Sleep is an activity that comes naturally to us. However, sleeping the right way is the knack that many are yet to discover and leverage to walk on the path on good health. Sleeping positions have a direct impact on our organs and body as a whole. Therefore, it becomes imperative that our sleeping habits, positions and activities resonate with good health and ensure a good sleep cycle length.

Left Side Sleeping

One of the most commonly known sleeping positions, side sleeping is a habit linked with a whole lot of benefits. Sleeping on the left side helps the blood flow to your heart which pumps it to the entire body and collects it on the right side.

However, if one is sleeping on the right side, the blood vessels are all smashed in between the bed and the body which makes the final stage of the pumping difficult and results in intermittent supply which builds up the undue pressure.

Try sleeping on the bed sizes that capture your length for a restful sleep and ensure that you are on your right side to enable a healthy flow of blood which will keep your heart healthy even without you doing anything.

Interestingly, pregnant women too are recommended to sleep on their left sides because the baby tends to push their organs upward. Not to mention that the heart is supporting two bodies now and needs to relieve as much pressure as it can.

Sleeping on right side will add to the pressure of the already pressurized heart and could hinder the blood flow to the mother’s heart as well to the baby. For a good night’s rest, the mother needs a supportive bed which can help her move easily and sleep comfortably. The grey platform bed from Awara works like magic in this case and combined with a soft mattress and microfibre duvet from Nectar UK, guarantees a peaceful sleep.

There are other advantages of sleeping on the left side that are indirectly connected to a healthy heart. Sleeping on the left side

  • Helps In Digestion: The small intestine transfers the food to large intestine through ileocecal valve located at the lower right abdomen. Sleeping on the left relieves pressure off the valve and aids in digestion which cuts the chances of building acidity and hurting the chest area.
  • Reduces Heartburn: An ayurvedic concept, sleeping on your left aids digestion and promotes waste elimination which reduces the chance of developing heartburn.
  • Promotes Brain Health: As discussed, sleeping on the left side helps clear waste – interstitial waste from the brain which cuts down on the risk of neurological disorders.
  • Slashes Down Snoring or Sleep Apnea: Since sleeping on your side prevents your tongue from going down your throat and blocking pathway for the air, it is especially beneficial for reducing snoring and apnea. 

Other Sleeping Habits That Aid To A Healthy Heart And Body 

Back Sleeping

Yet another sleep position prevalent among many, the back sleeping is the perfect position if one needs to wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The peaceful sleep can be attributed to no adjustments policy that comes with this position.

When you sleep on your back, you do not have to readjust yourself because of strained blood circulation. In fact, the body weight is evenly distributed across the skeletal weight which negates the chance of any pressure build up on a particular part of the body. This ease of blood flow is also because of zero pressure on the heart. The uninterrupted sleep on good quality foam mattress in a box ensures that your weight is evenly spread across the mattress and you don’t wake up as a result of dents and unevenness of your bed.

The Fetal Position

More common in women than men, the fetal position is the most natural state of sleep one can be in. It is a healthy way of allowing your spine to rest in its natural alignment and also keep Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s at bay. Comfortable resident home products like a soft mattress, comforting drapes or 3 x 5 rugs from Wovenly can help lull you in better sleep with the fetal position working on making you healthier as you sleep.

It is interesting to note that as per recent researches, this position also helps clearing waste to keep neurological diseases at bay.

The Starfish

Sleeping on the back with arms and legs stretched out in different directions is the starfish way of sleeping. In addition to being good for the back and the heart, it also prevents facial wrinkles and skin issues. This is because the position negates acid reflux as the elevated head pushes the stomach to sit below the esophagus and prevent the digested substances from coming back up.

Additional Tips To Make Your Sleep Better

  • Discover a pad that accommodates your collarbone structure.
  • Spot a firm pillow between your knees to stack your hips and bolster your lower back.
  • Ensure the cushion is firm enough to avoid collapse
  • Hug your pillow and keep it close to support your arm
  • Keep your arms parallel to one another and at or underneath your face.
  • If you sleep with your partner, motion isolation is also a huge factor that you need to pay attention to. Check out this list of top mattresses for couples for more useful tips

Tuck Yourself In And Prepare For a Restful Sleep

The idea of sleeping in so many ways and so many tips is probably alluring enough to lull into sleep. We don’t blame you. However, we will advise you to have the right bed and sleeping accessories that help you ensure that your zzzs are truly on their way to keeping you healthy and alert.

If you are unable to catch the peaceful moments, tweak your sleep schedule with these following tips:

  • Ensure your room is dark, cozy and welcoming for sleep. Avoid using gadgets as it will disturb the tranquility of the room.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Reduce irregular day naps.
  • Follow a proper sleep schedule.
  • Lower the room’s temperature.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Do something that calms before sleep like listening to relaxing music or reading a simple genre book. Do not read thriller or horror stories before going to bed.
  • Follow a rigorous exercise regime.
  • Give aromatherapy a chance
  • Limit intake of caffeine or alcohol and switch it with lighter drinks like green tea.
  • Use the 4-7-8 breathing method. This breathing process relaxes the nervous system and puts your body at ease. Here are the steps:
  • Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth.
  • Exhale strongly.
  • Close your mouth and take in a strong breath from your nose.
  • Exhale strongly through your mouth
  • Repeat at least 3 times.

Sleep tight!

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