Syrian War Report – June 6, 2019: Syrian, Russian Forces Pound Militants In Greater Idlib


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ISIS cells have used an IED to blow up a Syrian Army vehicle on the road between Naamer and al-Khirbet in northern Daraa, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq said on June 4. According to the report, 3 soldiers were killed in the attack. However, these claims have not yet been confirmed by pro-government sources.

This became the first official ISIS announcement of an attack in the province of Daraa since last year when the army and former rebels that had reconciled with the government eliminated ISIS’ local branch, the Khalid ibn al-Walid Army.

The resumption of ISIS attacks in southern Syria may be a sign that the terrorist group’s core hiding in the Syrian and Iraqi deserts has had enough time to restore contacts with its cells in this part of the country. If this is the case, further attacks in the area can be expected.

Just recently, the army discovered a large ammo depot during a recent search operation in the country’s south. The ammo depot contained loads of weapons, including: 3 US-made TOW anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launchers along with 4 missiles, 3 Russian-made Metis-M ATGM launchers along with 6 missiles and two 1PBN86-VI thermal sights, a Soviet-made Malyutka ATGM along with its launcher, 7 Bulgarian-made AT-4 Spigot ATGMs, a Bulgarian-made Konkurs ATGM and several rounds for the Yugoslav-made M79 Osa anti-tank weapon.

A swarm of armed drones attacked residential areas in the town of Jubb Ramlah in western Hama in the early hours of June 5. According to

Local sources, the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces intercepted all the drones before they managed to cause any losses.

Opposition sources confirmed the attack attempt saying that it was a response to strikes on the Greater Idlib area.

According to pro-militant sources, Syrian and Russian forces carried out hundreds of strikes on various targets in northwestern Hama, southern Idlib and northern Lattakia over the last 24 hours. Clashes also continued in the area north of Kafr Nabudah.

At the same time, so-called moderate rebels from Jaysh al-Izza, the group that had received large quantities of weapons from the US, appeared in a new video with a badge of the Islamic Black Standard with the Seal of Muhammad. This is a well-known symbol of al-Qaeda and the official flag of ISIS.

Despite all the attempts by Idlib militant groups and their Western backers to present these “rebels” as “moderate democrats”, it’s not so easy to hide the truth.

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  1. Isis et al still be trained in Iraq/Qatar/Jordan by PMC’s & Active Duty. TRUMP lies like the Zionist Snake he is.

  2. Whats the difference between americans/jews against Iran vs americans/jews against Turkey?

    Whats the difference between americans/jews against Hezbollah vs americans/jews against AlQaeda?

  3. Southfront has me blocked, because I support a Turkey Iran Russia China Axis, and discourage sectarian infighting between China and Uigurs, Russia and Taliban, Iran and Turkey, and Assad should stand down.

    This article headlines dropping bombs on Idlib, but the article only mentions isis, who have no influence or say in Idlib, who are in fact just as despised by Rebels.

    Southfront is inordinately against Rebels, and begs for charity despite not even having any grounds for doing so (Rebels and Vets have more grounds).

    Its about time that ‘Analysts’ distinguish between fsa and TFSA, ttp and Taliban, isis and AlQaeda, zinki and HTS, saudis and Turks.

    Because its cheap analysis such as that from the southfront ‘beggers’ that causes tribulation itself. americas excuse for entering Syria was isis, and nato wreaked havoc on all parties in Syria. southront is no better in encouraging Russia and Assad to do the same thing.

    southfront is a bunch of beggers and operate to the highest bidder (media mercenaries).

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