I remember in my teenage years throwing flies in the moonlight as it rippled over the still waters of the canal. Popping sounds as twenty-pound Sea Trout fed on the surface, some as loud as firecrackers against the backdrop of a cricket symphony, providing the music of the night.

When I was younger my mother would take us to Byron Lake in the Jersey Pine Barrens where I would spend the day immersed in its calm cool waters to escape the merciless August sun. Sometimes we would take the trail to the other side and pick blueberries beside a smaller tea-stained lake, and the sounds of the cicadas high up in the pines would be deafening.

There was nothing better than to awaken in the morning caressed by the cool breeze of the fan before the onset of another sweltering summer day, whether it be on streets of Brooklyn where the haze rose from the concrete like a mirage in the desert, the marshlands of the Jersey Pine Barrens where Fiddler Crabs unnumbered scampered across mud banks riddled with their holes, or later harvesting the boundless fecundity of the Great South Bay of Long Island.

That these things never really happened and my senses could be deceived to such a point instinctually I know not to be possible. That I am no longer the same being that experienced them is a far better explanation. As Preston Nichols notes in the Montauk Project / Experiments in Time back in 1983, it became possible for Man to create his “own artificial reality”.

In Nichols own words: “The Rainbow technology turns on and creates what can be called an “alternate” or “artificial reality.”” The experimental subject is enveloped in an electromagnetic bottle removing it from the space-time continuum and rending it invisible.” The “time reference” point necessary to avoid madness is then provided “by using computers to “generate an electromagnetic background (or phony stage)” and “feeding into the “bottle” all the natural backgrounds of the Earth — at least enough to convince them of a continuous stream time reference.” (1)

In Esoteric Evolution the evolution of this technology can be traced through the facts given there about the Nazi Bell and the history of Bell Telephone. The rest from Max Wien’s early attempts to synchronize two pendulums, to Otto Rahn finding the Grail somewhere in the foothills of the Sabarthes beneath the ruins of Montsegur, right up to the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy may very well all just be metaphorical. In fact we, all of us including myself, may just be metaphors for who we really are, Tulpas we have projected into an artificial Timeline for the greater good of the real world.

To quote the Brown Paper bag in Hideo Kojima’s teaser for a Silent Hills game that was really a teaser for Twin Peaks 2017 “I walked. I could do nothing but walk. And then, I saw me walking in front of myself. But it wasn’t really me. Watch out. The gap in the door… it’s a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?” (2)

The innovative “light box” of the Chalmers University of Technology researchers makes the alternations between light and matter take place so rapidly that it is no longer possible to distinguish between the two states. Light and matter become one. (Ref. Phys.org)

Preston Nichols, whom I have little doubt was the Tulpa of Hugh Everett III, the number two scientist under Jon von Neumann for this little experiment in time that we are all participating in, knew very well the only him was not him. He left us with this message before his Tulpa exited this Xibalba presided over by Jewish Devils who carry cash registers instead of pitchforks:


Why this has been done should be apparent when we consider how a Fourier transform, which is the root of the mathematics being used here, works. “Two graphs are created; one showing the frequency domain and the other the time domain. The differential is then mapped between the two domains and, through various permutations of the equations, a spreadsheet is achieved of all the individual frequencies that constitute a function of time, what is defined as a signal…

Animation showing the Fourier Transform of a time shifted signal. [Top] the original signal (orange), is continuously time shifted (blue). [Bottom] The resultant Fourier Transform of the time shifted signal. Note how the higher frequency components revolve in complex plane faster than the lower frequency components (Photo amination credit: Wikipedia: Fourier Transform)
Often it is easier to solve a problem in the time domain by working on it in the frequency domain.” (3)

“In Montauk Project lore, the Germans create a rift between Time and Space in 1931. Since then there’s been two Germanys. One is a happy place ruled over by Germany, who won the War in a walkover with their superior technology. The other is this out of control dung heap, inexorably being consumed by its own technology, which we now find ourselves in…” (4)

I parted intellectual company for good in 1999 with Nichols himself and the whole J J Hurtak Keys of Enoch core at Total Health, including my mother, none of which aside from Nichols I had ever taken seriously anyway when they started taking a series of communications on the fledgling internet with one “ProfessorPhate” seriously.

Just perusing the text, I could see that this ProfessorPhate thought that by profusely spraying around obscure and pedantic words, many of them used incorrectly, he could pass himself off as enigmatic, not to me. Besides I have never even entertained the idea that Germany had really won the war and existed as an empire on another Timeline till I began the Black Sun Rising series with Orage and examined the actual evidence for myself.

Upon reexamination of the communications after being educated on Germany, my opinion of ProfessorPhate as an obfuscationist remains the same, but now I understand why guys like Nichols and top tier NSA operatives like J J Hurtak took seriously his claims of being from the original Timeline, tenuously ruled over by a Germany under constant threat of an apocalyptic war with Japan, which is the other superpower.

