Trumpery: The Fake Mexico Embargo, Pinatas and Sombreros


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  1. This just in: Pres. Trump has declared that all Mexican style foods be removed from all stores and restaurants!
    All Mexican (tex-mex) restaurants are to be closed immediately!
    This, after Pres. Trump became ill after eating too much Taco bell. He has also ordered that all bottles of Tequila, Mescal and Mexican beers be removed from stores and destroyed.

    • Fine, prohibition of Taco bell trade to cure the ill society in the same way was with alcoholic beverages in 20’s … 😀

    • ….in the middle of the night located in some isolated area, gangsters swap cash for tacos, enchiladas, corrizo and tamales to be later secreted into a little speakeasy where customers flouting the law partake on illegal Mexican moonshine fare.
      Looks like the FBI is gonna have its hands full again. Gang hits, illegal Mexican food kitchens hidden behind walls and barns.
      Cinqo de mayo’s day massacre!

    • JohnZ clean up and pack your Tommy gun with 100’s rounds .45 drum magazine and stay ready my friend… 😀

  2. It is perfect margarita season again.
    100 % Agave Tequila 2 shots. (there are no substitutes)
    Cointreau 1 shot. (Patron orange liquor if on a budget)
    fresh lime juice 1 shot
    Roses sweetened Lime juice 1 shot (or just use 2 shots of lime juice if you don’t like a little sweetener but the girls usually like the Roses)
    sea salt on the rim, shake with about 6 or 7 ice cubes

    • Mas tequila!
      Wasted away again in Magarittaville.
      Searchin’ for my long lost shaker of salt….

  3. The Big three are still operating parts and assembly plants in Mexico and South America. Does he plan on going after them too?
    I just checked two bottles of my favorite pepper sauces and they both come from Mexico.
    tRump is ignorant about the entire situation. So many people are from the more southern countries where American corn farmers were paid by Washington to dump corn and other crops into those countries, including Mexico, which drove the subsistence farmers out of business. It is because of U.S. foreign policies in Latin America that has been the root of so many problems throughout the entire region.
    Is it any wonder then that the drugs coming out of Mexico and the accompanying corruption of American politicians and police has become so pervasive. If it is at the highest levels as Gordon states, then we need to clean house.

  4. Hehee, but the great American Twitter Wizard did it again. In my opinion, to make the tweet about London Mayor perfect in a sense of “kind of taste”, he should have noticed Mayors skincolor too. Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi did that, while reporters asked, wheter he liked to talk with President Obama. Berlusconi replied, that I don’t know, he’s young and handsome man, and lately I haven’t got any time for solarium. Anyhow, Trump came to tell, that from now on, Britain is in our pocket, that is USrael, so Corbyn, forget it.