Moderately Toxic: Accused School Shooting Advocate Banned by YouTube, But Her Message…


Editor’s note: Strongly suggest that responsible adults sit through the whole thing.  If you knew what schools were like…

You might be a shooter too…

We oppose this aspect of the message…but find what is here includes a very powerful social commentary.  Watch at your own risk.

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  1. Mark twain , Father of American Literature – Q @ 11
    George Eastman , Father of Photography – Q @ 15
    Henry Ford , Father of Automotive Factories – Q @ 16
    Wright Bros, Fathers of Flight – Q @ 16
    Leuwenhoek , Father of Micro-biology – Never went
    UPS – started by 2 dropouts on bikes.
    Mendeleev made sure to record the fact that he received the Periodic Table in a dream, not a lab or classroom.
    Father of the Typewriter , Equatorial Sextant and other things, – Never went. Etc etc etc
    Before 17 years of “education” your brain is a ripe pineapple. Afterward it is a dried up lime. You lose intuition, analytical skills and creativity. The 3 core things you need to have self awareness.

    • Not only that but public schooling also ruins the ability to think for ones self, destroys self esteem, individuality and to never question authority.
      All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

    • JohnZ , Schooling and Public Schools do not ” destroys self esteem ” insytead i find that these Public Schools encourage a sense of Arrogance in being Totally uninformed and unable to read or write ….. Americans are Always so Proud of not knowing Anything about Everything , that’s the role of ALL Western Government Funded Public Schools ……..

    • Echos, self esteem and arrogance are two different things. Self esteem describes a person’s overall sense of self worth and personal value.
      Arrogance on the other hand is a psychopathology where a person describes themselves as being above others, to be worth more than others whose personal value is much more than anyone else.

    • Albert Einstein graduated from college with a degree in physics, however with low grades. Went on to plagiarize others work in the theories of energy and field theory.
      After he fled Germany he became an adjunct professor in a well known American University where he accomplished nothing and left behind a blackboard of theoretical gibberish.
      One can however, not say the same thing for Nicloa Tesla. A man of enormous vision and understanding of our universe which allowed him to create the modern world. A giant among men whose works and theories are still not understood fully even now.
      A college degree in engineering didn’t hurt either.

    • I do realize there are others who have an agenda against public ed, but mine is my own and does not align with the privatization of religious schooling on government funds. I would like to question the compulsory nature of it, so as to foster a conversation. Why is school compulsory ? Does evidence support the theory ?

      Personally, I think it should be available for free, but not compulsory. History should be more carefully taught and only to those who show aptitude. math also. Reading is done by age 10 for most. And religion should be removed from influence. That is the real sand in the crotch right there. They seek to control all.

    • So please inform us Nine, how these unselfish millennials shut down debate on college campuses, threaten to create acts of violence if a certain speaker is allowed in, has created an atmosphere of Orwellian proportions of controlled speech under the guise of political correctness and an atmosphere of fear and self censorship even among professors who fear being ostracized or fired.
      So inform us who is the more selfish.
      Who is the more selfish when they demand free college, free cars and cellphones, free healthcare and a free living?
      This latest generation is the most spoiled, self indulgent and narcissistic as well as being the least tolerant of any previous generation.

  2. The use of trendy musicians for mind control and for disengagement of especially young people is common business in many countries.

    One central tactical of marxist political practise to always have maximal demands about everything they want (international unification of the workers and so on), so that this can never be fullfilled but at the same time it stirrs them to more confrontation with the middle class. This is normal procedure.

    Isn’t it interesting to read those lyrics with this background? The bankers will be happy and the people stay dumb, never getting anything. One can clearly see how both players quietly work for the same goal. Gordon rightly mentioned earlier, how this tactic to depoliticise the youth of a countries (infantisize) was the start sign of the Hippy movement in the times of the Vietnam war.

    Yes Nine, they do it again.

  3. Excellent trollhood perhaps I can get on Tel Avives payroll to supplement my retirement?

    One has to ask as it looks like a good gig!

