ISIS Returning to Chechnya, “Sick of Working for the CIA”


…by Gordon Duff with VT Staff

A couple of things, one a medium confirmed, meaning not a rumor but not yet worth rounding up and executing over:

We found one of InfoWar’s wild conspiracy theories involving ISIS training camps in Mexico to be “sort of true.”  InfoWars was totally wrong, as we believe they intended to be, as to “who.”

The story goes this way:

Israel has, over the past 8 years, trained 1500 ISIS cadres inside Mexico and inserted them into the US to coordinate with “the lobby.”

These are ISIS cadres, Hispanic, part of the Sinaloa Cartel.  We tripped over this in late 2012 when an FBI agent came forward.

More on this later.

VT is now sitting on the border between Turkey, Iran and Georgia, embedded with intelligence officials.  Beyond that, for safety, we are not supplying operational details.

The assignments:

  • A mysterious weaponized influenza virus is killing people here (including one VT affiliate)
  • Refugees…escaping Iran…mostly being returned
  • An endless flow of ISIS fighters returning to Chechnya

We’re going to take a second or two to talk about these.  We have spoken to maybe a dozen or more that crossed the border illegally and were arrested.  Their stories are similar:

“We had choices, join the Kurds, be redeployed to Afghanistan (certain death), fight for Saudi Arabia in Yemen or deploy to Africa.

This caught our interest.  ISIS operations have begun inside Ghana in the last two weeks while major operations inside Nigeria have been going on now for years.  We get daily reports and kidnappings have now begun in Ghana…

Our staff in Cameroon saw things begin unfolding some time ago.

We began efforts there in the late 70s, VT folks then affiliated with XXX.  We visited Nigeria in 07 initially to train counter-terrorism forces, then set up in Cameroon.

We then set up in Ghana as well and by 2009 signed contracts with Nigeria to take over intelligence coordination though Obua followed by official appointment as National Security Advisor to the President.

Then to Ghana where we have worked since.

What we are broadly seeing is a giant ant farm of terrorism, targeting Nigeria, as we predicted in 2011 (one of the most read reports in history), Pakistan (we began there in 09), Lebanon, Turkey (who threw us out of the country), Belarus (we set up there in 11), Ukraine, Georgia…but carrying on, of course, to Italy and France.

Behind this, we also tripped over a major terror training facility (warning by InfoWars of all things) in Mexico with Israeli advisors running camps for Sinaloa.

This gives us a new look at Jade Helm and Fetzer’s claims.  Was Fetzer aware that Israel had trained up to 1500 “Hispanic ISIS” operatives to penetrate the US and set up cells within not America’s Muslim community, but within America’s Hispanic community?

Let us note that the US military is largely Hispanic…and that much of the US at one time belonged to Spain (Florida for instance) or Mexico.

What if these terror cells were supported by GOP sponsored Israeli groups like the ADL/AIPAC/Mossad?  That’s an “if.”  Do I need to remind anyone about what really happened on 9/11?

Blaming Mexico for a new Israeli 9/11 seems to be in the works.

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  1. At the very least, the two entities that need to be deleted are the CIA and Israhell. At the very least.
    The question that remains is who will have the courage and strength to do so? As entrenched as the CIA is, is it then, not possible for this great evil to be extinguished? What would it take ? How long will the people of this nation remain so ignorant and blind to the machinations of this criminal enterprise?
    Is there no way to dismember this racket?

  2. in 1797, George Washington tried to warn us not to have a passionate attachment to a foreign country or it will eventual destroy us.
    Ben Franklin warned us not to even let the jews into our country.
    We didn’t listen and look what’s happening. They should be crying their eyes out

    • At the very least, rolling in their graves.
      Yes Washington cautioned us against foreign entanglements.

  3. i have no doubt that knowing the malevolent insidious deceitful ways of the zionists that they are in all likelihood working with the notorius hispanic gangs to try to contaminate and ultimately destroy america. greg felton said it perfectly in his phenominal book; ” the host and the parasite”, for which the zionists have made him suffered greatly in his canadian academic career yet he bravely and courageously carries on speaking the truth about israel and its disgusting weak subservient little puppet, the fake american government and all us tax-paying suckers unwittingly contributing to the great israeli extortion racket- “aid for israel’s security”

    • as the israeli talmudic zionist dictator, bibi Satanyahu once said,
      “for all i care america can dry up and blow away”
      of course that’s only after israel has parasitically sucked all they can out of america and has no more use for us.
      realistically our only hope left is iran, russia, and china if that

  4. Hasn’t israhell been a swell ally and friend? With a friend like that, we don’t need any enemies. The other enemy of the American people is the government in Washington….totally corrupted and owned by the tribe.
    At least the tribe isn’t training any jihadists in Canada….that we know of. I doubt the tribe can tolerate the cold Canadian winters across the border….about 144 miles from where I live.
    Could you provide some details on these persons of interest? How to spot them? What they might look like or dress like or would they be dressed to blend in with the population?
    By the way, how many members of the Latin Kings or MS 13 might be involved with these clowns?

    • YouTube deleted Duff’s channel – most likely due to the video of Paddington (the dog) getting excited at seeing deer.