how much it costs to run them, and where the money comes from. Orich is thought to be running them. and now we are lying about Iran and What is up with Brazil?

  6. Question? If all of this is true and, for arguments purposes, I will agree to it being 75% correct, perhaps the writer might explain how and why it is that following #psychoBolton’s (more than) embarrassing failure in Venezuela with sxit-bag-for-brains Abrams supposed to be tuned in to all that is happening inside the Country and channeling the Intel back to #psychoBolton in the White House …….. followed by #psychoBolton once again leading and blundering through a ‘false-flag’ operation in #Iran last weekend that blew up in America’s face when it’s purpose was to ensure a compliant collective of Sunni Arab States in the Gulf ready, willing and able to assist in a US-led, UKS & France-assisted attack on Iran but ended in abject failure, how is it that Trump hasn’t kicked #psychoBolton out the front door of the White House followed by kicking #Pompous_Pimpeo out of State followed by a Press Conference and/or tweet-storm to rail against the psychopaths who have fooled him and made him look a complete dolt when it comes to Foreign Policy?
    In the absence of both #PompousPimpeo and #psychoBolton being fired, I can only deduce that far from delivering on his election promise of #AmericaFirst Trump is himself fixated NOT on deals with either Venezuela or Iran but on War-War with jaw-jaw on the table only when Venezuela & Iran are flattened …….. together with all surrounding States.

    • Meanwhile, Trump’s bluff on trade with China has blown up in his face so I have to wonder how Mr Steele can possibly continue to support sTrumpet? From what I understand, the entire of his Foreign Policy objectives & ‘achievements’, to date, attract a yuge FAIL.
      Fortunately, however, sTrumpet will continue to have his favorite whispering in his ear for life as she passes on the pick of BiBi’s peregrinations, channeled via the Khazarian Mob capo Kushner.
      So far, BiBi’s advice has blown up in sTrumpet’s face and all he is left with is a Trade War with China where his trade negotiators have also completely misread their maps.
      No wonder, therefore that sTrumpet suggested Iran talk with him yesterday so they could negotiate the YUGE deal sTrumpet craves while at the same time, State & Commerce & Treasury imposed further Sanctions on Iran in precious metals. I suspect Mnuchin is also receiving orders from Jerusalem and so he also needs a dose of the Honorable Order of the Boot as he accompanies #psychoBolton #Abrams & #PompousPimpeo into dishonorable if well-padded retirement.

    • Why support Trump, because of lack of alternatives, cause the Republicans and Demorats are Hegelian Dialectic Choices that all work for the NWO. They just slowed down the time table to let the US exist awhile longer under Trump cause they got slowed down by Syria and have to take out Iran as the next agenda item. Remember Obama and Clinton did Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Ukraine for them and, continued with Afghanistan, Iraq, stuff in Africa….. so the Dem team is no better. They wanted the US populace to CHEER to take out Iran under Trump, but Hillary or other Dem Candidate ( Biden will not save us/US, look at all the action his son got out of the Ukraine ) would have done the same and probably have started up the NDAAs and FEMA camp type operations, the gun confiscations.

  7. I ‘m not quite sure what to make of this. While I will concede Steele’s knowledge is matters of espionage, I can’t understand his faith in Trump. Is there no one out there that understands what is really happening? On one hand he condemns the Zionist infiltration of our government and services, while appearing to be a cheerleader for Trump and his supposed pro-US bent. If Trump is not a Zionist agent, then what is he? He has done more to hurt the US internationally and morally than even Bush and has supported the state of Israel in every way. How can someone who is supposedly aware of the Zionist presence be unaware of (or ignore)Trumps fealty to Israel? Every anti-BDS legislation passed in the US is supported and lead by Trump’s (and BiBis) benefactor Adelson. This doesn’t even make sense to me.

  8. Ever the optimist, RDS sees possibilities that I fear are just data mining operations for discerning the Concentration Camp inmates.
    The money seems to be on Zionism.

    • …. Attached was a photo of David Cohen, the former deputy director of the CIA, kitted out as an extra bearing a bowl of soup for the Sunday evening episode of the HBO fantasy series earlier this week…. Cohen is one of a handful of American Jews to reach the top echelons of the intelligence community. Prior to being named to the post in 2015, he worked at the Treasury Department, and was the architect of sanctions that helped bring Iran to negotiations that resulted in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. I do not think I would trust this guy to not just be another Bibi operative really….. In my opinion

  9. Continued … Another possible reason to hold a meeting of senior White House officials at Langley is if there is disagreement about what the intelligence shows on a particular subject, said John McLaughlin, a former acting CIA director. Then-Vice President Dick Cheney frequently traveled to CIA to grill analysts about intelligence, McLaughlin said. Critics later accused Cheney of seeking to cherry-pick intelligence suggesting that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, a charge he denies. The CIA and other agencies wrongly assessed that Iraq had WMD…. Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a think tank that takes a hard line on Iran, suggested in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on April 2 that the administration could “build a wall of additional sanctions” to encourage Iran to halt its support for militants, its work on missiles and its human right abuses….. The CIA has a seasoned intelligence officer, Mike D’Andrea, running its Iran operations. D’Andrea oversaw U.S. drone strikes that targeted al Qaeda militants and the effort to hunt down bin Laden…. Poster’s note LYING in wait to launch another war

  10. …. n a highly unusual move, national security adviser John Bolton convened a meeting at CIA headquarters last week with the Trump administration’s top intelligence, diplomatic and military advisers to discuss Iran, according to six current U.S. officials…..
    The meeting was held at 7 a.m. on Monday, April 29, and included CIA Director Gina Haspel, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, five of the officials said. ….
    National security meetings are typically held in the White House Situation Room. The six current officials, as well as multiple former officials, said it is extremely rare for senior White House officials or Cabinet members to attend a meeting at CIA headquarters.

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