Who is working to push Bolton out?


Trump considering replacing John Bolton: Report

… from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: It comes as no surprise that Bolton has enemies, not only outside the administration but inside. The man’s ego is as big as a barn, with his persistent “my way or the highway” attitude.

Making a list of who likes him would be a Who’s Who of the War Crowd. The military hates him, as they know he views them as toys to be played on the Bolton board-game of Risk, if anyone remembers that one.

The policy conflicts have been widely apparent with what clearly appears to be poor coordination, if that itself is not part of a chaos game. If Bolton does not think Trump has pushed hard enough, he seems to “correct” that mistake. It’s like they have a Twitter contest going, as to who can scoop who, a childish game.

Initially I though Trump would use Bolton as a Mr. Tough Guy and scapegoat on anything that went bad that Trump wanted to wash off his plate before 2020. There is no one that Trump would not sacrifice to win another term.

Why? It is because he needs the second term to run out the statute of limitations for potential charges he might face after leaving office. Trump is on the spot now to respond to these claims. We won’t have to wait long for his answerJim W. Dean ]

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Bolton is no Washington crossing the Delaware

– First published … May 15, 2019

US media reports suggest that President Donald Trump is considering replacing his hawkish National Security Adviser John Bolton over his plans to push the United States towards a military conflict with Iran, Venezuela and North Korea.

Bolton “is headed for the exits, having flown too close to the sun on his regime change efforts for Iran, Venezuela and North Korea,” The National Interest magazine reported Tuesday, citing sources familiar with the matter.

“Hearing that Trump wants him out,” a former senior Trump administration official told the magazine.

There is speculation in Washington “that there’s now daylight between Trump and Bolton,” the report added.

The fighting has also expanded to include US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, officials say. A State Department official and a former White House official both report that Bolton and Pompeo are “fighting all the time.”

A former senior official in the State Department said Pompeo is enthusiastic about isolating Iran, but fearful of an actual war that might engulf much of the Middle East.

“John Bolton is the problem … Trump’s national security adviser is getting dangerous…particularly to the president’s ideals,” Douglas Macgregor, a Bolton rival and would-be successor, writes in Spectator USA.

Trump ran his election campaign on the promise to pull the US military out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria — unwinnable post-9/11 wars that have consumed American lives and military budgets.

That partial retreat remains one of Trump’s strongest points in his pitch to be the so-called outsider president. But Bolton is working in exactly the opposite direction.

The United States has been ratcheting up economic and military pressure on Iran, with Trump recently urging Tehran to talk to him. “What I’d like to see with Iran, I’d like to see them call me,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Thursday.

But then he said he would not rule out the possibility of military action in Iran amid escalating tensions before slamming former secretary of state John Kerry for his involvement in the issue.

His remarks came after Bolton said on Sunday that the United States was sending an aircraft carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the Middle East in a “clear and unmistakable” message to Iran.

The Pentagon announced on Friday that the US was deploying an amphibious assault ship and a Patriot missile battery to bolster an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers already sent to the Persian Gulf.

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  1. Thank you for such an excellent and well written article.

    The point about Trump needing a second term to avoid legal issues was eye opening!! And you may be right.

    Nobody ever wins in a war…there are losses on both sides. Trump can excel by creating an amazing PEACE PLAN for the Middle East. I can be model after the historic Syria where Jewish people, Muslims, Christians have lived in harmony for several thousand years.

  2. i believe, trump has been pushed from pillar to post since his internship started, by pompeo/ bolton/pence.. its just the hawks, who work for israel, are loosing some of their power. [his trade deals must take precedence now,over his dissident’s war efforts ]
    trump is a bad buisness man & is desperate to set himself up before he leaves,{he cares pittance for the american citizen} he now has to act, to pull their war mongering heads in, so he can concentrate on his own affairs. his failing TRADE DEALS

  3. https://www.c-span.org/video/?323839-1/discussion-countering-terrorism …. JANUARY 16, 2015
    Combating Terrorism …. Panelists talked about strategy for combating Islamic extremism following recent attacks in Paris, Australia, Nigeria, and Canada.They were critical of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism methods and said the U.S. should address the attacks as a “global jihadist movement.” … See the PLAN….. The Secure Freedom Strategy .. A Plan for victory over the Global Jihad Movement by THE TIGER TEAM. Remember most of the “Jihad” is really FALSE FLAGS like 9/11 done by the same Globalists with alot of Mossad and private mercenary help. Kind of like The Plan for a New American Century and Clean Break A New Strategy for Securing the Realm and The Greater Israel Plan. Discussion chaired by Frank Gaffney

    • the greater israel plan/PNAC (cheney, rummy, jeb bush, wolfie the ugly jew, feith the stupid looking jew, scooter libby, on and on and on wid da jews)) is nothing more than oded yinon’s original plan from the 1980’s just revised

  4. Who’s Who on the B Team? ….https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jun/13/why-fred-fleitz-is-the-right-man-for-the-deputy-at/ ….. Why Fred Fleitz is the right man for the deputy at National Security Council … By William G. Boykin – – Wednesday, June 13, 2018 … William G. Boykin, an Army lieutenant general, served as deputy undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under President George W. Bush. He is currently executive vice president at FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL. OK so Fleitz He has worked at the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the State Department, and with House Intelligence Committee staff. His last position was senior vice president for policy and programs at the Center for Security Policy here in the nation’s capital. Youtube John Bolton Names Professional Islamophobe & Bush Official Fred Fleitz to National Security Staff …. But again remember Pikes plan for 3 world wars and the NWO is using both Islam and Israel to incite disruptions in nation states and to start WW3.

  5. “Who is working to push Bolton out?”
    i want to know the asshole/s that put him in!
    seriously, very seriously, bibi Satanyahu and israel couldn’t have picked a better spy, i mean person. is bolton a human being? just look at him. he looks like a character from a comic book strip LOL.
    mmmmm maybe Satanyahu really did have a hand in this afterall.
    and that other israeli spy, christ-hating talmudic worshipping elliot abrahms.
    btw for all you that don’t know this, the talmud is apparently the true holy book of the jews. it says jesus was a bastard, mother mary a whore, and jesus is in hell right now sitting in a cauldron of burning excrement. go read “jesus in the talmud” by a princeton professor of judaic studies; don’t try to pin that anti-semetic speech suppressing shit on me!
    talmud also says it is perfectly alright to kill a goy (non-jew)
    to have sex with a 2 year old goy
    to steal from a goy
    in contrast jesus is the second most important person in the muslim holy book, quran, right next to mohamed.
    Satanyahu has announced it will declare talmudic law all across greater israel

  6. The accuracy of this report remains to be seen. If true it may be a welcome relief from the bluster and threats from that chabad neo-con. Bolton is extremely dangerous besides being a total degenerate. Bad combination. Pompeo is hardly better. All mouth and no brains. Can’t believe he made it through West Point….must have cheated .
    Personally I would have run Bolton out of town on a rail along with the rest of the zio neo-cons. One way or another, I would have made things as uncomfortable for them as I possibly could.
    By now it should be clear to anyone with more than two brain cells firing in unison that this administration is the swampiest yet.
    Getting rid of this evil derelict of a human being would be the first start.

    • “Drumpf is a Jew who works for Jews” – zombiegirl

      Trump is a political whore who works for the Khazarian Zionist Mafia is a more accurate description.