May to resign, Boris to become leader, Britain to join in Trump’s Iran War?


by Ian Greenhalgh

Well, it’s all playing out exactly as I predicted over a year ago – BREXIT has turned into an utter farce, Theresa May has dutifully followed her assigned role of leading the nation into a complete disaster where it is barely governable and is now preparing to step aside to make way for the most odious form of Boris Johnson.

BREXIT has had one overriding effect on Britain – to disunite the kingdom, to fracture our society, to shatter our political parties, to sow dissent, turn British politics into a mess and render the nation largely ungovernable.

Or to put it in more colloquial English – it’s made a right and proper mess of the whole sorry shit-show.

Never in living memory has the public been so disenchanted with the political system nor have politicians been more reviled and regarded as self-serving, backstabbing mercenary scum rather than elected public servants, than at the current moment.

The British people have simply had enough of politics and politicians, yet BREXIT has still not been achieved and throughout the land, the people, both remainers and BREXITeers, just want the whole damn thing to hurry up and be done with.

There is no sign of a deal being reach with the EU, as I predicted, there will be no deal, Britain will crash out and there will be negative consequences. How negative remains to be seen, I am not one of those that fears widespread civil unrest and violence on the streets; I sense that the MSM and the powers that be want us to think that is going to happen, just another part of the psyops that have accompanied the 3 year BREXIT project.

The recent local elections highlights one thing starkly – the support for the Tory Party has been shattered, they are a party disintegrating before the eyes of an electorate that is increasingly deserting them in droves. You would expect the Labour Party to benefit from the Tory travails, but they, too, have lost support due to BREXIT. The small parties occupying the fringe of British politics have been the beneficiaries on the local level with the Liberals, Green and others all gaining many seats. However, UKIP was not among those who gained support.

UKIP and it’s leader Farage, is an Israel front, a most obvious one if the money trail is followed. Farage has received vast sums from Aaron Banks, a British financier who is closely tied to the Israeli lobby in the US. There have been other routes for funds to flow from the Us Israeli lobby to Farage and UKIP. Now do you see why Farage was the first foreign politico to fly to the US and congratulate Trump? They are two peas in a Judeo-Zionist pod, both of them are tools of Israeli malfeasance.

There will now be a leadership campaign to elect a new leader of the Tory party to replace Theresa May, the MSM have Boris as the overriding favourite and have described all other candidates as ‘stop Boris’ choices.

Yes, Boris is primed to replace May as both Tory party leader and Prime Minister of Britain. My blood runs cold at the prospect and I shudder to think of what a Boris run government would do to Britian, nothing good, of that I am deathly certain.

Which brings us to my remaining prediction – that Trump would not start a war in the Middle East until Boris had been installed in Downing Street, ready and all too willing to dutifully lead Britain into war alongside our American allies.

The current buildup of US forces in the region and the increasingly belligerent stance of the Trump regime appears perfectly timed to coincide with the apparent rise of Boris, therefore, it saddens me to see that my prediction may well come to pass and Boris will get to emulate his idol Churchill in overseeing the mass murder of millions.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. Once upon a time the UK ruled the world & “GAVE” Palestine to the Zionist Jews even though the Jews were TERRORISTS.

  2. As much as Brexiteers want it and as I am aware that British have never developed a sense of belonging to Europe, rather belonging to Five eyes club and their mouthful of colonies such as Gibraltar, Mauritius, Bahrain etc., there will be no Brexit. The history has taught us in terms of all sorts of overlapping interests the British enjoy and EU is just too strategically important for them to withdraw. However, if EU is about to go down then British will be the first ones to check out. But British will not go out as breakers and undertakers of the union, they are waiting for them to be in a position of “smart and unavoidable” exit, possibly label other factors as destabilizers like Russia, Middle East countries or even imaginative Brussels bureaucracy.

  3. What makes you think that Theresa May was not a “passionate Zionist” and David Cameron and Gordon Brown and Tony Blair …. and Arthur Balfour (of the Balfour Declaration infamy)

  4. You should do more radio interviews. I would love for you to talk about this at length on Kevin Barrett’s show or even on Richie Allen’s show.

  5. Boris the Clown. I’ve had Damage pegged for some timer as an Israeli stooge. You don’t mention Corbin. Is he finished? I think so. The Jewish lobbies bashed him terribly. It seems impossible for any politician to win if Israel decides no.

    • Corbyn has neither gained nor lost from Brexit as he is seen as being too on the fence on the matter of Europe, the same criticism levelled at Labour as a whole. If his stock rises in the future, expect it to be attacked viciously with yet more anti-semitism slurs

    • John, worse clown is the Bono of U2. Just look at this video from Red Ice (most likely compromised half truth WN movement though):

      Swedes are not Aryans, who are Mongols that ride their horses first to Iran and from there to Europe thousands of years back, but somewhat more civilized Scandinavian hunter, gatherer, fishermen, farmer and tradesmen. Look at Western Europe for couple of centuries before and today, what other politics can You see but Chengis Khan.

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