British Foreign Secretary Brands Labour Leader Corbyn ‘Pathetic’ For Questioning Trump’s Anti-Iran Rhetoric


[Editor’s note: This pronouncement by the British Foreign Secretary made my blood boil; we can add Jeremy Hunt to the list of Tory scum who are all too ready and willing to follow the US-Israeli-Zionist agenda, an agenda that seems to lead to war with Iran.

Corbyn is absolutely to be applauded for questioning the validity of the ‘Iran did it’ rhetoric spewing forth from both the blowhole of the increasingly disgusting Trump and that most esteemed pillar of dishonesty – the British Intelligence Services.

This stance from Corbyn is just another in a long list of examples of behaviour that has caused the pro-Israel Zionist traitors in Britain to decry both Corbyn himself and the Labour Party he leads as virulently anti-semitic.

Britain desperately needs a general election so we can throw the disgraced Tories out of office before they can drag us into Trump’s war with Iran, but there is scant chance of that happening, as for the Tories to call such an election without first delivering the BREXIT they promise would be to commit political suicide, to damage the Tory party so gravely it may never recover.

Boris Johnson is fully behind Trump and the ‘Iran is evil’ brandwagon, Corbyn very definitely isn’t, so which would you prefer to have as your Prime Minister? Ian]

Jeremy Hunt brands Labour leader ‘pathetic’ over Iran comments

The foreign secretary has branded Jeremy Corbyn “pathetic”, after he questioned whether the UK had “credible evidence” Iran was behind attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

Jeremy Hunt said responsibility for Thursday’s attacks “almost certainly” lies with the Iranian regime.

The Labour leader said the UK should “ease tensions” in the region rather than “fuel a military escalation”.

Mr Hunt criticised Mr Corbyn for not backing British intelligence.

It is the second time in the past few weeks that tankers appear to have been attacked in the region and comes amid escalating tension between Iran and the United States.

The US military released video footage which it said proved Iran was behind Thursday’s attacks on the Norwegian and Japanese tankers – something Iran has categorically denied.

Although Iran has denied being behind the explosions, experts believe it could be a response to US sanctions intended to stop other nations from purchasing Iranian oil.

After the sanctions were tightened last month, Iran announced that “if it could not export its oil, no other country would be allowed to export theirs”, Dr Aniseh Bassiri Tabrizi, from the Royal United Services Institute, said.

The UK Foreign Office said it was “almost certain” that a branch of the Iranian military – the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – attacked the two tankers on 13 June, adding that “no other state or non-state actor could plausibly have been responsible”.

“These latest attacks build on a pattern of destabilising Iranian behaviour and pose a serious danger to the region,” Mr Hunt said.

However, in a tweet, Mr Corbyn questioned that assessment, saying that “without credible evidence”, the government’s rhetoric “will only increase the threat of war”.
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Mr Hunt criticised the Labour leader’s comments, tweeting that they were “pathetic and predictable”.
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Mr Hunt said there was “video evidence” suggesting Iran’s responsibility and Mr Corbyn’s comments showed Labour was “in the grip of virulent anti-Americanism”.

“For Jeremy Corbyn it’s all America’s fault. And this is the same man by the way who refused to condemn Putin after the Salisbury Novichok attacks,” he said.

Mr Corbyn previously cautioned against making “hasty judgements” in the wake of last year’s Salisbury nerve agent attack, which the government blamed on the Russian state.

His stance attracted some criticism, including from a number of his own MPs, although the Labour leader did subsequently say that the evidence clearly pointed to the Russian state.
Security correspondent Frank Gardner looks at the evidence which the US says proves Iran’s involvement in Thursday’s attacks

Mr Hunt’s fellow Conservative leadership candidates, including Rory Stewart, Sajid Javid, Michael Gove and Dominic Raab, also condemned Mr Corbyn’s recent comments.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry said it was important to establish independent evidence on who was behind the tanker attacks.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that developments in the region were “extremely dangerous” and cautioned against becoming “enmeshed” in a war.

There is the narrowest of differences in how the US and its closest ally, Britain, are ascribing blame over the tanker attack.

