Trump battles with Democrats as impeachment pressure grows


Press TV News Roundup featuring Veterans Today Editor Kevin Barrett and Ian Williams

Is Trump the most transparent president ever? Or the most transparently dishonest?

If this two-bit grifter survives two terms it will be an accomplishment for the history books.


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  1. Meanwhile also you have Lindsey Graham calls on Trump to replicate Reagan’s invasion in Grenada, and use military force to remove Maduro president

  2. Trump’s just another Israel shill. Our center of Government is no longer in Washington but in Tel Aviv NuttyYahoo says “jump” and Trump and Congress say “how high?”

  3. If it hasn’t become any more obvious, tRump is the most transparently delusional president in American history.
    Kevin, Of course you’re correct. The democrats do not wish to investigate tRump’s dealings with the N.Y. mob or the Russian/Kosher Nostra…..most likely some of the feces will splatter back on them.
    Congress has an 18% approval rating…..what does that tell you about the confidence the American people have in Congress?
    A lot of tRump’s base is made up of evangelical Christian zionists, Midwest farmers and southern rednecks. That a number of evangelicals consider tRump was sent by some invisible deity is no different than when W was in office….the same rubbish from the same people. Insanity at its most apparent.
    I don’t foresee tRump being impeached and the way it stands, there is no viable contender for the presidency from the Democrats either except for Tulsi Gabbard and we all know what’s going to happen to her. She’s going to get the Bernie Sanders treatment from the Dems in the same manner Ron Paul was treated by the Reps.
    So all in all, I don’t see anybody to vote for in the next election cycle. One way or another Gabbard will be knocked out of the race by her own party.
    So it will be another election that I will be staying at home doing much the same thing except when I get done masturbating, I’m gonna have a little something to show for it.
    Furthermore I believe if you vote, you have no right to complain.

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