Russia: “Manalia Dead, Replaced by ‘Hand Holding’ Double


Editor’s note: All of Arlington’s dead are turning over in their graves as disgraced prezidunce Trump and whoever is with him dishonor America’s fallen.

How we love conspiracies, I go for the ‘tranny’ one, based on early porn videos of Manalia showing boy-like hips.  Anyway, this is Russia’s, all in good fun or is it?

The video that attracted the attention of the “first lady body double” conspiracy theorists features Donald Trump and his wife Melania visiting Arlington National Cemetery.

As US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania arrive in Japan on a three-day state visit, the social media crowd once again has latched onto a bizarre claim that the first lady of the United States uses a body double for certain public appearances – a claim that emerged a while ago and apparently refuses to disappear.

The latest jolt to this conspiracy theory was apparently delivered by a video of Donald and Melania visiting Arlington National Cemetery on 23 May, where the first lady, clad in a black dress and wearing black sunglasses, planted American flags on the graves of fallen soldiers.

It appears that a number of suspicious social media users once again started speculating that the person featured in the video was Melania’s body double.

​Some speculated that the person accompanying Trump to Japan is Melania’s double rather than the first lady herself.

​Last month, a video of Trump talking to reporters outside the White House, with Melania standing alongside him, also caused some netizens to bring forth the “body double” accusations after become suspicious of the first lady’s appearance and behaviour.

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In March, Trump himself addressed the claims about Melania’s alleged double, insisting that “the Fake News” photoshopped pictures of his wife in order to propel this conspiracy theory.

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  1. We had a Tranny in the White House for 8 years… one gave a rats and it don’t make a f**k anyways. Like someone already said….the real issue is “our” Government was hijacked and none of us have made a move to take it back from the Foreign Corporate Zionist banking cabal that controls the magik money system, military, media, religion, politicians etc. etc. Where are all the “Real Heroes” questioning UN-Constitutional orders and authority? Us “little people” would follow those Heroes into the fray!

  2. at the end who cares what do it Melania ??? We’re not talking about Eleanor Roosevelt either….

  3. Gotta love these KoRNsPirAcY theories about Michelle and now Melania being trannies. Nice deflection from the real issues. Can’t say that Trump and his supporters don’t deserve it for that birther BS.

  4. joetv you need to take in a little extra “Transvestigation ” viewing. Melania is all MAN, what does that make Donald? People need to open their mind, Remember you live in a Satanic World, and Satan wants obedient androgynous servants. Why does Hollywierd always flash the “peace “sign meaning they are both male and female, open your mind and learn it know it and live it.

  5. There’s more evidence that Michelle Obama is really Michael, a man, than there is of Melania needing a ‘body’ double, or is missing. Melanie is all woman.

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