Secret Payoffs to Internet Global Warming Denialists? How Many Are People We Know?


Introduction: It seems many of our self proclaims fake pundits have been scraping by on free airline tickets, hotel bills paid, even criminal prosecutions “buried” simply for spouting climate denialism, “anti-vaxx-ing” and, of course, spreading childish schmears against VT.

The best of them get $3k a month from the Adelson/ADL/SPLC/AIPAC coffer for “nano-thermiting” while others, and we all know who we are talking about, are now on lists paid off by a now bankrupt coal company fronted by Heritage/Pajama/Jamestown, by that we mean “the Israel lobby.”

We aren’t going to see “investigative journalists” looking for the lists.  They are all on it, 100%.

THE BANKRUPTCY OF one of the largest domestic coal producers in the country has revealed that the company maintains financial ties to many of the leading groups that have sowed doubt over the human causes of global warming.

The disclosures are from Cloud Peak Energy, a Wyoming-based coal mining corporation that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 10. The company had been battered by low coal prices, including in international markets cultivated by the firm.

The documents in the court docket show that the coal giant gave contributions to leading think tanks that have attacked the link between the burning of fossil fuels and climate change, as well as to several conservative advocacy groups that have attempted to undermine policies intended to shift the economy toward renewable energy. The documents do not include information on the size of the contributions, yet, taken as a whole, the list of groups Cloud Peak Energy helped fund are indicative of how the company prioritized pushing climate denialism. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

The contributions are revealed in a filing that lists recipients of grants, creditors, and contractors. The document shows that Cloud Peak Energy helped fund the Institute of Energy Research, a Washington, D.C.-based group that has dismissed the “so-called scientific consensus” on climate change and regularly criticizes investments in renewable energy as a “waste” of resources.

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  1. Reading the comments here I see good news as boomers are on the accelerated euthanasia program set up by our dear GOP since health care for this demographic has been gutted and maybe that’s a good thing?

    Notice how it’s the aim of the coal industry to shift the dialogue to say that human activity has not played any part in climate change and their party is the truly anti human GOP and many of our sub humans champion its causes.

    Just an observation …..

  2. This just in, CO2 in the atmosphere is heavy and tends to settle. This behavior benefits plants. At 385 ppm concentration at sea level; how much is even measured at higher elevations in the atmosphere?

  3. [Polar bears in Svalbard region] “ Sea ice habitat has decreased in periods of the year from 1978 to recent, and in particular, this has affected the number of pregnant females that have been able to reach Hopen and Kongsøya in autumn. However, it is unknown is loss of habitat yet have led to a decrease in the population, or if it is still recovering from the low population size at the time of protection in 1973. Years will a milder climate influence condition. It affects reproduction locally, but it is not clear to which extent it affects population growth rate (see ”
    Quote from (good overview)

  4. Gordy; I am sick and tired of everyone else getting paid to write mindless drivel. Can you please hook me up with the right (wrong) kind of people, so that I can get paid! An increase of 10 parts per million CO2 will cause entire cities to be inundated! Cattle Flatuence could mean the end of humanity! We need to tax fossil fuel consumption to save ourselves! See I’m in. I believe. I swear!

    • Your lack of science and love of conspiracies has disgraced you in this area. You have become a “them.”

      Take more care in the future not to become a “tool.”

    • I aced Geo- Chemistry where we studied a thing called the Carbon cycle. Deposition of Dolomite and Limestone and the release of CO2 through chemical weathering. So I’m actually shocked that people think that 10 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere causes climate change. How much Geo-Chem do most people understand?

    • Don’t you think that water vapor, particulates, solar output and the infamous Geo-Engineering have more to do with climate and weather. CO2 is a very complicated thing and often the models for CO2 generation are politically driven not scientifically driven. The uplift of the Himalayan System has caused as much of an increase in CO2 as anything.

  5. When the world’s oligarchs are on board, and all government’s solution is a carbon tax on the masses, how can you not smell a rat? I mean what’s the difference between that and the government telling us there’s a military threat in order to justify building goddamned $13 billion aircraft carriers with electromagnetic rail aircraft catapults?

    • Exactly, and in the case of aircraft carrier one can see where at least part of the money went, but in case of carbon tax it’s all fuzzy. Climate change is clearly arguable subject, but I haven’t seen a single argument how does the global carbon taxation with emission trades etc. works, and mainly where does the money end. In my country gasoline tax is decades long tradition. With that money government build roads and bridges same as schools and hospitals. But I’m afraid the purpose of global carbon taxation is just the opposite.

  6. Nothing unusual about that list. It’s called advertising and advocacy. Doesn’t mean at all that it’s not true. It’s a safe bet Solyndra had payoffs and mouthpieces too.

  7. This must be the 40 percent that your warned us about.
    Our CO2 emissions are greening the Earth’s biosphere.
    Solar cycles are heading climate into an Ice Age.
    Alarmism is a well financed Eugenicists psy-op aimed at keeping the third world down while lowering the first world.
    Thank you for teaching me to do my own research, Gordon.

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