Who gains from these Dubai oil tanker attacks?


Persian Gulf stock market fall after oil tanker attacks

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  …with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: No extremist group has claimed credit for the Dubai tanker attacks so some state actor is high on the suspect list. The only damage I have seen so far is what looks like an old limpet mine put on the stern of one of the ships that caused minor damage.

No personnel were targeted, only property, just enough to make a point. But what was it? So a frog man attached a small mine on a ship with a timer, maybe the others done the same way, it certainly can’t be called terror attack.

If Yemenis did it we would have seen their video on YouTube already. Color me still wondering at this point. If anyone has any clues let us know in the commentsJD ]

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– First published … May 13, 2019

Stock markets in Persian Gulf states have fallen as a result of attacks on several oil tankers off the Emirati port of Fujairah.

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  1. given that the plunder goes to the predator, the american jew oil capitalisms want iran’s oil. the icing on the cake, of course as truman demo’ed the fruits of fdr’s manhattan project, is the frightfully stong temptation to show the world just how overwhelming the present state of israel is as warriors. six-day war, anyone? hell, this time it will be the six-hour war! as egypt has yet to recover, so iran will take centuries from its six-hour war. (ushering in the Greater Israel Project or Pax Judaica by other name. the biblical reign of anti-christ. with all the earth bent under the cruelty of its rule, crying interminably for relief.)

  2. Anybody with more than two working brain cells would come to the conclusion that Iran had nothing to do with it. That does however, leave out about 90% or more of the American people.
    Iran would have nothing to gain by such a attack, on the other hand a country such as Israel would have everything to gain just as they have with their attack on America on 9/11.
    The statements made by certain U.S. officials which we could easily surmise to be Pompeo or Bolton or both, comes as no surprise. The script may have already been written for them before hand.
    The leadership in Iran has proven time and again to be much smarter than those running U.S. foreign policies, especially in the middle east and that is what drives the neo-con, chabad policy wonks in Washington so crazy. Time and again they are outsmarted by Iran’s leadership as they know better than to do anything stupid, unlike Israel or the U.S., or any other country in the west.

    • Indeed. However, as with Viet Nam, the U.S. would suffer another humiliating defeat in a war with Iran and further mired down in the middle east along with Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

      Which is exactly what israhell wants.

  3. The Persian Gulf is one of the Worlds Achilles in favor of Iran, and Iran expressed concern over the sabotage because thats not how Iran operates, so it either Rebels, Arabia, or nato/zios.

    Rebels typically make claims or denounciations although some attacks are strategically unclaimed in order to offset nato. So given the level of sophistication of the attack and the fact it was a saudi ally attacked, its most likely nato backed by the sinister zios, with a longer term plan to sabotage economics in the Gulf.

    Any world problem can be attributed to the sanhedrin jews since the dawn of the Solar Calendar. But always these things have a way of backfiring on the jews eventually, and more likely than not, sooner than later.

    The Axis has been good at picking up on and leveraging such events and opportunites and the final and long awaited opportunity is the integration of Rebel Groundforces backed by Axis Air Support, making the Ultimate in Forces and the reunification of two separate movements that were split more than 1400 years ago.