Russia in Search of Herself

"Don't fire until you see the Red in their eyes!"
Russia in Search of Herself
Galima Galiullina, Ph.D.
Exclusive for VT
In August 1991, James Billington, Director of the US Library of Congress, arrived in Moscow with the report “Russia in Search of Herself”, with which he was going to speak at the Conference of the International Federation of Librarian Associations.
At the opening session he never appeared, preferring to leave Russia immediately upon arrival sensing either the beginning clans of democracy or the death of communism was at hand. Scientists from 70 countries with eyes full of horror, watched a column of tanks with red stars, a terrible avalanche advancing on the center of Moscow.
The ballerinas who performed “Giselle” for the guests of the conference almost did not hide their tears. Crowds around The White House in the center of the capital burned fires and erected barricades. The coup ended in three days, the conspirators were arrested, and the country found itself in a new reality.
Over the next 10 years, Russia was presented to the world by “free media” as dying in the throes of the childbirth of liberal democracy. This the world was told due to the hopeless backwardness and wildness of the population suffering from drunkenness and theft, and for hyenas of capitalism, dying and defenseless Russia was an incredibly fat piece of prey.
In the first three years of liberal reforms, Russia lost 12 million men of active age. The explanation of the chief architect of the reforms, Anatoly Chubais, was simple: “They did not fit into the market.”
But with the advent of the new century, Russia suddenly began to regain consciousness, shook off the most harmful bloodsuckers and began the great reincarnation process of the USSR. Signs of this reincarnation are now visible inside Russia and on a global scale.
The weight of Russia in international affairs is grows steadily, and increasingly, the eyes of the world community are looking for a response to the challenges of the time a country that seeks to return justice to relations between countries holds this virtue as the highest value.
The values ​​of Soviet society, previously ridiculed and rejected, become not only a subject of nostalgia, but also come back as a measure of normality and decency, a moral law protecting the humanity in man.
Globalization as a Tragedy
Modern Russia is a denial of globalism. The crisis of globalism is so obvious that even without special studies one can see how unnatural it is to the nature of mankind.
The diversity of nations, their mentality, their history and culture, their way of life, the cool peppers of the Bilderberg Club and other secret criminal communities tried to push them into the steel grip of a single regulation, a single protocol and a unified police regime.
On the example of the sufferings of Italian cheese makers, one can see the destructive power of globalism: cows, sheep and goats of local farmers grazed on the grass of the Alpine meadows of Sardinia.
According to old recipes, cheese-makers lovingly made delicious cheeses known to gourmets from around the world, for example, Pecorino Sardo.
According to the instructions of the supervisors from the European Union, cheese makers are now prohibited from using the milk of local goats and sheep, instead Italian cheese makers are ordered to use powdered milk from Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania. The despair of local farmers leads them to even suicide.
Italy now has to purchase citrus fruits from North Africa, and its beautiful Sicilian oranges Tarocco (red-meaty, known for their antioxidant properties), the producer of bergamot and lemons from Campagna, must plunge into the field as a fertilizer. And this is just a small detail in the overall picture of the enslavement by debts, instructions and protocols in the process of planting capitalism by planned catastrophes.
The US victory in the Cold War and the subsequent chaos and devastation in the entire post-Soviet space removed all barriers to liberal robbers. The liberal global monster, swiftly entangled the defenseless world with chains of debts, laid bare depravity of elites who betrayed their peoples, implanted and constantly aroused by the thirst for consumption by the duped masses, did not have any obstacles.
For 30 years, the world has turned into a limp herd, driven by a tiny bunch of bastards to the most massive self-destruction in the history of mankind. Is reincarnation of the USSR the only possible answer to this suicidal orgy? Why is the rebirth of the USSR inevitable?
The world is tired of incessant wars. Wars erupt on different continents and those who unleash these wars cynically declare themselves liberators, bearing freedom to the people, but bring only death to defenseless children, women and old people. Afghanistan is a country turned into an opium field and a divided population, Libya is a ruin, where you can buy a slave for only $ 400, Iraq is a ruin where thousands of corpses have not yet been buried, Somalia, Yemen, Gaza are everywhere, suffering, death of innocent and hopeless victims.
The reason for this orgy of bloody revelry is the absence of a center of power capable of taming those who sow chaos and death to millions. The exciting uniqueness of our days is that such a center of power is appearing straight in front of our eyes.
