RT: Al Jazeera Pulls Video Citing Holocaust as Fake


Editor’s note:  Generally, Russia Today is extremely biased toward Israel with some almost schizophrenic exceptions and this is one.

What we note is that careful examination of the conventional narrative about the Holocaust is suppressed at all costs.  I spent some time in Germany, Poland, Hungary…across all of Europe, talking with those who would still talk or could, visiting camp sites.

The inconsistencies are glaring.  

I simply suggest reading David Irving and other writers.  Look at how Israel behaves.

But also note cities like Frankfurt and others totally empty of Jews as well.  

If it wasn’t gas chambers but only “resettlement” or “work camps,” why remove the children?  If it was the “Jewish bankers,” why deport cab drivers and tailors?

What I suggest is simple, finally release the truth, which is certainly different than the narrative.  

The truth may well be its own nightmare but at least it will be one that is true.

The current one is not.  Is the truth worse?  Let’s finally learn.g

Participants attend the annual “March of the Living” to commemorate the Holocaust at the former Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, in Brzezinka near Oswiecim, Poland, May 2, 2019. © Reuters / Kacper Pempel

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  1. Jews In Europe – 1938: 8,039,608 – 1948: 9,372,668, this was from Rense.com, but there are many more sites that confirm this count. The Zios just won’t give up.

  2. Where did they all go? There were not that many in Germany in the first place. Poland, Russia yes. They learnt how to swim, like rats do, and now they infest the USA, Canada.

  3. Are Assyrians (Syrian) Semitic?

    For years, I tried to tell the American people to IGNORE this Israel-Propaganda (Anti-Semite), since there are thousands of groups with (Semitic Ethnicity) from the Middle-East, Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and all the way to South-East Asia, so Israel is NOT the ONLY Group with (Semitic Ethnicity).

    Therefore, ‘hopefully’, by reading the link below you will become clearer.

    Are Assyrians (Syrian) Semitic?

  4. it’s really amazing how the jews push the holohoax. i never even thought of questioning it my whole life until two years when i simply thought to myself, “show me the proof? where’s the proof” no you can’t question it, you have to swallow their crap lock, stock, and barrel.
    i went over to my russian non-practising aetheistic jewish mechanic across the street one day who i’ve know for about 20 years and asked him where’s the proof. he immediately got defensive, very politely mind you with a big smile on his face but still defensive accusing me of being like amadinejad of iran for simply asking the question. WOW
    it truly is like a religion to them. then he said there’s all kinds of records.
    but the jewish director of the auschwitz museum admitted maybe 20 years ago that there had been made a slight trivial mistake in the total amount of deaths; instead of 4 million at auschswitz he reduced it to 2.5 million but the 6 million figure stays on written in granite

  5. One of my favorite shows on TV as a kid, was Hogans Heroes, although the zionists hit their mark by getting us to laugh at stupid Germans, they certainly missed their chance of slipping in Holocaust stories, but then these stories didn’t start getting traction till the early 70’s in my country, when HH was finished.

    • yeah mine too. us guys back in the day were truly blessed; the music, the TV shows (F-Troop. McHales navy, mannix, wild wild west, etc), in my opinion the best baseball teams. but da jews didn’t miss it, they wouldn’t have been allowed back then to push their crap on us. I really don’t know what happened all of a sudden for them to start pushing the big Holohoax lie but there must’ve been something that gave them the permission. probably had something to do with that weisel character.

    • Wow, Mannix ,F-Troop, M Navy, WW West, Hawke eye and last of the Mo, brilliant stuff, and long before green screen and CGI, thanks for the memories, Ha ha

  6. If humanity at large can’t get the truth about much of history or even the Bible tells you what a sad state of affairs we are all in. Dresden firebombings is another suppressed historical event. To think these people have control of Nukes & Scalar Energy Weapons. They have no compunction about using them, deceiving or lying to anyone as long as they are on top & can employ people dumber than them to follow orders & do their crimes against humanity. It should make people recoil at the heinous pernicious virulent treachery but apparently it’s the new trending dystopic & dysfunctional norm of a Satanic worshipping culture ?

  7. The whole gas chamber story is ridiculous since they claim Zyklon B an insecticide was used inside of an actual poison gas like cyanide which would have been more effective if one wanted to exterminate people.

  8. I can’t get Mel Brook’s song, Springtime For Germany, out of my head whenever I read about the Holocaust. “Don’t be stupid, be a smarty. Come and join the NAZI party.” Was Mel being a wee bit over the top? Well, of course. Perhaps he was able to poke some fun at this stuff because he was a tribesman. I’m all in favor of a real discussion of WWII history. But, I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for it.

  9. This gas chamber Story was already told during WW1 in “The daily Telegraph, London , 03.22.1916, Page 7 in the fight between Bulgaria and Serbia. Maybe one can find the title “Cruelties in Serbia” in an archive

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