In one of the only two completely coherent passages, ProfessorPhate laments on the inevitability of such a war. “And although the technocrats believe the future for Germany is in continuing its monopoly of space exploration and colonization, the latest generation of occultic ideologues are on the verge of successfully promoting a renewal of war in order to acquire the sacred Aryan homeland of Central Asia…” (5)

When asked about its veracity ProfessorPhate more or less scoffs at the Matrix movie and instead highly recommends the movie Dark City because he is aware that it is consciousness itself that creates reality not machines. He goes on to say his handlers have told him that, because it is a focal point for paranormal phenomenon and resultantly highly unstable, the Transhumanists on this Timeline will eventually destroy it and everything in it, because they will overrun the consciousness that manifests it.

Critical mass, which he calls the singularity in reference to the words usage by science fiction writer Vernor Vinge who in turn “expropriated” it from Einsteinean physics, will be achieved “when the curve becomes perpendicular Vinge called the Singularity. At that juncture, the pace of change in innovation will become so rapid and unassimilatible that the world as we knew it becomes unknowable and unpredictable.” (6)

ProfessorPhate finishes with his other completely coherent passage; a warning…

“As any number of academic specialists in the asundry fields of personal and collective psychology can tell you, when an individual or group is under the pressure of the stress of unsuccessfully trying to adjust to a barrage of unanticipated changes, they tend to have a nervous breakdown. My liaisons believe we, on this world/time-line, will be witnessing and/or experiencing a catastrophic psycho-demographic collapse, which will powerfully intensify the aforementioned attrition of our existential stability.

Now, let me hasten to clarify, they aren’t asserting that one second after midnight on Jan. 1, 2035 (or whenever) the universe disappears in a puff of smoke-and then the smoke disappears. It is one of those a-journey-of-a-thousand-miles-begins-with-a-single-step sort of things. When the Singularity occurs, the final irrevocable countdown starts. How long it [will] take to reach zero is ours to guess. There is a further sub-text to this phenomenon which I need to address later.

I just thought that someone might want a heads-up.” (7)

To my knowledge ProfessorPhate never did address those other sub-texts. Perhaps it was decided that the Truth would be better served by having it come straight from the Horse’s Mouth. They have been addressed by Orage and I; the most crucial in Aleister Crowley, Loki’s Brood & the Fury of Hell; parts 1 and 2, followed by Of Freyja and Lilith, Goddesses and Demons & the Lie of Judeo-Christianity parts 1 and 2. We have had a great big assist from David Lynch with Twin Peaks 2017, and for that he has my eternal gratitude.

It must have been hard for an artist of his renown and rightfully so, to see his masterpiece, which incidentally blows the doors off anything Leonardo da Vinci ever did, misinterpreted by fools and ignoramuses who have been given platforms by the empire. Orage and I tried, but we were run out of and ignored in every Facebook group available, not to mention not published where we should have been published.

Lynch even broke with the cardinal rule of every artist ever born of his caliber by actually explaining his own content when he told the retards writing about his work that that was not tea pot but a machine; I would have slapped somebody for sure. Christ his Glocke even had the dents on it that it acquired when it crashed in Kecksburg.

This strange cylinder device generated a tremendous vortex in the etheric field by counter-rotating mercury plasma, though many speculate it was merely an anti-gravity flying device, it seems more likely to have been a primitive attempt to create an artificial ‘wormhole’ portal that could pierce the quarantine barrier. Whatever its use, the Bell project and its designers vanished just before the war’s end.

All we can do is keep trying, and if you can but do not get us published in Rolling Stone Magazine or the New Yorker, then please do not tell me you are trying to help me. When you still take me as the Fool I was, it makes me very angry. What we are going to do here is rerun Esoteric Evolution – a Primer for the New Gods parts 1 and 2.

You will find the VT link to ESOTERIC EVOLUTION – A PRIMER FOR THE NEW GODS II – A “TEAPOT” AND THE TOROIDAL UNIVERSE at the bottom of part 1, if not, it’s right here. You will also find a link to Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head, which explains some of what is not explained in Esoteric Evolution.

For those who still do not Understand how an artificial reality can be created, I would ask you to pay close attention to the evolution of Bell Telephone. In 1931 Karl Jansky made contact with an extraterrestrial signal. Bell then won the Nobel Prize for proving matter does not even exist; it’s all part of the wave function. Claude Shannon finished deciphering the signal and in the process invented Information Theory. Bell then introduced the transistor to the world, winning another Nobel Prize and enabling them to broadcast their own reality.