From June 5 to June 7 2019, President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping arrives in Russia on a state visit. He is also the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and heads the Central Military Council (PRC) of the People’s Republic of China, the country’s highest authority for leading the Armed Forces.
The scope of the visit of the Chinese party, state and military leaders included his participation in the 23rd St. Petersburg Economic Forum (PEF).
The event almost coincides with another significant annual ritual: from May 30 to June 2 i
n Switzerland behind the tightly closed doors in an atmosphere of strict secrecy (even the city is not known) the Bilderberg club gathered. They are still sure that they hold the world in their hands, but they are afraid of daylight, like all vampires.
When two giants, China and Russia, agree to create a common geopolitical and geo-economic space, when China’s most ambitious initiative, the Belt – Road Initiative, and Russia’s project on the Greater Eurasian Partnership are mated in a complimentary rush to a better future, the members of the Bilderberg Club will have to only sprinkle bald skulls with ash. Ashes from the globalization project by Fukuyama and Brzezinski.
Let the Titanic Drown Without Us
It is amazing how quickly Russia recovered from the catastrophic consequences of the attack of the globalists in the 1990s. Debriefing and the necessary conclusions are made.
The betrayal of the elites began in the mid-1980s.
Teneviki ( organized criminal groups in  the nomenclature) were able, in the c
onditions of stagnation of the economy of the USSR, to accumulate secret funds comparable to the entire budget of the country.
Legalization of these funds, their transformation into property was possible and desirable only in the process of integration with the capitalists of the West. The tool for this was the “new thinking” announced by Gorbachev. Therefore, the order for treachery of the country was from two sides – internal, from traitors on the top of the Soviet system, and external, from Thatcher and Reagan who practiced their own kind of wholesale theft of accumulated public assets.
Another scalpel for the operation called “Death of the USSR” was Glasnost (publicity), the purpose of which was to demonstrate the plagues of socialism, tyranny and the crimes of the authorities against the people, so that the people would agree to execute the country themselves.
As a result of a massive attack on the consciousness of the masses, the memory of the Great Victory was crushed, the army was turned into a unreliable relic of the past, young people were terrified by images of Stalin created by liberal historians, and Brezhnev, with whom the country first knew 20 years of a quiet life, remained in the memory as a anecdotal character.
Trotsky could envy how with incredible ease, almost without bloodshed, his ideological heirs came to power and immediately took control of all key spheres of society. First of all, finances, and the people immediately felt the stifling embrace of this octopus.
Seven Bankers was the name of this octopus. Here are the classic “seven bankers”: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Fridman, Vladimir Potanin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Their power was such that they could order the Minister of Finance and express to him their displeasure with his decisions and give their own instructions. “This country belongs to us” – their confidence in this was infinite, and they began to rape and kill Russia. This orgy lasted more than 10 years.
The newest history of Russia can be the best example of how a leader, who correctly assessed the situation and his strength, can quickly bring a huge and practically dying country from a state of clinical death back to life.
By the time Vladimir Putin appeared unexpectedly as Yeltsin’s successor, the moral condition of the people was an explosive mixture of rage and humiliation. 140 million lived without hope, without faith in the future, without respect for their own bankers and their public servants on the television screens. The West has already prepared funeral wreaths on the grave of Russia.
It’s been now almost 20 years ago. Those messiahs that foreshadowed the end of history and the eternal triumph of the US empire, have sunk into oblivion, the world feels a rapid slide into the chaos of uncontrollable change, the new messiahs have not yet been born. But what can be clearly seen in the fog of the future?
Those who float on the Titanic of these days are already too late to sound the alarm about the iceberg, the tip of which was liberal freedoms, and in the depths were hidden destroyed sovereign states, unlimited robbery of peoples, the murder of morality and ethical standards throughout humanity, the corruption of science and defilement of progress.
The unsinkable ship of liberal capitalism was sliced open by an iceberg, and before our eyes everything is rapidly going to the bottom. The most respectable passengers are already leaving the doomed ship, gracefully raising the flag of Brexit.
A curious story the other day was told by Giulietto Chiesa, an Italian intellectual: “I read the interesting material of an American futurist. He talks about his meeting with the five richest people in America. He was paid a huge amount to tell about his vision for the future. He thought he was invited to a crowded meeting, but only five people were present.