President Trump says “Iran did it”, while Jeremy Hunt says the Iranian regime was “almost certainly” behind it.

So is Britain blindly following the US into what could become a costly conflict?

Whitehall officials insist the evidence has been studied closely and they have reached the same conclusion as Washington: there are no other credible suspects apart from Iran.

It mined the entrance to the Gulf in the 1980s but strongly denies any role in this attack.

Yet a strange discrepancy has emerged with the owner of the Japanese tanker disputing the ship was hit with a limpet mine. Instead, he says, the crew reported “flying objects”.

If military action does eventually break out, conclusions reached today – behind closed doors – will one day be scrutinised in public.

US President Donald Trump has insisted Iran was behind the attacks, citing footage that Washington says shows Iranian forces removing an unexploded mine off the hull of one of the ships – hours after the initial detonations.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the truth needed to be “clearly established”, while Russia has warned against drawing “hasty conclusions”.

The blasts came a month after four oil tankers were damaged in an attack off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The US blamed Iran for that attack, but did not produce evidence. Iran also denied those accusations.

Tensions between the US and Iran have escalated significantly since President Trump took office in 2017.

He abandoned a nuclear deal that was brokered by Barack Obama’s administration and significantly tightened sanctions on Iran.

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  1. Ian, do you have an audience in the UK? A platform that has viewers and readers? The reason I ask this is I think your views are important, and it makes me wonder if there’s anyone listening there. I mean rational people, who just maybe are against war at all costs. Here in the states there seems to be total apathy about world events, and the voices of concern that do scream to be heard here are lost in the vacuum our general apathy has created.

    • Nope, and I don’t think there is any chance of me having a platform, the only ‘alt media’ in the UK that I am aware of are either controlled opposition or idiots. I mean, could you really see me sharing a platform with the likes of David Icke or Richard Hall?

  2. Ian,

    Excellent lead in on this article and your analysis of Brittish politics as I suppose tRump needs an idiot like himself to drag you into another war. I have family members in Americas special forces already in theater.

    America has maybe 70000 special forces and many can not fill their ranks as our military is depleted and my relative calls the regular army a joke. This war will be a disaster but if started will end the American republican party and its Evangelicals forever maybe a blessing? Thanks for trying and keep up the good work. Study the Bergdahl incident that Mr Duff is so passionate about as America will lose this war and badly! The Army is full of malcontents, psychopaths and drug addicts and has no standards on who gets in!

    I am listening to Roger Waters new album as I write and where there’s life there is hope as our Jack Heart says there is more to man than just what we see….

    Have a pint and enjoy your day!


    • Cheers. It’s Father’s Day here and the sun is shining, so it will be a good day, I am going to take a nice walk with my dad. Nice choice on Roger Waters, a man I greatly admire. I haven’t head his new one yet, but I intend to soon.

  3. The way it goes is they keep having rounds of votes until only two candidates are left, then they have a final, head to head vote. I’m sure Boris has already been chosen as victor and they will simply fiddle the votes accordingly.

  4. I wish we could hang every president whoever lied us into a war, including Lyndon Johnson, both Bushes, and Trump. Disgusting traitors to the republic!

  5. No other credible suspects apart from Iran in USS Liberty case either? This far they have not yet reached that far, but enough said, that Corbyn is supposed to support British intelligence. While I feel that any democracy thinks it’s the intelligence who should support democratically elected representatives, not the other way around.

  6. Seems Jeremy Hunt is the new Jack Straw and now what’s next ?? Pompeo shaking a mine in his hand at UN Security Council in the same way Colin Powell was shaking a vial ??

  7. Oh I’m definitely bitter and raging mad because I am watching this disgusting shitshow unfold and can see where it’s going to lead us and can do nothing to derail it. It’s a nasty feeling of helplessness mixed with rage. I have good friends in the Royal Marines who will no doubt find themselves at the sharp end if this insane war with Iran comes to pass and I don’t want to stand at their graveside sad and angry that they died for the Zionist crime cabal cause. I can only see bad things for Britain should Boris become PM, at the very least he will deeply embarrass the nation on the international stage, at the worst, he might outdo Tony Blair in the sheer volume of innocent people’s blood on his hands.

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