Israeli Rabbis Openly Embrace Racism – Defend Hitler



“Let’s just start with whether Hitler was right or not,” … “He was the most correct person there ever was, and was correct in every word…” – Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel

“Yes, we’re racists. We believe in racism”

Embracing racism, rabbis at pre-army yeshiva laud Hitler, urge enslaving Arabs

Recordings show instructors at settlement academy openly promoting Jewish supremacy; principal says Arabs want to live under Israeli occupation due to their genetic inferiority.

Two rabbis at a pre-military religious academy in a West Bank settlement were recorded making derogatory and racist comments about Arabs, defending Adolf Hitler’s worldview, and openly promoting Jewish supremacy.

In a series of undated recordings published by Channel 13 news on Monday, Rabbi Eliezer Kashtiel, the head of the Bnei David academy in Eli, can be heard calling for the enslavement of the “stupid and violent” non-Jews due to their genetic inferiority.

“The gentiles will want to be our slaves. Being a slave to a Jew is the best. They’re glad to be slaves, they want to be slaves,” he told a class in one of the video clips. “Instead of just walking the streets and being stupid and violent and harming each other, once they’re slaves, their lives can begin to take shape.”

Adam Green Documentary “God’s Chosen People”
Knuckle-dragging racism flourishing in the Israeli Talmud-thumping Rabbi Brotherhood

“All around us, we are surrounded by peoples with genetic problems. Ask a simple Arab ‘where do you want to be?’ He wants to be under the occupation. Why? Because they have genetic problems, they don’t know how to run a country, they don’t know how to do anything. Look at them.”

In the lecture, Kashtiel goes on to embrace racism against non-Jews.

“Yes, we’re racists. We believe in racism… There are races in the world and peoples have genetic traits, and that requires us to try to help them,” he said. “The Jews are a more successful race.”

In another clip from the Bnei David Yeshiva published by Channel 13, Rabbi Giora Redler can be heard praising Hilter’s ideology during a lesson about the Holocaust.

“Let’s just start with whether Hitler was right or not,” he told students. “He was the most correct person there ever was, and was correct in every word he said… he was just on the wrong side.”

Redler goes on to say that pluralism is the “real” genocide being perpetrated against the Jewish people, not Nazi Germany’s Final Solution.

“The real Holocaust was not when they murdered the Jews, that’s not it. All these excuses — that it was ideological or systematic — are nonsense,” he said. “Humanism, and the secular culture of ‘We believe in man,’ that’s the Holocaust.”

The comments drew wide condemnation from opposition lawmakers who called for pulling all state funding to the Eli-based academy over Kashtiel’s and Redler’s remarks. (Continue)

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  1. Any chance VT will publish the lists of email, telephone and street contacts for the various Jewish organizations so we can send this garbage to them in the very remote chance one of them will see fit to write and tell the Rabbi see his psychiatrist for a reality check. He is very rude. This being – The Lord’s Day, June 9, 2019 Anno Domini.

  2. Unlike the sub-Saharan Africans, rabbi Yoseph you look very much as if you are very hairy type beneath that garb. Why, your hair that we can see looks to be straight as an arrow, and you have thin lips, all remakably simian.

    Then there is that tricky, inquisitive worldly mind. When God chose your people above all others as his ‘advance party’, you were a simple, pastoral people … unlike the Philistines and the Egyptians, who were the sophisticated hot-shots of that day ; you know…. the kind who today prefer to fund the building of an art gallery or a museum, instead of paying their income-tax and paying workers a just, living wage, with a modicum of disposable income to keep the economy healthy.

  3. ‘Black people, made in the image of God (strange to relate, like your good self, rabbi) are monkeys?’ That is blasphemy, and will be punished far more firecely that if you had cursed God directly, since his shoulders are broad, and as our Creator knows our fragile frame).

    In case that were not enough to condemn you, Hitler once remarked that barbarism was not something to be ashamed of. It purified a nation.

  4. modern jews and arabs are genetically indistiguishable, primarily Paternal Haplo J1 J2 (assyrian) mixed with R1a R1b (germanic slavic).

    Whereas its minority E1b1 that is credited for contributions to Humanity (Einstein Wright Brothers Seyed Qutb Hitler Nelson Mandela).

  5. Frustrating times when your noetically armed w/ real gnosis & Deep State is repeating the same cycled FUD, gaslighing ‘Shill-lebs’ Arc of Crisis psychodrama agenda. When Freemason George H. Bush deceived American people with FEMA’s Noahide Laws (Talmudic designation) was a HUGE clue. Not many listened then & not many listening still. Stupefying ignorance on so many levels.

  6. Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

    “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

    “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

    this will be the spiritual leader of israel which will one day control the world. Satanyahu itself said israel will obey the talmud which says
    “Jesus is living in hell now sitting in a cauldron of burning excrement”
    “it is perfectly okay for a jew to kill a non-jew”
    ” it is perfectly okay for a jew to steal from a non-jew but not a fellow jew”

    have a nice evening , suckers!