These were people with real power. And all the questions were around their personal survival. They are concerned about how they will survive, their wives, children, guards … Here is the fundamental question that they are interested in for the future: how to survive the tragedy, the onset of which they feel is inevitable and looming. They feel that stability will not last long, and it is difficult for them to maintain the status quo.
He told them: to be saved in conditions that you rightly fear will be very difficult for you too. You will have personal security, say, 200 people. How do you protect them? At some point, they will require you to save their families as well. And do you have the opportunity to save yourselves and save the lives of the families of your guards in some limited area?
These rich people see a way out in fastening the “bracelets” to the guards and finding out where they are and what they are doing. But it will not be life, but a prison! Those who consider themselves masters of life are in prison. Tragedy… the atmosphere of instability reached the “emperors of the universe.”
Meanwhile, Russia which was not allowed on the “Titanic,” fortunately remained on terra firma, increasingly finding confidence in the justice of God, under whose direct control she lives.
Assessing the geopolitical position of Russia today and the realities of the world, you come to a paradoxical conclusion: Russia does not need to choose the direction of movement. “Where are you rushing, Russia – troika? Give an answer. … Does not give an answer”- Nikolai Gogol was the first to realize this existential feature of Russia.
Being a country of Heartland, it needs to accurately choose among those who will seek friendship, real partners, with whom it is possible to begin building a new world order.
Russia as a Country of the Heartland
As Putin rightly noted: “Not Russia is located between the East and the West, but the East and the West are on the right and left of Russia.” The old guy Mackinder was prophetically right: those who possess the Heartland, own the whole world.
Just by the very fact of existence as a country of the heartland. Today, the passion with which Brzezinski wanted to destroy Russia is more understandable. Only on the bones of Russia for the United States was possible the complete world domination.
The other day, at the Moscow International Security Conference, Russian Foreign Intelligence Director Sergei Naryshkin said: “If the West, led by the United States, lacks maturity and courage to move in that direction, the other centers of power will have to design a global future without it.”  This direction is a movement towards a fair world order, where many centers of power will give a chance to the development of nations without violence.
The West is still invited to a joint movement into the future, it is organic in the Russian world view: to unite, build together, strive for prosperity for all. It would seem that this is very similar to the ideas of globalists, but there is a key fundamental difference: globalists, involving the peoples in their project, first of all tried to kill the nation through the murder of its national spirit.
The nation was supposed to break up into weak-willed, demoralized slaves, debtors of banks forever. Sovereignty was the main object of the destruction of nations in the process of globalization, after its destruction, being defenseless, the national culture, the connection of generations, the national memory, the national legal system, and education were killed.
Nations lost their image of the future, having lost their own history. The Russians experienced the initial stages of this drama, during the 1990s the Russian people experienced the full horror of colonization and the loss of sovereignty. The awakening of the national spirit began in 2008, when Russian peacekeepers were attacked in South Ossetia by Georgian troops.
By this time, the Russian army was so crushed by hostile propaganda, riddled by corrupt generals and doomed to extinction, that unexpected fortitude and skillful actions against the Georgian aggressors became the first victory that shifted the unity of the national spirit and the beginning of opposition to the West.
These changes followed after the first steps taken by the young President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to get rid of the most odious robbers of Russia – Mikhail Khodorkovsky, William Browder, and Boris Berezovsky. Putin’s speech in Munich in 2006 repositioned Brzezinski’s chessboard in an unexpected new order.
But the amazing transformations of the national spirit in Russia took place almost by a miracle. The world-famous clairvoyant Vanga predicted the glory of Russia will shine again when the dead will stand next to the living and march together. In the late 1980s, when these words were spoken, they were ignored.
And only in 2014, when the first rallies of the Immortal Regiment marched through the cities of Russia, bringing together hundreds of thousands of people bearing portraits of their relatives, dead or victorious in World War II, the great power of Vanga’s prediction became clear.
In May 2019, in 115 countries around the world and 500 cities, hundreds of thousands of people (Russians, by the explosion of the dying USSR scattered around the world) marched through the streets.
In St. Petersburg, more than a million citizens walked along the avenues of the city with portraits of their heroes. In the US, more than 10 thousand people took part in actions in honor of Victory Day. In dozens of cities and states there were memorable processions and concerts. This is a living testimony of the invincibility and unity of the spirit of the Russian people.
Giulietto Chiesa connects the growing unity of the national spirit with Russia’s global leadership. “Russia has such gigantic advantages that allow it to take on a world mission. All nations have spirit. But not everyone has one united. And in Russia, a united people’s spirit is still alive.
