Intel Drop: The Truth Never Told, America’s Hostage Ships and Planes


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The game is blackmail. America is planning an attack on Syria over what any sane person knows is pure insanity. Obama refused but Trump loves the idea, putting American ships and planes there, hoping Syria will retaliate and then Trump can go to his nukes…again.

There were no gas attacks, Assad is not an “animal” and, yes, Israel did 9/11.

Trump told us he loves nukes. What the fake media won’t tells us is that he has used them and nobody can stop him.

Now he is dangling two dozen ships in the Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean in front of Iran.

These ships are useless. Want to see why?

Iran has hundreds of these missile boats which can range not only through the entire Persian Gulf but well into the Arabian Sea as well. These missiles can disable a destroyer and several can leave an aircraft carrier no more than a hulk.

It won’t be one fired at a carrier but a barrage including longer range and highly sophisticated missiles capable of tracking American ships not just in the Gulf but pushing them well into the Indian Ocean.

The photo shows Iran's domestically-manufactured Hormuz-1 and Hormuz-2 ballistic missiles. (Photo by Tasnim news agency)
The photo shows Iran’s domestically-manufactured Hormuz-1 and Hormuz-2 ballistic missiles. (Photo by Tasnim news agency)

A top Iranian commander says the Islamic Republic has successfully test-fired Hormuz-2 ballistic missile.

Iran “fired Hormuz-2 this week and the missile successfully destroyed a target at a distance of 250 kilometers,” commander of the Aerospace Division of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said Thursday.

Hormuz-2 is a naval strike ballistic missile that can hit mobile targets at sea with high precision. It has a range of almost 300 kilometers.

The missile is very similar to anti-ship Khalij-e-Fars (Persian Gulf) ballistic missile in appearance.

The photo shows Iranian anti-ship Khalij-e-Fars (Persian Gulf) ballistic missile. (Photo by Mashreghnews)


You see, America’s only response to Syria or Iran, should they choose to sink American ships, and they can do it easily as Syria showed Israel, is to use nuclear weapons.

The US could invade Syria and do so successfully but Iran could defeat the US in a ground war and do so handily. America is militarily weak on the ground, weaker than Iran. Our air power is useless with Iran’s advanced Russian air defenses and the US has absolutely no access to Iran by land or sea. Iran is a geographic fortress, as is Venezuela, leaving America to make noise and depend on nukes and the lying press.

Past that, the US has one more game, biological warfare and the US has used that over and over as well. The US is spending billions on fake research facilities in Tbilisi, Georgia for one, where the US weaponized Swine Flu and other diseases, but several others as well including a facility in Southern Libya co-run with Israel, right out of Michael Creighton’s Andromeda Strain.

Only VT knows the truth and will tell it. Maybe only VT knows the truth.

Here goes, hold on tight, this is going to be a ride and if, as you very well know, we are withholding so much more, let your imagination run wild.

  • America has no real military, not in the “conventional” sense, it is 100% for show, all technologically useless. America’s military prowess, as presented, is fake.
  • For the past 15 years, aircraft carriers have been useless. They serve no purpose whatsoever other than to perpetuate total waste and to defraud the public. They serve one other purpose as well.

Tactical Nuclear Weapons 

America’s real defense posture is entirely based on deploying deniable nuclear weapons. These weapons don’t have to be clean, they don’t have to be small. Control of the media, including and especially 100% censorship within the US of all things like I am writing right now, makes the use of nukes on a regular basis not only expedient but a perfect “go to” weapon for the power mad.

Let’s take two circumstances, perhaps a few more. MH17 for one, the Ukraine shot it down itself, long proven, rerouted it, followed it with jet fighters, and shot it down. The US then used intelligence assets within Russia, bought during the Yeltsin period, to keep the focus on “missile” though a missile fired in the middle of the day is impossible without filming its contrail.

