May and the Brexit Fail, Duff on Press TV


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  1. So who’s controlling the EU government? It’s definitely not the people of Europe.
    Meanwhile certain persons in the U.S. are having a good laugh at the Germans and French, forcing them to concede to sanctions against Russia and Iran while the U.S. continues to import oil and other goods from Russia. Wow, are you Europeans ever stupid.
    So how do you like buying our expensive gas from fracking? You’ll eat it and like it.
    And you will all do exactly as Washington orders you to do. Or else.

  2. The latest riots were about six years ago.
    My wife and daughter were in London, extremely scared.
    This is when Britain was within a centimetre of getting the army
    to support the police.
    If it were not for free food parcels and a drugged down society,
    there would be serious problems in many areas.
    I’m surprised Ian is not aware of this. Where you live makes all
    the difference, the social stratification of UK is shocking if one lives
    with it in plain sight.

  3. Let us get away from whether Elvis was better than Cliff.
    UK is in a mess. I don’t know where you live, Ian, but north of
    Watford Gap is different territory to south of Watford Gap.
    Britain was close to massive disorder in the inner cities a few years ago.
    It got close to the army being used. My wife was in London, terriffied.
    You will be saying that the Yellow Vests are figents of French imagination next.

    • How is the UK closer to civil disorder now than it was in the early 1980s when we had major riots in Liverpool, London and elsewhere? The answer is, it isn’t, there is no sign of civil disorder happening, the media wants us to think there is, hence we have had the Army’s media spokesperson saying they have 45,000 troops trained and prepared for violence in the wake of Brexit and all TV news providers have been doing daily outside broadcasts from Parliament Square so you can hear the very vocal anti-Brexit protesters in the background, very vocal but tiny in numbers, usually a dozen diehards. It’s all part of the plot to use Brexit to destabilise Britain and fracture the political system, just look at how the support for both major parties has been broken and voters have turned to pointless alternatives like UKIP, the Liberals and the Greens, which means it will be nigh on impossible for anyone to form a majority government in the coming years. Even worse, Brexit has destroyed this generation’s engagement with politics, they now think it is all a waste of time. Britain wasn’t close to civil disorder in the inner cities a few years ago, that was another fake news event where they made a mountain out of a molehill. The adolescents and young men in Manchester, London and elsewhere who engaged in those bouts of violence against shops and other properties were recruited and paid, they were rent-a-mobs, hence it was just pointless smashing things with no protests or politics involved at all, just bored young men smashing stuff while the rest of the population wondered what the hell was going on. As for the Yellow Vests, they are also a rent-a-mob, paid to be there each weekend, another fake movement.

    • Well of course the political situation in Britain has turned off young people because the government is made up of old hacks, Parliament, especially the Conservative party is made up of senile old Lords and barons with one foot already in the grave.
      The Labour party is not much better. Just like our own Democratic Party, that has betrayed their old constituency, middle class working Americans in favor of identity politics and the immigrant vote.
      Neither party had any intention of following through with the Brexit vote.
      May is on her way out the door( and she knows it) to retire in Spain with a nice little pension courtesy the British people.
      Meanwhile the British government has taken pages out of 1984 and used it as a template to turn Britain into another police security state where even the idea to speak ones mind has become a criminal act. Britain has now passed into the realm of speak crime and soon into thought crime.
      Double plus ungood.
      This way to Minilove.

  4. I like the longer press tv interviews, Thanks – key word from Mr.Duff – ” No one seems to want to Debate anything anymore” – it’s our way or the Highway says the NWO staff in London, Brussels, Washington. Of course, there is no room for any comments from the ” peanut gallery” { the populace}.

    • Harry, quite so. It may very well be that as Britain goes so goes the rest of the E.U. whether a hard Brexit or soft Brexit, it’s still a Brexit and there are other countries who are watching this very closely.
      If the E.U. crumbles, the plans of certain peoples may very well crumble with it.

    • The conditions in Britain are ripe for civil disorder.Possibly on a massive scale. Too much poverty with children eating out of garbage cans and the unrestricted influx of immigrants have all but wrecked the economy and social order.
      Could Britain suffer through another Cromwell?

    • WTF are you talking about? Britain is not ripe for civil disorder, poverty is not common, no children are eating out of garbage cans and our economy and social order have not been wrecked. Jeez, do you know ANYTHING about Britain you didn’t get from the lying MSM? Yes, Britain has problems, yes immigration has been a factor, but the same is true across the whole of Europe and north America.

    • I hate the Grateful Dead, utter rubbish imho. I don’t need to calm down, I’m calm, just had to point out how that comment was farcically incorrect.

    • Sorry, I should of said Joe Cocker. It’s his birthday! There are only two people I enjoyed doing covers; Joe Cocker and Willy Nelson. “With a little help from my friends”!!!

    • Funnily enough, I have his greatest hits compilation on cassette right here in front of me.

    • That’s odd. The reports I’ve been reading indicate massive unemployment and high levels of poverty throughout Britain.
      Not only that but both Labour and Conservative parties have lied and backtracked on the Brexit initiative. They had NO intention of obeying the voters. None.
      And I can’t stand Joe Cocker.
      The Greatful Dead are 10 times better than anything that booze soaked choir boy he ever croaked out.

    • Garry, we don’t count anymore. We’re to pay our taxes and keep quiet.
      And don’t forget to vote.

    • Legend has it that grog acquired the nickname “Nelson’s Blood” after Trafalgar (1805). To preserve Lord Nelson’s body, it was placed in a barrel of rum. Legend has it that when the sailor’s learned of this, they drank the rum. From that time on, grog was also known as “Nelson’s Blood.”

    • Brexit is not demonstration of will of the People vs will of the Bankers. Brexit is a political campaign of British elite playing divide et impera, waging its possibilities against concerned parties, if EU is about to implode because of US influence and angloamerican geopolitics Britain likes to have the first row tickets. There is no Brussels influence over Britain, that’s fantasy.