China is developing much faster than Russia, it comes out on top in the world in many ways. But it does not have the historical experience of world governance, it still has to go through many stages: their complex language and specific history do not allow them to lead world processes in the cultural sense of the word.
The United States cannot do this, because they are the source of this contagion(i.e, globalism, note GG).  They are not able either intellectually or physically, they do not have the same people’s spirit.”
The loss of the will to the future by America and Europe due to the loss of control of global and internal processes creates a unique situation for Russia and China. Two resurgent global players must take control of the Eurasian continent and determine its future.
This arrangement reminds me of a long time ago story that occurred in Kazakhstan. During the Great Patriotic War, thousands of Chechen families were sent to Kazakhstan. Two brothers – Chechens, twins, came to school on September 1 in elegant snow-white suits. The local boys did not like the behavior of newbies.
They mobbed around the brothers. The brothers did not try to escape. They stood with back to back and prepared to fight. In their eyes and facial expressions there was such strength of spirit and determination that the hostile crowd gradually dispersed.
In fact, China and Russia will be able to control not only continental Eurasia, but also the oceans, being behind the back of each other: Russia – the Atlantic, China – the Pacific Ocean.
Prediction of Arnold Toynbee
The great Western historian Arnold Toynbee predicted the fateful choice that Russia will have in the future, in his in 1947 essay, “The Byzantine Heritage of Russia”. Russia had to choose whether to take its rightful place in the Western world or stand aside and build its own anti-Western Counter-World.
The scientist suggested that the final choice of Russia would be seriously influenced by deep orthodoxy and belief in predestination inherited from its Byzantine past. “Both under the crucifix and under the hammer and sickle Russia is still “ holy Russia ”, and Moscow is still the“ Third Rome ”.
Today, the Russian people appear as the last stronghold of traditional Christianity. Thus, it is the Russian people who are the heir to the rights and obligations of the Roman Empire. Such is the role of Russia today in the life of European nations.
They are just beginning to realize it. By building its own anti-Western Counter-World, Russia gives the drowning peoples of the Titanic a chance to grab hold of a reliable lifebuoy.
Russians stubbornly stand guard over Christian values, even when they have to look intolerant in the eyes of the advanced West. When the film “Rocketman” was released in Russia, the censors sensibly cut 5 minutes of oral sex and same-sex love by the actor playing British star Elton John.
The loud popularity of “Pussy Riot” in the West did not embarrass the Russians’ confidence that the attempt to abuse the feelings of believers received an adequate assessment of justice. Nowadays, no one hardly remember them in Russia.
On the other hand, the image of Stalin as a tyrant and executioner built up by the enormous efforts of the neo-Trotskyists and their Western sponsors crumbled into dust and ashes. Now, every 7 out of 10 Russians consider the late Soviet leader the most influential politician of all time and people.
The Temple and Park in Post-Post-Modern Russia
The events of May 2019 in Yekaterinburg, the capital of the Urals, became the litmus of the powerful processes that shape public opinion and determine choices in modern Russia. The interests of the four parties came up against in the conflict over the choice of the construction site of St. Catherine’s Church.
The city itself is a postmodern symbol of the combination of the dark glory of the empire where the Russian emperor Nicholas II and his family were shot in the basement
of the merchant Ipatiev in 1918, with versions that it was a ritual murder persist.
And, Boris Yeltsin, the first President of Russia, formed as a political figure to destroy the USSR upon coming to power. During the years of liberal reforms, the city managed to acquire the image of the European capital of the Urals and immortalized the memory of the past by the Orthodox Temple-on-the-Blood, built on the site of the execution of the royal family and the pompous Yeltsin center.
In the city center within a radius of 2.5 km there are 25 temples, churches, chapels and monasteries. Investments for the construction of the proposed new temple was made by two billionaires Andrei Kozitsyn and Igor Altushkin. In particular, Altushkin, co-owner of the Russian Copper Company, would invest $55 million.
The proposed temple is part of a multifunctional center that includes several residential buildings, a spa, shops and an underground garage. Residents of the city were outraged by the fact that city authorities did not take care to learn about the citizen’s preferences.
The defenders of the public garden motivated their attitude to the construction of the temple by the fact that they worried about neglect of the real demands of society, when families need kindergartens, schools and hospitals, the authorities chose instead to support the church and businessmen.