Moreover, an F15 AWAC was used flown form Azerbaijan over Georgia and into the region, to manage the attack, an Israeli plane. Its transponder was off but a Canadian group spotted it. Russian S400 radars picked up the whole thing, AEGIS “onshore” in Romania did as well as did satellite.

Russia refused to really challenge the US on this, but why? That’s the real question.

Childish Empty Bullying

Knowing how toothless America really is militarily, how our military has deteriorated, how it has offloaded to private contractors, how useless our intelligence is, how incompetent our planners are, how Israel has infiltrated and crippled the Pentagon, is unbearable for any real American who knows the truth.

It is shameful.

America’s service academies have vacuumed our streets clean of mama’s boys and strutting whiners. The rest of our military was destroyed in endless deployments. The entire concept doesn’t work. You can’t fill rifle squads with 30 year olds.

What you can’t also do is run wars from vehicles, nothing more than targets for Kornet and RPG 7 missiles.

We built an occupation army with limited capability of armored strikes when full air superiority is present. We don’t have air superiority when there are advanced missile defenses.

Do remember, we lost 5000 combat aircraft in Vietnam including 31 B 52s. The rotting airframes of 500 Phantom II’s are still in the Vietnam jungle.

America doesn’t have 5000 aircraft anymore. Add to this 5200 helicopters lost by the Army alone, 10,000 aircraft. Hey, the US lost 95,000 aircraft in World War II, a figure we lie about also with deaths in that war twice what we report, well over 1 million.

Our losses in Vietnam, depending on stats used, 58k or 1.3 million. When you add the slower Agent Orange deaths, it hits 2.2 million.

We lied about Vietnam, how hundreds of American first line jets were shot down by North Vietnamese pilots, ten times what we admit to, how missiles downed not hundreds but thousands. Here’s the list, read it and weep:

USAF fixed-wing

Downed USAF Douglas A-1E, pilot was later awarded the Medal of Honor

Wing of downed USAF warplane at the Vietnam Military History Museum

Soviet specialists inspect the wreckage of the B-52 Stratofortress which was shot down near Hanoi on December 23, 1972.

Wreckage of downed C-130 Hercules

A U.S. Air Force F-105D Thunderchiefshot down

A U.S. aircraft shot down over North Vietnam, 1968

USAF rotary-wing

United States Navy


USN fixed-wing carrier-based

USAF F-4 Phantom II destroyed during the Tet Offensive

A-5 Vigilante destroyed in the USS Forrestal fire

USN rotary-wing

USN fixed-wing land-based

United States Marine Corps

U.S. Marine Corps aircraft lost in combat included 193 fixed-wing and 270 rotary-wing aircraft.

USMC fixed-wing

Burning VNAF C-130 Hercules

RF-4 explodes after being hit by SA-2 missile.

Source for F-4 losses is Phantom with U.S. Marine Corps (Joe Baugher), others are unsourced

USMC rotary-wing

Wreckage of downed UH-1 Iroquois

United States Army

USA fixed-wing

  • OV-1A/B/C/D Mohawk—65 lost[14]
  • O-1 Bird Dog—297 lost

USA rotary-wing

5,195+ (which include not in addition to the above statistics)[2]

Wreckage of downed USAF HH-3 Jolly Green Giant helicopter

Two downed CH-21s

Downed CH-47 Chinook

  • CH-47A—83 lost
  • CH-47B—20 lost
  • CH-47C—29 lost
  • CH-54A—9 lost
  • H-13D—3 lost
  • H-37A—2 lost
  • OH-13S—147 lost
  • OH-23G—93 lost
  • OH-58A—45 lost
  • OH-6A—842 lost
  • UH-1—60 lost
  • UH-1A—1 lost
  • UH-1B—357 lost
  • UH-1C—365 lost
  • UH-1D—886 lost
  • UH-1E—90 lost
  • UH-1F—18 lost
  • UH-1H—1,313 lost
  • UH-34D—176 lost

