Who cares if a half million Afghan kids starve?


600,000 Afghan children at risk of dying from malnutrition as international aid dries up

… from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: This is happening because these are third-world kids, and not white. But there is plenty of blame to go around, starting with the parents. We do not read that any of them are starving.

And how about the Taliban refusing to do a ceasefire while in peace negotiations so aid can be more easily and safely distributed where it is needed?

As for the government in Kabul, the $7 million needed to fund a fix, God only knows how many times over that has been stolen by the gov hoodlums, in a region where such a travesty is played out repeatedly.

Who would not want to get out of there?

These young kids eat almost nothing for their size anyway. The West’s version of mass child killing is alive and well in Yemen. No government official, including Congress, has jumped off a tall building in protest. It’s a non-issue.

Even the drug money can’t be tapped, as most all of that is flowing out of the country as it was intended, with the US taking over. When is the last time anyone heard of a plane load of Afghan dope being caught at an airport somewhere, including military bases?

As Gordon does so love to say, it’s a nasty world. Last time we did a UN humans rights commission talk on Afghan children suffering from terrorism, one of my examples was the Taliban poisoning girls at school to protest their getting an education. Nasty, nasty.

I am not sure that Afghanistan can be saved from itself, and I worry about the US similarly. We will bury our children under a mountain of debt to fund wars where we are hated, and we could spend a tiny fraction on food for kids and be lovedJim W. Dean ]

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How far has Afghanistan progressed from the days above?

– First published … May 29, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of children in war-torn Afghanistan are in danger of dying from malnutrition, with officials warning that the health crisis is growing day by day. UNICEF says it lacks funds to properly address the issue.


Acute malnourishment affects an estimated two million children in Afghanistan. Of those, 600,000 are at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition, the UN Children’s Fund has reported.

Doctors working to combat malnutrition in Afghanistan said that poverty, ongoing war, unsafe drinking water and poor education for mothers and families have exacerbated the problem.

“The malnutrition level is spiking day by day in Afghanistan,” Muqeem Shah Miakhil, Head of Malnutrition Department of the Nangarhar Regional Hospital, told Ruptly. More than 15,000 women and children in Nangarhar have sought treatment for severe malnutrition so far this year, but less than half have recovered.

While the crisis isn’t new, malnutrition has become worse in Afghanistan due to a series of devastating droughts, Alison Parker, UNICEF’s Chief of Communication, Advocacy & Civic Engagement in Afghanistan, told RT.

“Nutrition is not just an issue of food,” Parker noted, listing safe water, sanitation and especially poverty as driving factors behind the crisis.

“The government recognizes that it needs a cohesive response,” Parker noted. However, funds to combat the malnutrition epidemic are drying up. UNICEF says that it needs an additional $7 million to provide aid to the growing number of malnourished children.

“Everyone is recognizing that it is a crisis,” Parker said, adding that she was hopeful that donors with big pockets would be able to help bridge the budget shortfall.

Last year, UNICEF provided assistance to nearly half of the country’s most undernourished children. The organization is aiming to reach 60 percent, or 375,000, of those children this year.

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  1. All the problems mentioned here, and the causal agents, can be found in capital cities thousands of miles from Kabul. When in the past has Afghanistan been allowed to be Afghanistan? One must go back a few hundred years to find that point in time. Outsider greed and avarice is all Afghanistan has known. Let the greedy and avaricious of Afghanistan rule their own. Let them develop their nation to their standards. But that’s not the way of the greedy and avaricious outsiders for whom enough is never enough.

  2. Well, as we all remember the rancid remarks of Madeleine Albright, that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. She is some one whom I would like to see strangled with a length of barb wire. A totally disgusting failure of a human being. She has no reason to remain on this earth. A waste of oxygen and food.
    One then wonders how Americans would feel if the actions of another government/state led to the starvation deaths of 500,000 children in this country.
    I am for the most part, totally and completely disgusted and ashamed with the government in Washington and the country. I do not see how any man or woman who enlists in the military believes they are doing so to help people in other countries. They are either blind or stupid.
    Those who are enabling this are obviously without any humanity of any sort. They are evil, malicious, self serving psychopaths who have been a blight to humanity for far too long. Why we tolerate these evil beasts is beyond me as they should all be wiped out.
    No apologies….I will not greet a veteran , especially from the gulf wars with a “thank you for your service”. Not doing that. I will feel sorry for them as they were brainwashed into what they believed to be something worth while, instead they were used by evil beings for evil purposes.
    This is why all parents should do all they can to keep their children away from the military.

  3. “As Gordon does so love to say, it’s a nasty world.” – JWD

    I believe Duff is correct in that someone wants us to suffer. If only that someone could be better defined, rather than speculated about.

  4. People have short memories, the out pouring of grief for the 50 Muslims in CHCH, what about the millions innocently killed during the Iraqi invasion, and the 600k killed in Syria and in Afghanistan. The orphans of these innocents are running around, then we have that fat slut Madeline Albright going on 60 min saying that 500k children dead because of sanctions in Iraq in the 80’s “was worth it”, this disgusting creature, not only a zionist jew, but a woman, apparently?

  5. ” We will bury our children under a mountain of debt to fund wars where we are hated, and we could spend a tiny fraction on food for kids and be loved… ”
    Jim, We have the military. The answer is to cancel our debts and invade Thee City of London to pick up the gold.

    • The military is part of the problem. They’ve become a rogue corporation.
      Don’t trust any of them. They will aid the enslavement of Americans.
      Best thing that could be done is shut down the Pentagram and appropriate a couple offices downtown to run the military, use the building to house homeless vets.

  6. I think it’s somewhat unfair to say, that those kids are not helped because they are not white. It’s more about that they are kids with their mothers. If they were full grown men, things would be much different. USA aids Isis the best they can, Europe spends trillions to make those well fed refugee iPhone beardheads to feel comfortable.

    • The evil in this world is or has been described as invisible entities who feed off pain, suffering and fear. They do so through those who appear human.