by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Other victims of the rockets of Al Nusra terrorists near Latakia and Hama, other missiles from the Golan occupied by Israel intercepted by the Syrian army flak. What happened in Syria in these two days reminds the whole world that the war is not over. Above all a political war, because while in the Middle Eastern country there are dead and wounded at the UN, the Damascus government ends up under accusation.

In the face of international pressure, the Syrian armed forces suspended the attacks on Idlib. The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Parties to the War in Syria announced it on Sunday 19 May. In response in the evening there was a massive attack of drones armed with rockets unleashed by the rebels on the Russian airbase of Kheimimi, the only one in the country to be equipped with the S-400 defense systems, the most innovative and powerful in the world, immediately activated to neutralize the suicide mission of unmanned aircraft.

At the moment there would be no damage or victims but the tension is always higher. On Sunday evening, the Syrian army’s artillery resumed bombing the terrorist posts south of Idlib province after jihadist groups violated the truce in the northern de-escalation zone. According to information from the Sana agency, the militants had previously launched 12 grenades in the village of Hamamiyat using different launch systems.

On Sunday evening, the Syrian army’s artillery resumed bombing the terrorist posts south of Idlib province after jihadist groups violated the truce in the northern de-escalation zone. According to information from the Sana agency, the militants had previously launched 12 grenades in the village of Hamamiyat using different launch systems. On Sunday evening, the Syrian army’s artillery resumed bombing the terrorist posts south of Idlib province after jihadist groups violated the truce in the northern de-escalation zone. According to information from the Sana agency, the militants had previously launched 12 grenades in the village of Hamamiyat using different launch systems.


One of the civilian homes hit by jihadist rockets
“A civilian was killed on Saturday and two others were injured in a terrorist attack in the Sharasher and Hweiz villages in the Lattakia countryside.” It is only the latest note dated May 18 from the SANA, Syrian Arab News Agency in a series of victims that has continued uninterruptedly since autumn 2018.
“Three children died as a result of the terrorists’ mortar shells in the city of Al-Suqaylabiyah, north of Hama province.” Instead, Syria TV reported last May 12, also signaling the death of a woman in the Islamist bombings in the aforementioned center. Since last week, terrorists perched in Idlib province have intensified attacks on villages in northern Hama province, in Aleppo and in the mountainous area of ​​Latakia province.
Other children killed by bombing against civilian homes carried out by terrorists perched in the province of Idlib

But these massacres of civilians are almost never reported by the major Western media and by the Human Rights Observatory in Syria. This latest SOHR organization, run by a Muslim trader from Coventry, England, has always been very punctual in reporting the killings of anti-Assad rebels thanks to the often altered or bogus information of the White Helmets, founded and managed by a former British 007 agent and war mercenary.

Since the White Helmets have been denounced to the UN by Russia for organ trafficking, for their collaboration with the Qaedist jihadists of Al Nusra but above all for the fake chemical attacks like in Douma, warps to unleash the bombing of the NATO coalition in Syria, the dead civilians killed by jihadist bombings are no longer reported by the observer SOHR of Coventry.


But from 18 September 2018, when Russia and Turkey agreed to avoid the Syrian military attack in Idlib province, the few remaining revolutionaries and the many terrorists of Al Nusra and other groups close to the Islamic State, killed with rockets, car bombs and anti-personnel mines dozens of civilians in the Syrian cities freed to unleash the obvious reaction of Assad’s army supported by the armed forces of Russia that owns one of its military bases in Latakia. Even the last attack on Saturday comes from the “terrorists positioned in Idlib and in the northern countryside of Lattakia, near the border with Turkey – reports the reporter of Sana – They have targeted villages of Sharasher and Hweiz with rocket bullets, killing a civilian and wounding two others “.


If this has happened and continues to happen it is because Turkey, bordering on Idlib, has not kept faith with its commitment to guarantee the escape of the Islamic fundamentalists of Al Nusra, the Syrian version of Al Qaeda. Rather. In light of the months spent by the terrorists under siege at Idlib, the suspicion that the Turkish militias are passing supplies of food but above all ammunition, rockets, and grenades is becoming legitimate.

What does the UN do in such a degenerate context of permanent guerrilla warfare? It is careful not to point the finger at Ankara for not respecting the truce agreement and instead puts the Arab Republic of Syria on trial as reported by the Syrian ambassador to the United Nations on Friday 17 May.

The Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari

“The terrorist organization of Jabhat al-Nusra exploits the failure of the Turkish regime in its commitments on the de-escalation zone and the agreements of Astana and Sochi to impose its control on Idleb and create a terrorist outbreak used to blackmail the Syrian state ». The diplomat Bashar al-Jaafari declared, as reported by the Sana agency, during a session of the UN Security Council, adding that “Syria has reservations about the politicized approaches of some member states of the United Nations Security Council in this regard to the frequent requests to hold meetings whenever Syria adopts legal measures to protect its citizens from the practices of terrorist groups “.


“Some members of the Council continue to ignore the war crimes committed by the illegal US-led coalition in Syria in collusion with their delegated militias, particularly the SDF crimes that include the complete destruction of the city of Raqqa and the killing. and the dismissal of its residents, in addition to the crimes of the coalition in Deir Ezzor, and the forced detention of tens of thousands of civilians in the al-Rukban camp in the al-Tanf area – reported the selective approach of some Council members constitute a support for terrorism, a protest against Syrian states and the obstruction of its efforts to protect its citizens and fight terrorism “.