Republic of Vietnam aircraft

RVNAF pilot jumps into the sea from his UH-1 during Operation Frequent Wind

  • A-1 Skyraider – 225 lost
  • A-37A/B Dragonfly – 38 lost
  • AC-47 – 9 lost
  • C/AC-119G/K Stinger – 8 lost
  • C-7A Caribou – 6 lost
  • C/EC-47 Skytrain – 17 lost
  • C-123K Provider – 11 lost
  • C-130A Hercules — 2 lost
  • F-5A/B/C/E Freedom Fighter/Tiger II – 18 lost
  • U/H-1D/H Iroquois (helicopter) – 332 lost
  • C/UH-34C/D/G Choctaw (helicopter) – 140 lost
  • CH-47A Chinook (helicopter) – 10 lost
  • O-1 Bird Dog – 152 lost
  • O-2A Skymaster – 2 lost
  • T-41D Mescalero – 1 lost
  • U-6A Beaver – 10 lost
  • U-17A/B Skywagon – 39 lost[3]

North Vietnam captured 877 South Vietnamese aircraft at war’s end.[15]

Royal Australian Air Force

Fixed wing

7 total




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  1. The losses are staggering in men and cost to the taxpayer. But do the elites/ deep state types care?
    War is a racket.
    At least the Vietnamese people can reclaim the wrecked aircraft for scrap.
    Another consideration is the amount of fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid that has seeped into the ecosystem as if the devastation form Agent orange isn’t bad enough.
    The shock of Viet Nam defeat sent Republican donkeys
    Scurrying down on Wall St.
    And when the roll was called it was:
    Pepsi Cola and Philips 66
    Boeing, Dow and Lockheed
    Ask them what they’re fighting for
    And they’ll never mention the economics of war
    Ecological warfare, above all else, destroy the land
    If we can’t break the Asian will
    We’ll bomb the dykes and starve the man.
    Gill Scott-Heron/Watergate Blues

  2. When my older brother returned from his tour, he attempted to dissuade one of the recent high school graduates from and entering the Army’s WOC program for rotary training. He knew what was going on and the casualty rates for helis and their crews. The young man did not listen. A year later he was KIA . There was a funeral for him in the local high school gym.
    To his dying day the boy’s father blamed my brother for it. Apparently he had no clue what my brother told him.
    I was friends with one of our club members( R/C) who did two tours in Viet Nam as a heli pilot then instructor. He told me about landing in a hot zone, with choppers going down everywhere.
    He told me about the time they had to pick up the remains and I do mean remains of a crew killed inside an armored vehicle when it was hit with some sort of anti tank round. Not much left.
    I may catch some flak for it but….I’m glad as hell I was never drafted nor did I ever think about enlisting after all I learned.
    Since then I have opposed all the wars Washington has created.
    What that was has done to our family has been experienced by tens of thousands of other American families along with the continued suffering of the Vietnamese people.
    It’s a pity there is no hell for either LBJ or McNamara to go to.
    The time has come to destroy the instruments of war or we will cease to exist.

    • I volunteered to fly skinships in country, but they wouldn’t let me because I didn’t meet their vision quals. Even though the average life expectancy for helo pilots was about six weeks, and even though I knew I was a natural swing wing pilot. I knew also that there were guys flying with glasses. No way was I going to tramp through the rice paddies and get KIA by mines, pungi sticks, or worse… friendly fire from above. I saw plenty of action on the home front doing rescues. I had to stop that as well, too many dead kids. I did manage to spend some time airborne with old Air America pilots. I won’t say where. Really colorful characters. Maybe sometime I will tell you about their gold link bracelets, and what they were for.

  3. It’s like Bush I’s Gulf War. Originally 68 KIA but then…the death toll climbed into the hundreds of thousands from breathing the radioactive dust from DU rounds the troops were never told about. In other words the Military brass killed close to a half a million of their own troops.

    Vietnam not quite as bad but still a lot of deaths due to friendly fire in free fire zones.

