At long last the Evil Queen of Numbers has gone! The final, critical piece of intelligence which sank her won’t be news to readers of this column. The No Confidence vote in December was rigged. The party whips were given details of who failed to support Theresa May.

A mutual friend briefed in a key member of the 1922 Executive, which turned against the PM. British Intelligence are also believed to have verified my analysis that the covert German listening post in London were tapping the phone of British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who was forced to resign a few weeks ago.

Apologies to readers for the non-appearance of my column in recent weeks. I’ve been working hard on one of the three legal challenges to the Brexit delay, the first of which reached the Supreme Court (ours, not yours!) the week before last, only for the Supreme Court to try and reject it. I’ve also had the appeal to the Court of Appeal on my own case to work on, not to mention providing key briefings on the Williamson phone-tapping and 1922 Committee scandals and advising on some heavy immigration cases. The pace of events in Britain and Australia has also been pretty fast. There are some days where I could spend all my time just catching up!

I have not forgotten my plan to write about Robert ‘von’ Mueller’s fake report, but the plan has been overtaken by events. Assuming that Jerry doesn’t burn down another cathedral or assassinate Lewis Hamilton to stop him overtaking their man Schumacher (great win yesterday in Monaco, by the way) I plan to dissect ‘von’ Mueller’s very silly report next week. Michael Schumacher, by the way, is an ex-Formula 1 driver. He fell off his perch when he went off-piste, silly man, indeed he was more off-piste than Bob ‘von’ Mueller. Jerry keeps pretending that Schumacher is still alive. He isn’t – he was DOA, sadly.

  The 1922 Ballot Scandal

Just to recap for new readers. The 1922 Committee is the organisation of Tory backbench MPs. It’s named for the great events of 1922, when the Party was briefed in that David Lloyd George, one of the greatest scumbags of the 20th century, no offense intended, was a German spy. (Lloyd George was such a scumbag that these days he would be supporting a second referendum, on the principle that the only votes which count are those which go Germany’s way.) The Tory Party left the Coalition Government and Lloyd George fell. He was hoping that Churchill’s planned assassination in 1941 would pave the way for him back to Downing St, but happily the great man (Churchill, who was an orator, not Lloyd George, who was a windbag) was tipped off and never went near the killing zone, Ditchley Park.

The 1922 ballot is supposed to be sacred. This time it wasn’t – the entire payroll vote (i.e. government ministers of various hues) supported Theresa May. They clearly knew that she would be given the names of those who failed to vote for her.

Possibly not coincidentally the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Graham ‘Shady’ Brady, resigned last week along with Theresa May. His stated reason was that he wanted to stand for leader, but he hasn’t a chance. Kim Jong-un is getting better odds at Ladbrokes. (For the benefit of any liberal readers that was an exercise in irony – Kim Jong-un isn’t actually standing for the leadership of the Tory Party, although he’s more of a Tory than some who are.)

The Williamson Phone-Tapping Scandal

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was spectacularly fired by Theresa May at the beginning of the month after the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Mark Sedwill, aka Ritter Mark von Sedwill, accused him of speaking on the phone to the Daily Telegraph’s Steven Swinford. He did, but how did the Cabinet Secretary know this? One way he might have found out was if he was passed the transcript obtained by the German listening post, which taps the phones of all MPs, not least members of the Cabinet.

The post is run by S, a German electronics company (no names, no pack drill.) It also taps the phones of senior judges, military officers and civil servants and passes the intercepts to GO2, the German intelligence operation in London, which in turn has a close relationship with the Cabinet Office. The last Cabinet Secretary, Lord Jeremy ‘von’ Heywood, was able to blackmail key members of the Cabinet and senior judges, e.g., using material supplied by S Gmbh.

If he acted on the basis of an illegally obtained transcript then the Cabinet Secretary’s position is untenable, frankly, not least if it was obtained by a foreign intelligence agency. Williamson had stood up to Cabinet Office pressure to allow Huawei, which as we all know is effectively an arm of the Chinese state, to access core parts of the UK’s 5G network.

How do we know that they want to access core parts of the network? Because the Cabinet Office are saying that Huawei, who sound like an Indian, sorry Native American, tribe in F Troop, will only be allowed access to non-core parts. With every respect, the Cabinet Office has hardly ever acted in good faith since it was set up as the UK enforcement arm of the Imperial German Secret Service in 1916. If the Cabinet Office state something we know that the true position will usually be the opposite.

Huawei are not only an emanation of the Chinese state they have a reputation, unfairly or otherwise, of being corrupt. So does the Cabinet Office, indeed the late Lord Heywood was as bent as a three-bob note, no offense intended. He took a £1 million bung, related to a HS2 rail contract, to try and block the 2016 referendum, for example, and arranged further bribes, totalling £49 million, for dodgy politicians, if that is not a tautology, and equally dodgy political parties.