They then figured out how to use the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, which is a series of fractions resulting from the process of “condensing;” the energy production method used by Viktor Schauberger to power die Glocke. They won a Nobel Prize for that one too and the last the Nobel Prize they won for physics was for the invention of the charge-coupled device; a device that moves an electrical charge, you can read that as soul, usually from within the device itself, to an area where it can be manipulated. That’s how I got to this abomination of a universe and probably her too.

I can remember the exact moment in 2009.

There I was minding my own business, passed out on my couch from a half a dozen prescription sedatives off another cocaine and alcohol binge. Both my daughters were there, in retrospect probably worried about me, assuming it’s possible for Selene to worry about anything but herself.

I was jolted awake and up onto my feet by an electrical shock that seemed to run through my whole body. I stood there startled, and they asked what was wrong. I just told them I was dreaming, but I knew and have always known since then I wasn’t.

At first I thought I had died, and this whole Jack Heart thing which began exactly then was some kind Jacobs Ladder, as in Jacobs Ladder, the movie experience. But I am not a Fool anymore; and just like David Lynch’s Agent Cooper, I am now, and have been for some time now, fully aware…

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(Photo credit: Interstellar, film)


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  1. Bell shape or bell shaped curve is quite interesting figure and it has suprising similarities in pure physics and human behaviour. The curve itself is defined by supposing, that the decrease of property value of interest (temperature etc) with respect the change of coordinate we are counting (distance etc) is directly proportional to the product of property value and coordinate, in short (dy/dx=-yx). This is quite simple integral and its solution is the bell shaped curve (y=Cexp(-1/2x^2), where C is constant of integration. That curve describes under certain cirumstances the random motion of molecules in diffusion and random collisions of molecules in heat conduction.

    But it also describes random activities and interests of individuals in HEALTHY society, in statistics the curve is called normal distribution. But there is nothing random or normal in any society anymore, political correctness and 6mln make sure of that. Applying normal distribution to some statistical problem most likely gives wrong answer. Although all multiculti bs, they have turned the progress of mankind to the reverse direction, in which normal ditribution becames Dirac delta function, where one opinion density exceeds the critical value and explosion is inevitable.

    • That’s pretty interesting. “As a distribution, the Dirac delta function is a linear functional that maps every function to its value at zero.” “Functions were originally the idealization of how a varying quantity depends on another quantity. For example, the position of a planet is a function of time.”
      I don’t understand the math, but it seems to me, that if they used human and animal behavior data as a function of time, combined with other existing data, it could lead to some worrying potentials. I think it is a serious thing to be making sure, the data from the LISA project for example is decentralized.
      There are those who have postured, that a reset button has been used in the past. In the examination of the larger cycles, everything we are doing now, is very likely to occur every 26,000 yrs or so. It is highly possible we have been here before. We have a few things that would be explained by that notion.

    • David, I’m afraid that You are right. They do collect data and make models of that and always heading the opposite direction of nature. The way we understand the Diraci function is, that at the imaginary initial state there was a huge point load of wealth in hands of the few, then how would the release of the wealth affect our dynamical system. They think the opposite, how to tax ordinary citizens to make that point load of real wealth possible, to proceed to the final state when their messiah is coming.

  2. One of the stories regarding “people showing up”, is chapter 18 Genesis. The precise situation is also in the I-Ching hexagram # 5. In fact, in the order of the trecenas, Genesis 18 would be Hexagram # 5, and the book does follow the trecenas of the 260 day calendar, precisely in content and numerical order. That’s why I always say the book is stolen and certainly has “Chinese specific “content among others. Another story that is common throughout the world is the , kind treatment of strangers, because you may not know who they are. This is suggestive of “strangers” appearing and acting as homeless or someone in need, for what many interpret as “in person testing”. So, in the context of the limitations of human ability to manipulate our reality, these things enter the conversation. Most people who have these experiences, do not publicly discuss them, and in fact, many feel they cannot, or are advised not to, as it is against the wishes of the invisible beings. Which may well be true for those individuals.

  3. The most elite mathematicians and physicists at the top of the food chain, such as Ulam, von Neumann and Feynman, and many others still living have minds that think outside well-tread constructs. Whenever creative geniuses are discovered, the mil-industrial-intel complex usually enlists and conscripts them so as to control their output, mainly to preclude their interaction with other members of the herd who might be inspired to think outside the box and perhaps push back against their fence. From these boards, it is clear that failed academics are paid to comment with half-truths in order to ward off any enlightenment. I have watched this method for 5 years on Jack Heart’s comment sections. But, despite this, and for some unknown reason, Jack and Orage seem to provide articles to see if ‘there is any intelligent life remaining out there’, and they keep trying.

    I don’t know the names of the obfuscating actors, other than the age old Ro-Ro’s, but having been raised on a farm, I do recognize a pile of manure when I see it.

