Mossad Main Suspect behind Attacks on Oil Tankers in Sea of Oman


Mossad Main Suspect behind Attacks on Oil Tankers in Sea of Oman

A leading Egyptian newspaper dismissed the possibility that Iran carried out the recent attacks against two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman, describing Israel as the only side and culprit to benefit from the sabotage act.

“No one should believe and pay attention to the US allegations against Iran for the recent attacks because Trump is beating the drums of war and Israel is happy with it and the result will be a highly risky to the oil region and damage for Iran and other Persian Gulf littoral states,” the Arabic-language Mesriyoun newspaper wrote on Monday.

“Israel is the number one and only side which benefits from igniting the fire of war in the region,” it added.

The paper underlined Israel’s displeasure with any progress in Iran, and added, “Therefore, all suspicions should focuse on Israel and Mossad’s possible role given the fact that Mossad played an important role in the incidents during the Arab-Israeli wars in the past and after that.”

In relevant remarks on Saturday, senior Arab diplomats also pointed their fingers at Israel as the culprit behind the recent attacks on two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman, reminding that Tel Aviv has the possibilities and incentives to do the sabotage operations to lay more pressure on Iran.

“There is yet no strong evidence to show who has targeted the two oil tankers, and hence, the door is still open to make political allegations to pressure the opposite party,” Arab diplomats told the Lebanese Arabic-language al-Jomhouriyeh newspaper.

Al-Jomhouriyeh did not name the diplomats, but also quoted them as adding, “As the US accuses Iran for the incident, Israel can also be a suspect as it has the possibilities and capabilities to do so.”

The Arab diplomats underlined that Israel was the first regime which benefited from any war between the US and Iran.

Iran has strongly denied any involvement in the attacks.

Meantime, a prominent Russian expert also said that the US has launched the Thursday attacks on two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman to spread Iranophobia, satisfy Israel and find a pretext for prolonged presence in the region.

“Allegations that Iran is behind the two oil tankers incident in the Sea of Oman are not believable,” Head of the Russian Center for Iran Studies and senior analyst on regional issues Rajab Safarov said in an interview with Russia 24 news channel on Friday.

He described the US as the culprit behind the incident, and said in conditions that Iran along with two world powers, Russia and China, are after keeping the nuclear deal, Tehran will not resort to provocative acts against its interests.

Safarov added that the most important reason to blame the US for the incident is its interest in prolonged deployment in the Persian Gulf under the pretext of defending the Persian Gulf Arab states against what it calls as Iran’s threat.

“There is also another important scenario. The US is now producing 12mln barrels of oil on a daily basis and it has not only become self-sufficient but also has turned into one of the most important exporters of oil and therefore, it wants to cripple oil transfer in the Persian Gulf and annihilate the European states and China’s economy,” he said.

“The US introduces itself as the savior of the world and the biggest guarantor of peace and security and Iran as the biggest enemy of peace and the world’s economic lifeline by claiming to be rescuing Europe and the Arab and Asian states from an economic, political and geopolitical catastrophe and it will force them to bow to Washington and cut ties with Iran. Therefore, what you see is a scenario which fully benefits Trump and his supporters to force the world to bow to him,” Safarov warned.

Asked about the possibility for military conflict between Iran and the US, he said that Washington does not enjoy the capability and power to attack Iran and they fear any military confrontation, adding that tens of ways are before Tehran to close the Strait of Hormuz but the Iranians do not want to adopt provocative measures.

Safarov said that by launching attacks against the oil tankers in the Sea of Oman, Washington pursues Iranophobia in the world to meet its economic interests, satisfy the Israeli lobby, pressure the Persian Gulf Arab states to plunder their petrodollars and hit a blow to Europe and China’s economy.

The Japanese company that owns the ‘Kokuka Courageous’ tanker has said its crew spotted “flying objects” before the attack in the Gulf of Oman, contradicting US claims that the vessel was damaged by a naval mine.

Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo, told reporters on Friday that sailors on board the ill-fated oil tanker observed “flying objects” just before the incident in which the ship caught fire and was badly damaged. The giant vessel was hit twice, first near the engine room and then on its starboard side.

He suggested that those flying objects could have been bullets, and called reports of striking a mine “false.” Both points at which the ship was damaged were above her waterline, which couldn’t be so if it had struck an underwater mine.

The tanker was carrying petroleum products to Singapore and Thailand when it was attacked while sailing through the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. All 21 crew members abandoned the ship and were reportedly rescued by an Iranian vessel. While many details of the incident are still shrouded in mystery, the US was quick to blame Iran.

Later that day, the US military released a blurry video showing what they claimed were Iranian sailors removing an “unexploded limpet mine” from the ‘Kokuka Courageous.’ The poor quality of the video made it especially challenging to independently verify the claims.

Katada’s account partly contradicted American allegations of a mine attack, but did mention that the crew had spotted an Iranian Navy ship nearby. However, the president failed to specify whether it was there before or after the attack.

Another tanker, the Norwegian-owned ‘Front Altair,’ also suffered some damage while passing through the Gulf of Oman at around the same time. There have been reports of a torpedo attack on the vessel, but it is not yet clear from the firm’s statement whether it was attacked.

It is unknown who would benefit from targeting the ships, but the timing of the incidents is especially sensitive. The attack on the tankers that were carrying “Japan-related” cargo notably came during a rare visit to Tehran by Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo.

Suspicious doesn’t begin to describe what likely transpired this morning,” said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. As the day progressed, he hit back at the US accusations, saying Washington is trying to set up a false-flag attack in order to “sabotage diplomacy” and cover up their own “economic terrorism” against Tehran.

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  1. it seems this latest FF hasn’t worked as planned, what could possibly be next? Do we attack one of our own, maybe a US navy ship? Do we even have a choice? Did we have a choice when the USS Liberty was attacked? Was there foreknowledge of that massacre?

    • I’ve long suspected the next big false flag will be a nuclear bomb going off, the narrative will then be that the terrorists who detonated it obtained it from a nation that the US-Israel Judeo Zionists criminals want to destroy, such as Iran or North Korea.

  2. “All wars are bankers wars” good article by Mike Rivero and hits the nail on the head. Who benefits? Iran? Tankers? US? The real culprit – Israel Mossad – but the Mossad works for the Rothschilds, not Israel. Smedley Butler – most decorated general in 1935 – “War is a Racket” spells out who concocts the cause for war!

  3. Question to be asked, will israel now not wait for trump, or boris, and torpedo an american aircraft carrier, with false proof of an Iranian attack.
    Done it before, USS Liberty, 911 , USS Cole, where are the patriots in America? You have all become feminized, transified, sissies, past your eyes, we are all blind.

    • and don´t forget the other incidents w ships like Gulf of Tonkin, the blowup of a ship in the Spanish US war, the Lusitania, and others.

    • Many Americans are not all feminized or blind to what is happening. It gives me no pleasure to acknowledge the US and Israel and other cabal nations as THE Major Predator nations…. warring against all in order to further the agenda of a vastly evil group of people… the jewish banking and media cabal spear-headed by the Khazar (fake semites) blight upon and against the world.

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