Trump’s Big Mouth Gives Zionist Game Away


by Ian Greenhalgh

The disgusting, bloated from of the disgraced POTUS has landed on our shores and despite what certain disgraced former barristers may claim, the vast majority of Britain is not at all pleased to see him, with tens of thousands of protesters turning out, including the return of the humourous ‘Baby Trump Blimp’

The only Britons I have noted as welcoming Trump are the sort of far right bigots and racists that like to call Sadiq Khan an ISIS member and Jeremy Corbyn an IRA terrorist – the dumbfucks who, if they lived in the US, would have voted for Trump.

Before he even landed on our shores, the disgraced Trump was running his infamously flatulent mouth and emitting some truly despicable and unpleasant things. First he declared “I like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage” which is a pretty blatant interference in British politics, an almost unprecedented act for a sitting POTUS.

As I have explained in several previous articles, Johnson and Farage are traitors working not for the good of the British people, but for their Rothschild Zionist paymasters – which is why Trump professes to like them, as he too, as I have been saying since long before he was elected, is also a Zionist stooge.

A day later, Trump went another step further over the line of proper behaviour for a foreign leader by stating that Boris Johnson would be an ‘excellent’ Tory leader. Just how blatant and unabashed can this Zionist circle jerk get?

The day after that, just before heading across the Atlantic, Trump decided to give Britain some advice on how to deal with Brexit: Prepare for no deal and send in Farage. I doubt there could be a worse idea than that, Farage is a scumbag traitor who has spent his entire political career trying to undermine, destabilise and destroy the British political system on behalf of the exact same Zionist-Rothshild-Israeli criminals that Trump works for.

So in his usual, blustering and childish way, Trump utterances in the run up to his visit to Britain have reinforced what I have been saying – that Johnson and Farage, like Trump himself, are stooges for the Zionist-Israeli crime cabal headed by the Rothschilds and the purpose of these traitors is to destabilise and weaken the nations they purport to represent while at the same time enabling the wholesale corruption, graft and profiteering of their masters to go ahead without hindrance.

The fact that today, while Trump and PM May are sitting down to blather, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is attending the anti-Trump protests should tell you who in Britain opposes the Zionists. Oh, and the fact that the Labour Party has just been placed under formal investigation for ‘anti-semitism’ just adds further confirmation.



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  1. I get an overwhelming urge to gauge his eyes and rip his tongue out of his head every-time that I see his “bloated” Zionist puppet face.

    Thanks for a knowledgeable and candid analysis.

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