Piers Morgan, Humiliates Britain Again



For those unaware, the BBC quit talking to me about a decade ago though, oddly, I am working on a documentary on Pakistan with them now.  They are a mixed bag of highly talented people, I have been impressed, and human garbage.  This is where we get to Piers Morgan, there is no American equivalent, not even Sean Hannity.

Years ago, during an investigation, we identified Piers Morgan as an Israeli destabilization agent, working against Britain.  This is the opinion of a group of trained intelligence personnel and is purely opinion based on highly skilled analysis.  We also tripped over Julian Assange, identical diagnosis, and a series of other “journalists” many of whom are fake critics of Israel who cry crock tears for the Palestinians while living on backhanders from the Mossad.

Morgan is just an embarrassment.  I watched him yesterday interviewing a Trump critic, bullying, using his normal tactics, big lies, broad unsupported statements, hogging the microphone and dripping, not of bias, but of Deep State slavishness.

As long as people like Morgan and Boris Johnson are around, and so many others, it is time the term “Great” be removed and we begin using something more appropriate, perhaps being kind: “Cartoonish Britain.”

I have a couple of friends in Britain, military types with “knighthoods” that simply keep their heads down, shoot pheasants by the thousands, and hide their shame as best they can.  Britain has lots of great people and Donald Trump has made it easy to find them.

From Russia Today, who we thank for not ducking this story:

‘His eyelids were fluttering like a lovesick teenager’: Piers Morgan slammed for Trump interview

‘His eyelids were fluttering like a lovesick teenager’: Piers Morgan slammed for Trump interview

Breakfast TV show Good Morning Britain (GMB) aired Morgan’s hour-long exclusive interview with Trump in the grand Winston Churchill War Rooms in London. Morgan, who is well-known by Trump, probed the US president on a variety of topics from Meghan Markle to Jeremy Corbyn, the NHS and John McCain.

Unfortunately for Morgan, it hasn’t been the issues raised that have provided the main talking point on social media. Many on Twitter have accused Morgan of sickly fawning over Trump, abandoning his usual argumentative style viewers and politicians are so used to seeing and instead opting to massage the ego of the US president.

One Twitter user characterized Morgan’s interview as “Presidential sycophancy at it’s finest, his eyelids were fluttering like a love sick teenager, absolutely excruciating, brown nosing on an industrial scale, pass me the sickbag.”


Embedded video

Lisa Matthews@msljenn_mat

They’re going to need a bloody tow truck to pull Piers out of Trumps arse.



Piers Morgan is absolutely sickening on this morning, he’s going to need to be surgically removed from Trump anus



The Piers interview with Trump is cringe! He’s just ass kissing the whole time. All I see is total adoration in Piers’ eyes


However, there have been those that have come to Morgan’s defense. Joe Michalczuk, a former reporter for GMB and Sky News, claimed that all the bashing was just “sour grapes.”

“…he may have a head the size of the Trump balloon but he gets the scoops everyone else dreams of,” Michalczuk added.

Trump completes his three-day state visit on Wednesday when he travels down to Portsmouth on the south coast to join other world leaders to mark the anniversary of D-Day. He then jets off to the West of Ireland to hold discussions with Irish PM Leo Varadkar.

ALSO ON RT.COM‘I’d be brilliant’: Piers Morgan wants to take over from ‘absolutely embarrassing’ Theresa May

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  1. Even earlier than you said, JohnZ. The Plantagenets came to the throne in 1154, accordoing to Wiki. But there was always a lot of intermarriage, wasn’t there. The magnates were Normans and Flemings, I beieve. Was ‘Frenchie’, Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester ? I’d be very surprised if our Royals didn’t have inherited Norman blood from several ancestors, including that of other European sovereigns.

    But a lot of nonsense is talked about our royal family. Yes, they have the Hapsburg strain but the Queen herself is half-Scottish. Philip’s father was apparently Prince of Greece and Denmark, and he looks a Scandinavaian, doesn’t he ? I believe one of Philip’s recent ancestors was prompted or appointed to the Greek throne.