  4. Time is a noodle twister. I agree it is an illusion, but I also maintain it exists. In other words, if the wave forms can be noticed, tracked and predicted, then it must exist. If time is an illusion then everything is an illusion and then the word illusion loses it’s meaning, because to have an illusion, or perceive one, you must view it from a reality of some kind. I have witnessed bi-location or instantaneous displacement of a human being (stone cold sober). It immediately changes your entire perception of everything. It’s a weird thing also, that people who witness these things recognize each other, but seldom discuss any of it. Then there is the “people who show up” and I’m not sure how many witness this, and how many get to verify it, but I would bet it happens quite often, and seldom gets verified. The signals that form the images in our minds can be manipulated by external forces. And why would the wind, listen to a primate ? Or the rain ?

    • Our current concept of time, the way it is presented is absolutely a complete fabrication. The 7 day cycle or the months do not exist. There is no way to tell, if it is Tuesday. But in other calendars that track the changes from day to day, it is rather easy to discern what day it is if you lose count or consciousness. Not with planets or stars, but observing humans and animals behavior. We are connected to and part of periodicity just like the periodic table. And like the elements we have a variety of functions. And like the table, those functions have an order and place and point of origin. The old carnival trick to guess a persons birthday within ten days, was simply knowing the decans and looking for markers. A person can be trained to do this within a few weeks and they will hit over 60 %. A street smart person with good observation skills and a little more training can probably do over 90 %.

    • Emma, You are making assumptions. I understand and have witnessed it. I am not suggesting people can’t , I am simply asking the question, Why would the wind listen to a person ? So, I know people can do it, but the explanations are different depending on the person. Broad definitions or all encompassing words like spirit or creator, do not fully explain it.
      So, since you must know it, Why does the wind listen to humans ?

    • The wind is the result of heating of the atmosphere by the giant ball of gas we orbit.

      Sorry if this rational, scientific explanation dosn’t jive with all this esoteric bullshit.

      Maybe I need to smoke more crack or ingest more LSD before I ‘get’ this crap….

    • btw, I use the word primate because as is commonly known, chimpanzee’s have been seen piling rocks at specific trees and there is no reason to believe everything is limited to humans. In my own opinion, not all capabilities are human-only. And from what I have experienced, trees are pretty important to humans as well and certain trees are honored and recognized by many cultures at sacred sites. So, I see this as something we likely have in common with all primates of which we are one. So, the furtherance of the conversation of creating or manipulating reality, (with graduate school in the title) is what part other animals play in that too.
      For example, the “Night of the Grizzlies” phenomenon. If you’re not familiar, the guessing peoples birthdays by observation came from India with the Elephants , normally only seen in the US at carnivals, but is common knowledge elsewhere. All this means is time and shape and objects are connected, and a persons birth time can be determined in certain calendars by observing clothing or tattoo’s or many other things more than 50 % of the time, as the booth wouldn’t make money if they couldn’t. I call it a trick, because they don’t tell how they do it, but it isn’t magic.

    • Ian, it may seem bizarre, but I can only speak for myself, that I have witnessed more than one person make it rain or stop the wind, or call the wind. It is actually a commonly known point of awareness though seldom talked about in online forums. I personally do not consider that even high strangeness, but common knowledge. Bi-location or “people showing up” is to me high strangeness. That too is known pretty much throughout the world. One interesting study in that direction is seeing the masks of different cultures that match a precise face and is considered associated with the same type of help. In the US, the devil at the crossroads, but in other places not devils at all. Quite the opposite. And there are people throughout the world who know how to call them. No Catholics that I know of,..though there was that time, the pope was meeting all those children in Spain and the wind shut it down and ended it right there suddenly.

    • I don’t believe people can stop the wind or rain, I don’t believe anything that isn’t supported by solid evidence, that can’t stand up to rational, logical examination. Human beings have this strange drive to turn things that they don’t understand into crazy theories. We should had left all this crap behind long ago, when we developed the scientific principles, rational thought and logic. File this esoteric nonsense alongside the flat earth lunacy.

    • Well Ian, To verify is to witness, and it is widely acknowledged by people in academia, that certain topics are off limits. However, even the double slit experiment is enough. I haven’t sought the verification of academia for much of anything in decades.
      I have met some very serious and intelligent people from several cultures who all agree on this topic. this was common knowledge in your country before the wise christian academia came and taught “logic”. It was not all horrible when settlers arrived in the americas, as many who fled the christian persecution were overjoyed to learn that the people who were already here shared experiences and knowledge of the workings and nature of “flexible reality’. I was on one trip in a group that was 80% employed in academia, and even when they saw it right in front of their own eyes, dismissed it as their own minds to each other, but privately acknowledged it. For tens of thousands it is common knowledge. Like I said, the biggest issue with this, is the lack of people who will speak about it publicly, but if a person wants to learn, it is certainly available.

  5. It helps to be ‘high as a kite’ yourself before reading Jack’s fascinating excursions into another reality. Love them all.

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