Trump Says Iranian Limpet Mines, Japanese Tanker Owner Says Crew Saw Missile Hit Ship


So, a Japanese tanker gets a hole blown in it off the Iranian coast while at the exact same time, the Japanese PM is in Tehran, meeting the Iranian leaders. Trump says Iran did it with limpet mines, the Japanese head of the company that owns the tanker says the crew saw a projectile hit the ship, so does anyone believe Trump? It’s pretty easy to tell when Trump is lying – his lips move.
  • The Japanese owner of one of the oil tankers attacked near Iran on Thursday says the vessel was struck by a projectile and not by a mine.
  • “We received reports that something flew towards the ship,” says Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo.
  • On Thursday, U.S. Central Command said that the Japanese oil tanker, Kokuka Courageous, had an “unexploded limpet mine on their hull following an initial explosion.”
Iran has absolutely no reason whatsoever to do this, especially at the precise moment they are wooing the Japanese for economic partnerships and trade deals. Seems to me that Trump is not only trying to start a war with Iran, he’s also doubling down on the economic pressure by trying to stymie any possible Iran-Japan deals.
As for the blurry video, if you consider that as ‘evidence’ then, to quoth Gordon, you are ‘too dumb to live’.
I am officially coining the phrase ‘Gulf of Trumpkin’ for this disgusting farce….

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  1. Iraq, er Iran has weapons of mass destruction!
    We must fight them to protect Israel!
    We must commit genocide on everyone non-Israeli!
    We must do it because King Bibi commands it!

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