It is reasonable to ask in the circumstances whether anyone in the Cabinet Office took a bung from Huawei. I understand that those nice people the National Security Agency are on the ball, as usual, and are having a look-see. Should you guys want to extradite the Cabinet Secretary I’m sure we’ll hand him over, especially if it’s a capital charge! The thought of the Cabinet Secretary being juiced is quite entertaining, except perhaps for the Cabinet Secretary, who may have his own views on the matter and may, I know not, have come up with arguments in favour of his continued existence.

European Election Wrap

The Tories have been hammered! Not all the results are in yet at the time of writing, but it was clearly a disastrous night for Theresa May and the Tory Party. Their vote share was down to 9%! If that were repeated in a General Election they would struggle to win a single seat.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party are the clear winners. They are projected to win 29 of the 73 seats, including one in Scotland. They led in every English region except London, and Wales. Counting in Northern Ireland doesn’t start until today, with the results expected tomorrow. UKIP lost every one of their remaining seats, whilst the new Change UK party struggled to get 3%.

Euronutters are running around saying that the combined vote of the Remain parties is higher than that of the pro-Brexit parties, but they only get to that result by counting all Green voters as Remainers, which is far from the case (many of them are global warming nutters) and leaving out the Tories. Labour voters are split on Brexit and Labour came third, with 14% of the vote.

The Euronutters are also overlooking two key points: a number of the voters in the European elections are Europeans, who don’t get a vote in general elections and rightly so, and there was differential turnout in Leave and Remain areas. Leave voters are unlikely to stay at home next time. Turnout was less than 37%, indeed the total number of votes cast (16.6 million) was less than the number who voted to leave the EU in 2016.

If the Tories don’t elect Boris Johnson as leader and get us out of the EU on October 31st they face electoral meltdown at the next General Election, due in 2022. Voters are angry that politicians and the Civil Service have failed to deliver on the mandate given them in 2016.

Over in Europe the pro-EU parties have lost ground, at the expense of ecofascists (i.e. the Greens, who are anti-people and want to decarbonize our society) and the Eurosceptic right. Macron’s silly new party came in second in France, behind that nice lady Marine Le Pen’s renamed party. The political balance in the European Parliament has shifted, but not decisively.

Reform of the Cabinet Office

Alarmed by the rapid rise of the Brexit Party the Electoral Commission raided its offices, in the desperate hope of finding funding irregularities. Had they found any they would have trumpeted them from the roof tops before polling day. The Brexit Party’s charismatic leader Nigel Farage was right to condemn the raid and suggest that it had been coordinated with Gordon Brown, who called for Electoral Commission intervention even as the raid was being planned.

The Electoral Commission reports to the Cabinet Office. Its claim to be ‘independent’ is a hollow sham. It is worrying that a quango so lacking in integrity (no offense intended) is in charge of our elections. After his party’s great win in the European Elections Nigel Farage sensibly called for real reform in this country, embracing the bureaucracy as well as politics.

That means a new Cabinet Secretary, with respect, and stripping the Cabinet Office of much of its power. The steelworkers of Scunthorpe felt that power this week, as the Cabinet Office blocked the rescue of British Steel in a move which was clearly coordinated with the European Commission. (I should explain that British Steel was forced to pay all sorts of silly climate change levies by our enemies in the Commission, who naturally let French and German steelmakers off lightly.)

Shutting down GO2 and the German listening post in London would be a start, but we need to reorganize the intelligence services, so that they report to the Prime Minister, not the Cabinet Secretary. The post of National Security Adviser has been a total failure, as the facts of my case and the Huawei debacle demonstrate. It should be abolished and the intelligence assessment staff transferred from Cabinet Office control to the Joint Intelligence Committee.

Never again must we have a Cabinet Secretary trying to influence the outcome of a vote by tasking a German death squad to assassinate an MP, as Lord Heywood did in the case of poor Jo Cox in 2016. Cabinet Office control of major projects, which allowed Heywood to arrange the HS2 bung, must also be brought to an end, along with their covert control of criminal prosecutions and the police.

Standards of entry for the Civil Service need to be raised. Many of our bureaucrats can barely read or write English and the service as a whole is scientifically and technically illiterate. The retirement age should be raised to 65 and we need to look again at their pension contributions. As it’s currently structured the Civil Service is not offering value for money. It used to be a Rolls-Royce machine. It’s now been reduced to a Kia machine, without the extra warranty.

