Can the US boom continue despite Trump chaos?


News Review – US manufacturing falls in April, total Q1 output plunges from 2018

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … with Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: This was a change of pace Press TV show, my first on a Treasury report. But none of us are strangers to what has been going on with the economy, so no huge preparation was required.

We are in the longest economic expansion without a major downturn, and smart money knows the hammer will fall some day. One would think Trump would be pushing for international stability, but many see him doing just the opposite.

Low unemployment and a good stock market is a wave that he has surfed until now, but other presidents have tasted the bitter fruit of not just a downturn, but a crash.

Many think that’s why the Deep State keeps a number of mini-wars going that can be ramped up if needed to turn a recession around. Roosevelt got the gold star for that, and it saved him politically.

But you will get no bet from me as to how long the bubble will last. I am generally in defense mode all the time anyway, having seen enough of them to keep debt low, if not zero, and live within one’s means … JD ]

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– First aired … May 15, 2019

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  1. Most Americans do not realize this current economic boom that has lasted for several years is because of the policies of the Federal Reserve, which is to print more money, this time with zero or less interest which allows more access to easy money. This has a negative effect as it prompts people to make mal-investments as well as creating a massive bubble that will sooner or later implode.
    The Fed continues to operate under the same policies it always has, which produces boom and bust cycles.
    At this time it appears to be a boom cycle but the storm clouds are already on the horizon and moving in.
    There has been an inversion of ten year Treasuries compared to three year bonds in which the treasuries are now worth less than the bonds. This has happened in the past 60-70 years and every time except once, it has foretold economic collapse. Housing markets are collapsing, car sales are collapsing with millions of unsold cars setting in fields and back lots. A few months back it was reported there were more than 7 million car loans that were 90 days past due.
    Personal and household debt is at record levels as well as the number of college student loans, with more than 635,000 loans seriously delinquent.
    Sooner or later this bubble is going to burst no matter who is in Office. It doesn’t make a bit of difference.

  2. This boom will be continued until we elect an anti-war President.
    That will be when they will crash our economy.
    I remember President Carter and “the moral equivalent to war”. I’m sure that you do, also, Jim.

    • I sure do. I was not living in GA then. Some of the Carter GA crew was in over its head with the campaign folks nailed by the Peter Principal, where they advance to a position where they are incompetent. His appointees let him down, when he was the most engaged outside the beltway Prez we had had in modern times. He actually took a pile of briefings home on the weekends so he could ask pertinent questions at the next week’s meeting. The Donald does not prep, and prefers bullet point briefings, the shorter the better.

    • Presidents have very little to do with how the economy fares. This is where people make the mistake of blaming a president or praising him for the way the economy is.
      It doesn’t matter who is in the White House.
      What matters is the Fed and what it’s doing to create these massive economic bubbles.
      Americans need to get a clue. They are being fooled again into believing the President has much to do with the economy.
      The tariffs are yet another economic blunder that tRump is adding fuel to the fire. However, the storm clouds have already become visible.