Gordy and Jim do rolling PressTV coverage on UAE oil tanker fires


Several explosions hit Fujairah port in UAE after huge fire engulfed at least 7 oil tankers

[ Editor’s Note: By a fluke Uncle Gordie and I ended up doing a rolling coverage on the oil tanker attacks in the UAE port. The studio talent bookers surprised both of us.

And it was an extra surprise that it was the first time we had been on with Marziah Hashemi in long time since she had made front page news after her being held as a material witness in the US Air Force lady that the FBI was after.

That story has gone cold, as has the newer tanker bombing one. But that did not prevent the usual suspects from blaming Iran again without putting any evidence on the table, or even a motive.

Why would Iran pull a light damage stunt like this? What could it have possibly gained? It terms of who is at the top of the list in attacking the Saudi coalition Yemen is at the top of that list.

But with its precise and stealthy successful attack on the Saudi major pipeline, shutting it down, why would the Yemenis bother with denting some tankers which had no economic effect on SA at all?

I suspect that another party was trying to trigger a retaliation on Iran for something it would never have been so stupid to do. Who would want to do something like that, the Israelis maybe?

The good news is that it did not work. The Gulf States claiming Iran did it has been ignored, and for good reason. Trump has eased off his saber rattling against Iran, focusing on its oil buyers like China.

And today he is making history by being the most protested American president in history. I am waiting for him to ask what color the new royal baby is, and no, I am not kidding. He could really do that… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First aired … May 12, 2019

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  1. This is getting as tedious as “the Russians did it”. Only they didn’t have Bojo the clown or Ms. May to continually repeat the meme.
    Maybe these were ghost ships. Sounds to me like they were already headed for the scrap yards, where they are purposely run up onto the beach and then cut up.
    Check the registry of those ships and find out where they are registered. Then check for the owners, if that can be done. People have been known to set fire to their own homes, churches and businesses to collect a fat insurance payday. It doesn’t work much of the time.
    Didn’t work this time either. No one’s buying the “Iranians did it” …..will refrain from intimating tRump supporters.
    Would have worked out better if they had been sunk out to sea. Kinda hard for insurance adjusters to settle a claim when its a thousand feet at the bottom.

  2. In 1986 as a E-3 about to exit the air force, a strange offer came to me, to go to Saudi Arabia and make 80 – 100,000 per year working in my field, which was Petroleums Oils and Lubricants, but in actuality I was a fuel truck driver, bulk storage attendant, and hydrant systems like A-10 ” hotpits”, and the real enticement which came with the rules about looking at girls, was that we could bring all the money home tax free. I think that is a weird arrangement for a US military person to encounter if I understand the primary directives correctly. This was while I was still active but about to get out. I have two questions. Do the ships that were blown up have terrorism insurance and does it double the payout, like the trade center buildings if certified as being terrorism ? That would be better than junking them on the coast of Africa. And thanks for calling them “boat drivers” because the heads of “captains” are known to swell, over the average. If they are poorly placed. Which is often. They use the insurance fund as a dipping pool. Here, you can have some.

    • Are you referring that someone like Lucky Larry Silverstein may have had a hand in it? If they did it sure didn’t pay out so well.
      Do not pass go, do not collect $7 billion. Oy Vey!
      Looks like those tankers are going to end up as the latest in Chinese autos or car parts sold on E-Pay.