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Health Editor’s Note: Currently HBO has a big new hit with Chernobyl which is a five-part historical drama television miniseries.  I think three episodes have been aired at this time.  You will not believe what really happened during the after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which occurred in the Soviet Ukraine in April of 1986. The facts you will hear and see are bone-chilling and of course has affected every living thing within the fall-out pattern of one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history. Here is another video Zero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl Discovery Channel (2004)…..Carol

Forests Around Chernobyl Aren’t Decaying Properly

by Rachel Nuwer Smithsonian.Com

Nearly 30 years have passed since the Chernobyl plant exploded and caused an unprecedented nuclear disaster. The effects of that catastrophe, however, are still felt today. Although no people live in the extensive exclusion zones around the epicenter, animals and plants still show signs of radiation poisoning.

Birds around Chernobyl have significantly smaller brains that those living in non-radiation poisoned areas; trees there grow slower; and fewer spiders and insects—including bees, butterflies and grasshoppers—live there. Additionally, game animals such as wild boar caught outside of the exclusion zone—including some bagged as far away as Germany—continue to show abnormal and dangerous levels of radiation.

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  1. My information is that Fukushima continues to “discharge like crazy” & children are still being born deformed in Iraq & the MANY other places where the US & its allies have used DEPLETED URANIUM missiles etc, to spread Democracy.

  2. I think it was another 9/11 and I believe I read here at VT { from an X Soviet nuclear inspector} that those reactors were sabotaged because of the success that the Soviet Union was having in Nuclear Power Plants with plans to expand. And after seeing Fukushima, I really believe the Soviet Inspector. Unfortunately, many women in the Soviet Union and as far as Turkey aborted their pregnancies because of this tragedy and probably many never tried for children again. I live with one of them and there are still medical issues. I’m afraid of Ukrainian Nuke plants, west of Russia – today. The US/NWO will not cry if the radiation heads East . Thank VT – you are an encyclopedia .

  3. Let’s talk about Fukushima. It is an ongoing disaster, 3 nuclear melt downs, it has never been contained. No one knows where the cores are, they just melted into the earth, and the area where they were remains so hot, so irradiated, that neither man nor machine can approach those core areas. So, we ignore it, like it never happened.

  4. In 1986, I went to first grade at school. We moved to serve from Germany to Belarus (we are the military family). The children did not know anything about the Chernobyl tragedy. At school, we were given pills (Antistrumine) with iodine for the thyroid gland. Now, as far as I know, excursions are conducted in the Chernobyl zone (of course, where the sensors do not go off-scale). Nature is thriving there. Lots of animals, birds and insects. This is most likely because the humans stopped there the livelihoods. Anyway, this is the greatest tragedy and massive heroic feat of my Soviet people, who gave their lives and health to an invisible death. God grant that this never happens again. Personal thanks for this article, Carol!

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