Aussie Election Wrap

The Australian Labor Party, led by the republican scumbag (no offense intended) Bill Shorten, unsurprisingly lost. The pollsters were surprised, but then they usually are.

Whilst polls are not objective enough to be able to accurately measure conservative support, polls can reveal trends. The gap was closing fast in the two weeks leading up to polling day.

The only surprise was that the Liberal/National Coalition won a majority. I rather thought that they might fall a seat or two short, but with seats like Wentworth being so close (some four seats were within 1% on a two-party preferred basis), Aussie elections can be difficult to predict.

The sad thing is that Tony Abbott, who has sensible views on global warming, with respect, lost to a raving ecofascist, no offense intended. Greens will continue to make electoral gains throughout the Western world until the global warming hoax is exposed for what it is. I was rather hoping that Tony might become Prime Minister again.

I don’t think that Scott Morrison ran a particularly good campaign, nor has he been a particularly good PM. Labor’s policies, not least their incoherent plan for a republic, may have pleased Peking but not the Aussie electorate.


I’m back on Twitter! I still have my old tag, Michael31696621. Not very memorable, I know, but there it is. As of today I have a grand total of 13 followers, slightly fewer than that nice man President Trump, whom we’re all looking forward to seeing on his State Visit.

Doris Day (1922 – 2019)

I can hardly pretend to have been a Doris Day fan, but I was particularly saddened to learn of her passing. She was supremely talented, both as an actress and a singer, and a genuinely warm and nice person.

I can quite well see why she was America’s sweetheart. What is less clear is why any man would ever have wanted to take a hand to her. Her movies will be shown over and over again until the end of Western civilization, which thankfully is a long way off. The man who beat her died in shame and ignominy and has already been forgotten.

The good you do in life lives after you, one of the better reasons for living. Doris Day was one of the greats and I salute her.

Movie Review: A Hill in Korea (1956, dir. Julian Amyes)

Released in the States as Hell in Korea, A Hill in Korea, recently given an airing on Talking Pictures in the UK, is a fine old war movie, the first British movie to feature the Korean War.

Memorable for Sir Michael Caine’s first appearance on the silver screen, even if it was not a particularly memorable acting debut, A Hill In Korea has a strong cast, led by George and Stanley Baker, who were not related. Harry Andrews, Ronald Lewis, Victor Maddern, Robert Brown and Robert Shaw (the Bad Guy in From Russia With Love) all appear in supporting roles.

The plot centers on an infantry platoon, composed mostly of National Servicemen, who are cut off in Korea whilst on patrol after the Chinese intervention. Slightly oddly they end up in a temple on a hill, without an obvious exit. After enduring some friendly fire from the USAF, the boys in blue finally drop their napalm on the Chinese, allowing our heroes to escape.

Interestingly, the private soldiers refer to the North Koreans as ‘gooks’, the term of endearment later used by US forces in Vietnam in respect of the North Vietnamese. I hadn’t understood the term to be as old as the Korean War. For the avoidance of doubt I have had close regard in writing this paragraph to the Bar Standards Board’s valuable equal opportunities and diversity guidelines. (I may not be practising but I am fighting to return to the profession I love.)

It’s dated (hell, it’s more than 60 years old – of course it’s dated!), but still worth watching. It emphasises what a mistake it was not to have declared war on Red China as soon as they intervened in the Korean War. RAF Bomber Command and USAF Strategic Air Command should have bombed Peking as flat as a pancake, nicely of course. A Hill in Korea, the reshowing of which was no doubt intended as a message to Huawei executives, is one of the few movies ever made which shows the British Army mowing down the People’s Liberation Army. Viewers would have been leaping out of their sofas all over Britain cheering our lads on as the Chinamen got what they deserved.

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  1. Ha, it’s London that will be bombed flat as pancake by your own domestic “foreign legion”. This far they got only knives, but just wait until they learn how to make napalm. And useless to blame EU, it’s Margaret Thatcher who brought this insanity, Merkel is just another example of cheap labour Thatcherism. BTW, the flood of 3rd World immigrants has only accelerated after Brexit and May/Farage has done nothing. Hypocrite to blame some polish worker of all this 50 years old and continuing bullshit.

    • Of course Merkel/Macron are just puppets of Zio Bank, but the same goes with May/Farage. Just ask their opinion about Israel, the same answer. Corbyn may be something different, but he’s situation is almost impossible after Blair and Brown.

  2. Wow, are the Germans the power players that Shrimpton contends? Their populace continues to forcibly lie prostrate before Zio masters 75 years post WWII. Is this deflection at its most absurd?

    • What would Mr. Shrimpton do if there are no veile germans anymore ? He must find another culprit for their incapacity and stupidity.

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