“Disgraced” Trump’s Public Enemies List is an Impeachable Offense

Criminally unhinged...a total lunatic



  1. well…when he said he wouldnt be taking any wages for the position of POTUS. i reckon the majority of people knew he was in this for him & his own

  2. Read the article and then got to the vast Russia KOrNspiRaCy and realized that it was article by the Daily Beast run by pedopimp Back Page man Tony Ortega. By the way accusing one’s enemies of treason is not an Impeachable offense neither is demanding an investigation of their illegal activities which includes violation of FISA and various other statutes against domestic operations that are supposed to by FI agencies not to mention the 4th.

    Don’t care much for Trump since he’s become a shill for IsraHell but he is right their are a bunch of treasonous scum who like him are totally in AIPACs pocket. Unfortunately with this whole Punch and Judy show they will carefully avoid Israel’s influence and go on about Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, ad nauseam thus deflect away from the actual treason.

  3. ‘Trump’s desire to investigate the investigators who uncovered the Russian plot to elect him …’. Really? Where is the evidence of your so called Russian plot? I and many others would love to see it. Two years and $40 millions later Mueller didn’t find it. Laws were broken in order to start this investigation, it was an attempted coup, and those who are at the bottom of it should be prosecuted.

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