Rolling Stone: We’ve Hit a New Low in Campaign Hit Pieces


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  1. Somehow, in the next election, the elite’s groomed candidates must be ignored by the voters from the git-go. Voters need to have a strategy to place their choices on the top of the heap.

    • I don’t have much confidence in the American electorate. Most of them are drones. Brainwashed by the CMMM and brain dead from watching stupid useless TV programming.
      No apologies. That’s the way I see it.
      Like George Carlin, on election day, I’m staying home.

  2. I’m impressed by the way Tulsi maintains intellectual composure under these verbal assaults. I think the debates will be her break out.

    There is a growing populace who understand that the media are all corrupt “since 9/11”.

    Send her what you can, I do.

  3. She’s outworking the glad-handers, being endorsed by veterans everywhere she goes, and is staying on message. Every time they try to burn her, it adds fuel to the flames. They tried to compare Bernie to Trump and it worked to a degree. So, they are trying it on a different threat, and it is failing. She has a steady calmness, and deliberate purpose.

  4. Stephanopoulos is an annoying little pimple who got his multi-million dollar media gig thanks to his insider connections with the democrat party elites, who are one version of Jewish revolutionaries behind nonstop change. Same with Donna Brazile. He is beholden to them.

  5. Tulsi should have said to her interviewer, ‘Let me ask you a question. Are honest elections American or unAmerican ? Our elections are clearly characterised by totally unambiguous dishonesty, fruadulence, malfeasance, whatever you choose to call it.

    And are they not the product of Republican shenanigans ? And you have the gall to posture as ‘patrtiots’ – with your Republcianparty leaders, moreover,led exclusively by a seemingly endless conveyor-belt of serial draft-dodgers. .

    • Indeed. Not only are they serial draft dodgers, they have no compunction about sending others off to war. Traitors all.
      BTW, I did not take part in the Viet Nam war, even though I graduated in 1969 and ever since then I have questioned and opposed every military action taken by Washington.

  6. so why does VT continue to occasionally run articles by the DB?
    Or Politico?
    Or CNN?
    Or WaPo?
    Or NYT?

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