The choice of priorities is connected with the people’s vision of their future – Russia will continue to develop science, education, medicine, raise intelligent and educated children, or more and more hand over to the church the functions of education and upbringing. If the church insists on its policy of building three churches per day, and hospitals and schools will be closed under optimization programs, is it difficult to find a better case against Orthodoxy?
During the night standoff in the park, the defenders of the temple and the supporters of the square one extremely disturbing detail was revealed. Athletes enrolled at the Academy of MMA, created and funded by the Russian Copper Cp. (RMK), gathered to protect the construction site from a crowd of opposing citizens.
Many that night had associations with militants in Germany of the 1930s. Are the Urals metal kings going to create for their own well-being a society in which the masses are submissive, for they are not educated, and for the recalcitrant there is an entire army trained to kill with one blow from a mixed marital artist’s fist?
The heated situation in the city was resolved instantly after Vladimir Putin proposed to conduct a survey of citizens. What is the best indicator of the effectiveness of the vertical of power?
The words of the chief ideologue for the destruction of the USSR Zbigniew Brzezinski:
“After the destruction of communism, Russian Orthodoxy remained the only enemy of America” should be taken very seriously, first of all by the church officials themselves, because their honor, honesty, reputation will always be under the watchful eye of observers.
Apparently, city authorities reconsidered gifting the public square to the Church and the redevelopers. Not to be considered totally tone deaf, the Church agreed to ponder four alternative locations around the city for its new sacred facility.
The Eurasian continent today is a raging ocean of land, in which one must build a balance of power. It is already too late for the United States to undertake something strategically expedient in order to maintain its former position on this continent. Hundreds of military bases across Eurasia are more “black holes” for absorbing billions of dollars than tools for fulfilling Brzezinski’s precepts.
America needs to make sense of itself in the new conditions of the collapse of the foundations of global leadership based on violence in the interests of the 1%. Having seduced the world with shining beauties in the window of liberal capitalism, the West hoped to hide horrible pictures of the other side of the medal for quite a long time.
However, the ship, on which the insanely rich globalists gathered to sail into the future, once again appeared to be just a Titanic. In contrast to the history of 1912, the habitants of the hold and the third class are breaking up before everyone drowns.
Galima Galiullina, PhD
Washington, DC

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  1. Galima, once again I bow to your label article. Well, what to say … I do not even know. You already said everything. The problem of modern Russia lies in the fact that it is integrated into the modern world and there is no getting away from it. Modern elites, oligarchs, finance – everything is so strongly connected. They are hampered by one thing: they are world borders. Physical and political. Those who are weaker are beaten. Those who are strong – include the machine of dirty games and attract the fifth column. I love my country and respect other countries. I really hope that one day the whole system of the Rights of the Strong will be blown apart.
    Спасибо Вам большое за Ваш труд, Галима!

  2. Some very close Russian speaking friends shared with me an Internet pirated copy of Nikolai Stambula’s Forced March (2003). Ethnically Russian, they had lived under the former Soviet Union, then survived the collapse. Later, when I rejoined my old Army National Guard Infantry unit, which was doing perpetual OPFOR gigs with other organizations while higher ups struggled to find a mission other than practicing for the Soviet Union’s invasion of West Germany, both nations having long since ceased to exist, I tried to explain the way it depicted how bad and hopeless Russia’s conscription army had become. We could not grasp it then and would never realize or comprehend the destruction of krokodil (desomorphine) in 2006-7? But then, our own comrades were coming back from repeated deployments, mere reservists sometimes doing the work of special forces and secret police (an Oregon Guard unit we kept destroying in mock wargames in the lush forests around Tacoma made NPR radio when they saw so many women and children being tortured and killed at an Iraqi run prison that they seized it and stopped the torture, only to be ordered by the Bush regime to return the compound and the victims to the control of the Iraqis. That is when we started noticing returning soldiers dying not making one weekend a month drills. Always VA prescription drug-related. I see this article retells the post-Soviet Union in a way I have come to accept it, and Putin’s role in rebuilding that society.

  3. Family from Miinesota back in the HH days while head of the Farmers Union hosted some Russian dignitaries and their wives. Touring DC everyone was uninpressed by the Museums and Monuments. What did stun the women was a trip to the grocery store to prepare a dinner at home. The story goes that their were tears. Funny what we take for granted.

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