National Disaster: Boris Johnson On Course to Become British PM

Boris Johnson and Lord Rothshild outside the latter's palatial country mansion near London

by Ian Greenhalgh

I said this was going to happen, in fact, I’ve been warning of this impending disaster for over two years, it was obvious to me that the long term Zionist ploy was to install the loathsome, disgusting form of Boris into No. 10 in order to have ‘their man’ in power and enable them to direct British foreign policy.

Boris just won the first round of the leadership election for a new leader of the Conservative Party to replace the disgraced Theresa May,this will also see the winner become the new Prime Minister.

I am convinced that once Boris is in power, Trump will start his war with Iran, in fact, I think it is Boris’s installation into Downing Street that Trump and his Zionist handlers are waiting for before they set the war machine rolling.

Boris with Lord Rothschild outside the latter’s palatial country mansion near London

You see, Boris, like his idol Churchill, would be more than willing to drag Britain into a war, regardless of if it holds the very real danger of exploding into a far wider, perhaps even global conflict i.e. the long dreaded World War III.

I’m not going to mince my words, Boris Johnson is a piece of shit, no need to varnish it or use any more flowery language, he is human excrement and has spent his entire career proving this to be the case.

Congenital liar, serial adulterer, shameless stooge for the Rothschild-Zionist crime cabal, there is not one redeeming thing about Boris the shitbag, the only positive thing that can reasonably be said about him is that he has a good command of the English language and, like Churchill, knows how to use it to rouse a rabble.

But don’t take my word for it, just read what some of those that know him best have to say, such as Max Hastings, who employed him for two years when editor of The Telegraph:

Hastings went into greater detail of the threat Boris poses in a Guardian article in 2012:

“Johnson is also spectacularly lacking in the moral qualifications required to lead the country. He is a congenital liar, serially disloyal, untrustworthy, irresponsible and hopelessly chaotic – as David Cameron, Michael Gove, Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, his former wives, and many others know only too well. He may be a gifted and humorous wordsmith, but he deploys that talent to dupe, dissemble and deflect. He has shown an almost criminal disregard for Britain’s economic well-being (“Fuck business”) and for Northern Ireland’s fragile peace (he once compared its border to London’s congestion zone). He has no core principles beyond the advancement of one B Johnson, and the idea that he is motivated by a desire to help others is laughable. It is hard to recall a single act of Johnsonian selflessness. “

I’m no admirer of Hastings, I think he is a distasteful right-wing dinosaur and serial apologist for the sins of the British Empire, but when it comes to Boris, he knows very well of what and whom he speaks.

Hastings fired Boris for lying, just one of several occasions when he has been given the sack for lying, both from journalistic and political roles. Boris just escaped a court case brought against him for lying over BREXIT, a case which I believe was a sham, a setup that was intended to fail, in order to try to whitewash Boris and make it seem like all the other allegations of him telling lies are similarly groundless or at least, too trivial to bother the justice system with.

These are dark days for Britain, and with the prospect of Boris as PM looming large, they are only going to grow darker.

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Ian Greenhalgh is a photographer and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts.

His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state-sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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  1. The story of what passes for democracy today – only totally unacceptable leader candidates are allowed, so that no matter who gets in, he or she will be a yes man to the secret elite. Not only that, no one voted for Boris (Russian connection?) Johnson, so the Brits will end up with a moron no one wanted.
    This kind of thing is not a democracy, but oligarchical rule with a mask of democracy. It is a sleight of hand to take our eyes off the real power.

  2. The only way that dickhead could get any validation is if he had the balls to call a general election.

  3. Your absolutely spot on Ian. I read one of your articles last year around the time he left and you predicted he would make a run for PM. OMG this POS needs to be ousted with a scandal. Publish some dirt on him please someone, expose his lying deceitful character.

    • The sad thing is, all the informed, sensible people already know what a lying scumbag Boris is, but there are a lot of uninformed dumb people who only know what they see on the TV News and think Boris is god for Britain. The situation is much like Trump in the Us, where no matter how much solid dirt is published on the asshole, there will still be a solid base of dumbbells who will support the man.

  4. Johnson’s election as Prime Minister of Britain will bring a wry smile from Trump whose first words on it being confirmed will be: “And they thought I was an asshole!” … Hell, yeah! The more correct term for both Trump and Johnson would be a Zionist Union Jacksies (Well, if you are right Ian, and I for one don’t doubt you, he is going to rub his rear end with the flag and send Britain down the (tropedo) tube as cannon fodder for Israel.) Boris as PM … who’d a thunk it. And the hair! Not only joined at the hip and having a pronounced and typical Trump arse waddle but the nuanced hair-dos makes them gel even more. Has the world really come to this; Trump the draft dodger … and that other … thing!?! who (we will no doubt be informed) has been known to spend a day or two in the butts as if that were experience enough to commend, command maybe, sending your country to war for Israel! If only all other Zionists were akin to these two then we maybe could … “No, no, no surely not piss on them!” – Hell, yeah!

  5. I just knew it, his haircut is fake too. He tries to imidate something like Johnny Rotten, but fails although there may be something more rotten in Boris than there is with Johnny. Maybe a problematic mother relation, say a mother who wished a daughter who could marry in to aristrocratic family. Anyhow now is son Boris in bed with Rothschilds, not bad at all, he made his way “on the top”.

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