    Trump is asking for Armageddon if he thinks he’s going to get away with using tactical nukes in Iran. Russia I don’t think will stand by like they did in Yemen or Afghanistan if their client states of Syria and Iran are attacked. They have hypersonic missiles that can take out a whole fleet and are probably just itching to use them.

    • According to an article from this week’s VT, nukes were used in the Gulf war.
      Explains a lot. I have suspicions about the depleted uranium story.

    • “Russia I don’t think will stand by like they did in Yemen or Afghanistan if their client states of Syria and Iran are attacked.” – Gall

      If Iran and Syria have to rely on Putin/Russia to save them, they are in trouble. Putin makes a bit of a show of standing up to Israel, but a show is all that it is. And of course, it is Israel that really wants Iran destroyed so they can expand from the Nile to the Euphrates.

  4. Everything has been ” illuminescent” for most of the world. A few have their eyes open but not enough to do what needs to be done. The MIC and their buddies sure made a ton, off the Nam War. Today, it’s a free for all – from the politicians, gov. agencies etc. Just get as much as you can , while you can. As for the Russians – they are in the NWO just like like the rest. They don’t want to wake up the Americans – they’ve tried. Why should they- now ? Maybe, they have totally different ideology at the top level, but they are almost a closed society sometimes – moving ahead or at least are trying. PS : Hey G – you weren’t supposed to wake up – you were supposed to stay – Asleep at the wheel. Only strong men and women – wake Up. Thanks VT

    • Part of my awakening came when at the age of 17 when my older brother returned from his duty in Viet Nam with the First Air Cavalry and told my dad what it was all about, that there was no actual consideration about winning that war…it was all bull shite.
      When Ellsburg smuggled the Papers out of the Pentagon and the truth was told, how many Americans could or would readily accept it?
      Since then my trust in the government has vanished. All these wars, all the lives lost and the wealth of this nation literally stolen, has left this nation in a sad state of affairs, not to mention what it has done to all the other countries it has waged war on.
      Is it any wonder then, when this nation falls under its own weight of debt and unwarranted militarism, there will be no other nations coming to its rescue.
      Most will say to us,” you are reaping what you have sown.”

    • By the way Gordon, could Preston James write an obituary for noted scientist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman?

    • I was just about to write: “America’s patriots have a co-dependent relationship situation with a Narcissistic/Borderline trainwreck named ‘Murica.” Isn’t Trump exactly the microcosm of this same whore?

    • The train wreck is about to get much worse when the economy can no longer be pumped up by the Fed. The balloon, when it pops is going to be massive. The signs are already there…the storm clouds gathering on the horizon.
      America cannot solve its problems overseas by waging wars against other nations. It is a policy that is doomed and will eventually, most likely very soon, totally bankrupt America.

    • JohnZ , I can assure you that as long as USA keeps on Going on on this Conquest of Zionist wishes …. Trust me as long as America keeps Fighting the Fed will keep churning for the Jews to keep charging Interest on Fed Res loans to USA ……

    • Like waking up from a nightmare, only to find the awake nightmare worse than the one you awoke from. You say you can’t man a rifle platoon with 30 year olds. In the end, it may come to that. Reminds me of an old prophecy. “There will come a time when the living shall envy the dead.”

  5. One of your very best commentaries GD, I too wonder about Russia, it could show us the heat seeking satellite images over the New York that day when israel set of mini nukes to bring down the buildings.
    The Phantom jet fighters were one of my all time favorite aircraft of the time, but what a lot off people don’t know is the reason they were shot down in high numbers was it’s smoke trail it left behind, an easy target, just follow the string.

  6. “Trump told us he loves nukes. What the fake media won’t tells us is that he has used them and nobody can stop him.” – GD

    There is no US equivalent to Yigal Amir?

  7. I hope that it is some comfort to the families of those lost, to learn the truth. Not that the truth in any way lessens the pain of loss of a beloved friend or family member. The lies cannot simply be covered by the flag.

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