World News Breaking News: Washington DC:  “We need One World with No Borders, One Government, One Religion called No Religion and One Law namely, “”Root out all Human Corruption””. This is what we need in this blue planet of ours before the Darkness of Nothing will come over us and darkness will consume us with emptiness of nothing” President Ricardo Baretzky said yesterday at a rally in Balkans.

Baretzky warned Brussels and said that its has lots of evidence that European Commission is unlawfully targeting individuals on social media and other platforms. “When the European Commission has to resort to Hacking and unlawful cyber activities, censoring of public citizens LinkedIn and Facebook pages to stop freedom of speech, then its clear the end is near. Now, if Wikileaks failed to deliver the facts, don’t make a mistake by assumption CYBERPOL Cyber Policing Organization will fail in the same way he said.

“Criminal thugs, Political Corruption and financial money laundering is everywhere, The only way to get to root these criminals out is by joining us on this glorious mission.” Baretzky said that Human corruption and greed is at boiling point and needs to be suppressed by all means.

CYBERPOL PRIVATE EYES for Private investigators, Cyber Hackers and Cyber security specialists were recently established to assist in this mission to combat global crimes where police services are involved in corruption. President Ricardo Baretzky said “Together we can become one unstoppable army which cannot be ignored by judicial suppression and corruption”

CYBERPOL established by Royal Decree no WL 22/16.595 protected under Treaty 124 as Public utility purpose is inter-alia Art. 2 of the Organization: To ensure and promote the widest possible mutual international assistance between all international Cyber Criminal police authorities within the limits of the laws existing in the different countries and in the spirit of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and to establish and develop all institutions likely to contribute effectively to the prevention and suppression of ordinary and advanced cyber law crimes. These are facts that cant be ignored and will come like a hot potato to those who are corrupt- President Baretzky Warned.

You can join CyberPol Mission on

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  1. There are 195 countries, over 6,500 spoken languages in the world today, according to some estimates, there are roughly 4200 religions, there are tens of thousands of distinct communities, there are hundreds of different ethnic groups…he is a mental deficient.

  2. 1. A world without borders (i.e., without armies, nations, self-identities). The long-standing dream of international corporations, to whom nothing prevents pumping resources, poisoning people with disgusting food, making people slaves of consumption.
    2. World government. Hegemon in the service of different mega-corporations.
    3. One religion. It already exists – the most common in the world: the world and human destinies, feelings are ruled by money. Want to know a person? – give him money or power!
    I can not imagine this. In its social development, human civilization has not grown to such a fantasy (in a good sense).

  3. That CyberPol shit it seems be like a cyber big big brother eye and a cyber version of Cecil Rhodes confessions when he wrote…. “I look into history and I read the story of the Jesuits I see what they were able to do in a bad cause and I might say under bad leaders.”

  4. Hot potatoes. The global sex abuse scandal will give way to the global laundering scandal. Education and religion have been dragging their heels and it will catch up to them. The truth is unavoidable, because it is pervasive throughout all areas of study. Instrumentation and sensors that detect the subtle changes, will reflect what ancient science tells us everywhere we dig. Everyone had the same information. Angkor Wat, Egypt, China, Central America, Gobleki Tepi, … all of it. The hot potato, is the misrepresentation on behalf of the Vatican, Israel, and Mecca. The text tells the origins by way of verbatim undeniable entries. Pious Fraud is monetary fraud as soon as money changes hands. And oh boy, the money is mountainous. Everyone who thinks of their text as “actual history” is disqualified as investigator immediately, due to denial in the face of the obvious.

  5. “We need One World with No Borders, One Government, One Religion called No Religion and One Law namely, “”Root out all Human Corruption””.

    No….the world needs to get rid of the Zionist/Bolshevik puppets and Central Banker/Anunnaki Royals that are trying to institute an Old World Order/NWO totalitarian world rule.

    • As long as evil exist, there will be those that follow Evil. Whether to seek power to control others. greed or selfish ends. It means that those that reject the forces of darkness, should always be alert and watchful. The forces of darkness can only over come, when there is an absent of light.

  6. This guy sounds like classic problem, reaction, solution, controlled opposition. Wish he could elaborate,…what would be the official candy bar, soft drink, or car rental company, for example, of this one world structure? People want to know these things.

  7. “Root out all human corruption.”

    I am all for it. Yet this is a moral problem requiring a moral solution.

    Nevertheless, so many people dismiss this simple logic by believing passionately that a political solution will be all that would be needed.

    Just the same, any human organization, such as Cyberpol, eventually will succumb to corruption unless the hearts of its members also would be changed to and kept in a state of integrity.

    While I wish Cyberpol success, it too will fail eventually since it is merely a political or social solution.

    The moral solution would require a change of the human heart from a state of corruption to one of integrity, one that could resist allurement to be unfaithful, and to defy any threat.

    There does exist, indeed, such a moral solution.

    • I agree with the moral (& ethical) consideration(s). But what if we ever-so-clever humans manage to annihilate mankind and to destroy the world as we know it ? This New Earth’s atmosphere, comprised of possibly Nitrogen, CO2 and Methane with a just a hint of Oxygen would necessitate the genesis of a new life-form capable of survival in this comparatively hostile environment. A radioactive nuclear winter is another topic.
      For these new, numerically-dominant ‘beings’ to become creative enough to contemplate corruption would require countless eons of Time…but I think you get the picture being sketched in words.
      With a childhood that included living on a horse-drawn farm, I think it’s a shameful crime our governance has descended into hell-itself because pi$srahell controls our ‘(s)elected’ gov’t rep’s. What to do, please? Suggestions are appreciated.