    Ah, our VT trolls all want our American institutions destroyed from schools to our dear Military and to our clandestine services as Dylan once said “enemy I see wears a cloak of decency” !

    Please carry on…..


  4. We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teacher leave those kids alone
    Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone
    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
    Al in all we’re just another brick in the wall

    If you don’t eat your meat, how can you have any pudding?
    How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?
    Pink Floyd/ Another brick In the Wall Pt.2

  5. Maybe our dear Republican boomers will commit suicide in large numbers so that their progressive children can fix the shit mess that they created as tRump is simply a symptom of the real problem which is boomer selfishness since they voted for folks who indebted our children and made them slaves.

    Many of my friends who love their kids still work past retirement age or have cashed in assets to help grown children and all this is at the feet of the current Republican party and I stand dispising the lot of you.

    This very article unfortunately attacks an important American institution which is our public school system which used to be the best in the world as who would do that?

    Enemy I see!


    • Interesting rant’s Troll number 9, you’ll make an excellent progressive Israeli Troll. Gordon can fill you in on Unit 8200, the criminal state will provide all their approved talking point’s.

      Remain calm, and one day you’ll realize you’re getting in a tizzy over the Dem vs. Rep puppet show. It’s all staged for your aggravation, and contempt, whichever side you think you’re on! We lost our last hope 11/22/63. Of course if we weren’t funding endless wars for Israel, and under their controlled curriculum, and false flags, maybe the kid’s would do better in public school, as they once did for generations .

      BDS 2019!

    • Important institution? One of the worst run school systems in the world. Many are not qualified to teach, far too many have never passed state exams.
      Young people are graduating who can’t read at the tenth grade level and worse many can’t read at all.
      But their heads are filled with SJW/ transgender intersectionalsim and some of the idiotic rubbish that is being taught in public schools makes them a laughing stock.

  6. Most of what I heard, may be – Right on. Too fast to catch it all . Would have been better if a college student had addressed it in a more sufisticated tactful speech but the point in question was – maybe, some young people hopefully are – waking up , compared to the – rest of the Pods ?

  7. Publik Edumakshun in Amerika is a toilet. teachers that can’t teach. Students don’t give a damn and the pensions paid out to those worthless neo-Trotskyites after they retire is a appalling.
    The public schools are nothing more than diploma mills where kids graduate at the same time can’t read beyond the tenth grade level…..that is they’re that far along. It’s the reason why most colleges now have remedial reading courses in order to bring students up to some level of capability, especially those attending on Affirmative Action, who by the way, 75% drop out after the first year.

    • Public education has nothing to do with preparing young people for a meaningful productive life. Instead it’s all about who’s the victim and who’s the perp. It’s indoctrination and brainwashing. At the end of twelve years of meaningless Common Core drivel, young people graduate with a degree while at the same time they can’t read it. Most graduate reading at a tenth grade level or worse.
      The history taught in public schools are outright lies. Provable, every one of them. Virtually giving sainthood to some of the most despicable presidents such as Lincoln and FDR.
      Do they still teach woodshop? autoshop? Home economics? Civics? Oh my, No…….too misogynist.
      I agree with most of the video narrative.
      Keep your children out of public schools. They are all trash. Dr. Ron Paul has a great home schooling curriculum.

    • Trust Me , Me Being a Single Male so I have often Chatted with Many Many Girls of the Eligible Age and Trust Me it’s a very very high Number and Many Girls CANNO?T SPELL the Only Language They Know , Many mess up between Are and Our , they have no clue which one goes where but yes it sounds the same ….. Trust Me L<oads of Beautiful Illiterates out there all over USA ……

  8. this is the kind of crap the cheapens the reputation of Veteran’s Today. what the young girl says may be true, who knows. the message format is as devious and misleading as the narrative tactics of the MSM. simply put, anyone with 2 brains cells operating knows that a youngster/ adolescent cannot yet reason cause and effect to the level the video attempts to imply. an adult composed the message the little girl reads. c’mon VT, don’t do bait & click.