  2. Also John, the US empire doesn’t look as if it will last a century. Although the British empire lasted several centuries, was it not a prolongation of the Norman empire, dating back to 1066 ?

    In fact, technically, have we not been an occupied country ever since ? The Normans didn’t go away ; they just remained as our aristocracy and upper class ; the reason we are designated as ‘subject’, as some snooty Sloane Ranger pointed out to a pleb, in a TV ‘vox pop’, on the occasion of Princess Diana’s funeral.

    • Wasn’t the last Norman king, Richard III defeated at the battle of Bosworth Field in 1485 and replaced by a Tudor?
      The house of Windsor as I take it is not the real name of the family as it was changed during WWI.
      No doubt some of those Normans remained as Lords and ladies, Dukes and Barons and whatever nonsense they continue to revel in.
      Even Viking and Saxon influence remains. The Romans left quite a mark on the British landscape.

  3. I think you lads who are going on about the royal family* all the time are stark-staring mad. Quite part from anything else, the alternative would surely be Rupert Murdoch or some other Deep State ‘wheeler-dealer’. Or someone like Reagan or Dubya.

    * As the late king of Egypt, Farouk, averred, ‘There are only five royal houses : Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and the House of Windsor.’ So, the only one properly so-called.
    ‘Also, Thatcher had a strong ideological ally Ronald Reagan. How about now with Boris and Donald then ?

    Yep, JL. She’d get along fine with both Boris and Donald, I’m sure. I don’t believe one bit that Boris is a One-Nation Tory. I think he’s an old Etonian, and when he’s not playing the buffoon, he’d fit into that group in Cameron’s Bullingdon Club photo perfectly.

  4. At least, he’s no longer humiliating America at CNN.
    All empires rise and all empires fall. Britain has been relegated to the historical dustbin of fallen empires.
    Rinse and repeat.
    America is next.
    No Donald tRump, Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan or whoever is the next fool to attain the Oval Office will ever reverse course. The inevitability of the collapse of the American empire will be no different than that of the late British empire. There is no Great Britain. Their continued love affair of the royals keeps them locked in perpetuity of kings and queens ever since the Norman Conquest of 1066, form there on to the Tudors and other frauds, shysters and con men…..and women.
    Britain need to pull itself out of the middle ages. There never was a King Arthur and he won’t be returning to make Britain great again.

  5. (continued)

    and idolizes Morgan for what he deems amazing ‘scoops’ – which that interview was evidently meant to illustrate ; And being a former Sky News reporter. Michalczuc would have been an employee in some capacity of Rupert, the ‘Dirty Digger’. It would be comical if it were not so tragic.

    As Wild Bill Clinton once remarked : ‘They (the unworldly public) get it in the end’ – exceptions
    notwithstanding, in the UK, journalists, lawyers and politicians, not necessarily in that order, occupy the lowest positions in the public’s esteem. However, so much damage has been done by now that it is rather late in the day, isn’t it ?

    I hope the integrity of the chain of custody of the voting slips is unbroken and all the counting publicly monitored in the next General Election. I have never figured out how the Deep State was able to extend the Tories’ term of office, initially under Cameron, I think by a couple of years. I don’t believe I ever heard or read a precise rationale. Surely, it’s time to bring it forward now.

  6. (to be continued)

    ‘Man bites dog’. All anyone needs to know is that Piers Morgan was a fervent fan of ‘Lady Cardboard’, aka Margaret Thatcher, to date, at least, the most absolutely talentless puppet of the Deep State, and the creature, who, with the help of the MSM, full bore, brought back a level of exploitation of the labour-force leading to a prewar sink of mutli-generational, mass unemployment, and then mass homelessness, with people now reduced to ‘sleeping rough’, at night and begging on the streets by day.

    ‘… he gets the scoops everyone else dreams of,” Michalczuk added.’

    It gets weirder and weirder, the deeper and deeper the knavery : First Morgan’s sychophancy towards Trump … and then journalist, Michalczuc manages to plumb a hitherto unimagined depth, one level further down