The Syrian ambassador denied the “arbitrary attacks on civilians” denounced by the Belgian representative stating that in Idlib “there are military operations conducted against Jabhat al-Nusra, a terrorist entity that includes tens of thousands of foreign terrorists sent from some countries to fight with groups that carry different names but have nothing to do with Syria, and others call these foreign terrorists “a moderate and armed Syrian opposition”.

An Al Nusra terrorist station hit by the Syrian army

Al-Jafaari said al-Nusra terrorists are using hundreds of thousands of civilians in Idlib as human shields, committing the most heinous crimes and targeting civilian facilities including hospitals and schools, some of which have been turned into centers for detention, torture, and murder of those who reject their takfiri mentality – adds the UN official referring to the name with which Shiite Muslims call Sunni extremists of Jihad – Al-Nusra targets cities and towns near Idleb with rockets and grenades, taking the lives of dozens of civilians, most of them women and children, in Aleppo, Hama, Lattakia, Mhardeh, al-Suqailibiye, and other areas “.

In the circle, the area targeted by the bombing of Al Nusra jihadists and other terrorist groups perched in the province of Idlib, the only territory still controlled by anti-Assad rebels


American and Israeli-made weapons and ammunition abandoned by jihadists and discovered by the Syrian army

Al-Jaafari also stated the urgency that “the Turkish regime put an end to the occupation of Syrian territory, comply with its obligations and stop supporting terrorists in Idlib”. The diplomat added: The end of the suffering of the Syrians in Idleb requires the interruption of politicization and investment in terrorists and the manipulation of people’s destinies and lives, “he said.


Idlib is a Syrian province and the Syrian state is responsible for its protection and its Syrian citizens from terrorism – concluded Al Jaafari – the task of the United Nations Security Council is to assist it in doing so. We ask the states that asked to hold the Security Council session: what would be the options for dealing with an organization with thousands of terrorists if it were to take over one of your cities and commit heinous crimes against its people and target others city ​​with grenades and rockets? no country in the world would submit to terrorist threats or endanger the lives of its citizens or renounce its sovereign and constitutional right to defend its land and its people.

The representative of Syria wondered why Western states refuse to take back their countrymen involved in terrorist acts in Syria, or to find out who recruited, financed, trained them and facilitated their entry into Syria. “Idleb terrorist groups are preparing to organize a new chemical attack and are training some of their members to behave as if they were exposed to toxic materials in order to be filmed by some media to frame the Syrian Arab army



Among the few to defend the reasons of Damascus during the UN Security Council there was the ambassador of Iran, hit by US economic sanctions on oil exactly like Syria and Venezuela, even though each country for officially different reasons.

The Iranian ambassador to the UN Mayid Tajt Ravanchi

Iran has denounced the “illegal” presence of US forces to the UN. in Syria and called for his “immediate” departure. “The United States must immediately end its illegal presence in Syria,” Iranian diplomat Mayid Tajt Ravanchi said during his speech to the United Nations Security Council (CSNU) on Friday. He also stressed the danger of false chemical attacks but condemned the attempts by Western countries, led by Washington, to misrepresent the real situation in the Syrian province of Idlib (northwest), the last terrorist stronghold



The nine Syrians kidnapped by terrorists and freed by Assad’s army

Good news comes instead from Aleppo where Assad’s army freed nine civilians, including two women and a child, held under kidnapping by jihadists in the countryside around the city continually threatened by attempts to raid the terrorist militants of Al Nusra and others groups.

Bashar Kamel Subeeh, Nadir Asef Saqr, Alaa Ali Ali, Ali Adnan Fadel, Mazen Jamil Al-Abdullah, Ahmed Tawfiq Saqr, Emad Riad Sulaiman, Rasha Hadwan and Samar Ulian were released. On 12 February, other abducted Syrians, detained by terrorist organizations in the city of Deir Qaq in the eastern Aleppo countryside, had returned to freedom thanks to the intervention of Assad’s army. The tension in the province of Idlib remains very high for the continuous guerrilla actions while around Damascus the threat is represented by the continuous rain of missiles.


An Israeli soldier on a tank in the Golan plateau annexed by Israel controls the Syrian village of Breqa in November 2012. AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZ (Photo credit should read JACK GUEZ / AFP / Getty Images) b

Only thanks to the sophisticated anti-missile systems of the Russian anti-aircraft batteries S-200 and S-300 they avoided serious consequences for the cities and the Syrians of the south-western area closest to Israel. On the night of Friday 17 May, in fact, the air defenses of Assad’s army intercepted hostile targets from the direction of Quneitra. A military source confirmed the news to Sana highlighting that the anti-aircraft had previously activated to hit unidentified luminous objects from occupied territories on the Golan plateau, controlled by the IDF, Israel Defense Force.

Last January, Gospa News reported the interview given by a former IDF commander to an international media in which he confirmed that in 2018 the aviation had carried out about 2000 air raids on Syria, due to the presence of Lebanese Hezbollah stations and Iranian Forza Quds, Shiite Islamic militias such as the Alawites of the Ba’th party of Bashar Al Assad, who helped Damascus defeat the Sunni jihadists of the Islamic State.


What happened in Syria and the UN in these two days is yet another confirmation that many Western countries that claim to be democrats do not want to accept the political, diplomatic and military victory of Assad and his Russian President Vladimir Putin .. That’s why the specter of a US-Iranian conflict in the Persian Gulf could trigger a new hell even in Syria. At the White House, the rebel lender since 2006, it is not enough to have half a million deaths on the conscience. Terrorists are now the most powerful weapon for maintaining Damascus in a climate of war. In the next report we will analyze precisely the role of the Isis Al Baghdadi caliph reappeared in the media at the very moment when Syria was returning to normal and while the US began the movements of naval attack groups in the Persian Gulf. It is not just a coincidence.

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