What’s really going on behind Boris’s bluster and theatrics


[Editor’s note: What his otherwise comprehensive article fails to point out, is what the reason is why Boris appears to be Teflon-coated, unsinkable despite his constant gaffes and being continually caught out telling often outrageous lies’; why he continues to have a political career and be promoted as our next prime minister, horror of horrors.

The answer is obvious and simple – the people who really wield power in Britain – the Zionist crime cabal headed by the Rothschilds, are backing Boris, have always Boris, he is one of their own, a crypto Jew of extreme moral flexibility, a misogynistic pig of a man with no regard for others, a wholly egocentric, completely self absorbed piece of faecal matter in human form who could not give two hoots about anyone other than himself.

In a great many ways, he resembles Trump, but unlike the orange shitstain in the White House, Boris is highly intelligent and a skillful manipulator. Expect to see a lot of really stomach-churning mutual affection between these two stooges; they will probably form an alliance to wage war on Iran on behalf of Israel, something that is far more likely with a Britain out of the EU and lead by Boris the Rothschild’s pet politician.

We are literally days away from Boris being crowned both head of the Tory party and Prime Minister of Britain, the contest is a sham, Boris was always going to win, that was pre-ordained and no doubt most of the 140-odd MPs who voted for him in the last round have been spoken to, their palms greased or their arms twisted.

Anyone who supports Boris must be viewed as one of two things – an ignorant dumbfuck or a traitor to Britain who, like Boris, is concerned only with lining their own pockets or advancing their own career, they care not one jot for the future of Britain or it’s people. Ian]

What’s really going on behind Boris’s bluster and theatrics

Boris Johnson is being treated like a celebrity rather than a politician, according to political experts. The Tory leadership favourite is managing to ‘get away with’ behaviour that would have sunk the career of any of his rivals, it has been claimed.

From extra-marital affairs, Brexit lies, ‘racist’ rhetoric and a questionable career track record, the former foreign secretary has been labelled as political Teflon – nothing sticks. Experts say Tory members are dazzled by his charm and wit, which could have blinded them to his ability to deliver the ‘impossible task’ of Brexit.

Politics professor Tim Bale said: ‘I think the Conservative party is stuck in a time warp, especially over Boris. ‘They think of him as the Have I Got News For You host and Mayor of London who, they believe, can reach the voters that others cannot reach. ‘They don’t seem to have realised he is quite a polarising figure now.’

Mr Johnson, unlike his rivals, manages to be known on simply a first-name basis – Boris. He was sacked from his first job as a journalist with the Times for making up a quote attributed to his historian godfather about the discovery of Edward II’s Rose Palace.

He then went to work in Brussels for the Telegraph where his reports on the EU made him the darling of the Tory party’s Eurosceptic right-wing – despite the articles being widely regarded as exaggerated.

Once in political office, his career suffered a setback when he was sacked as a shadow minister by then-Tory leader Michael Howard for lying about having an affair while married. Boris, now 55, once admitted his mistakes were ‘too numerous to list in full.’

This week his critics have again demanded he reveal just how many children he has, pointing out it is in the public interest to know the kind of person chosen – rather than elected – to be their leader.

He officially has four with estranged second wife Marina Wheeler – who he wed just 12 days after his divorce was finalised from university sweetheart Allegra Mostyn-Owen. Marina threw Boris out of the marital home in 2004 over his four-year affair with Petronella Wyatt.

Petronella once said the politician had told her: ‘I find it genuinely unreasonable that men should be confined to one woman.’ Marina, a respected QC, gave the lothario his marching orders again in 2010 when he was suspected of having a lovechild with art consultant Helen Macintyre.

During a 2013 court case, it emerged he had fathered a child with Helen and during the hearing there were claims he could even have a sixth. Queen Mary University of London Prof Bale told Metro.co.uk: ‘His appeal is partly down to celebrity. The Conservative party are just as prone to being impressed by that. ‘He is now judged as a celebrity rather than a politician.

There is a different standard applied to a celebrity’s personal life. This is an emerging situation and were we not in such a mess, the Conservatives would not be looking for such an unusual candidate. ‘He is what I call the fire-alarm candidate. In case of emergency, break glass. He is the one the party turn to when all else has failed.’

ReaThe usually vocal Boris has spent much of the last few weeks in a self-imposed media blackout and is remaining tight-lipped about his family life. Prof Bale added: ‘It seems reasonable to say that the public has a right to know if someone they need to be able to trust to occupy a position of huge responsibility has routinely cheated and lied.’

Experts say the mess over Brexit and a ‘dearth’ of other charismatic leaders mean Boris is coming across as the only politician who is real. Prof Bale continued: ‘His record is between mixed and unimpressive but he can get up in front of an audience and inspire.

That cannot be said for many politicians who seem to be media-trained to the point of banality. ‘He comes across as authentic, even though that authenticity itself is an act.

But it is one he has down to a tee. ‘Normally what is required of a leader is competence and an ability to unite the nation. But at the moment, the desperate search for charisma trumps those.’

Boris is widely seen within the Conservative party as the ‘only antidote’ to the rising popularity of Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party. Experts say he has managed to sell himself as a ‘man of the people,’ despite his Eton education and being a member of the notorious Bullingdon Club at Oxford University.

Bournemouth University Professor, Candida Yates said: ‘Part of Johnson’s appeal is he is the anti-polished candidate. He comes from a very elite background and yet he still likes to come across as a mate. ‘Because he has charisma and appeal, he can get away with an awful lot and that must annoy his rivals.

This flawed character enhances his perceived authenticity. ‘In an age of a populism, where leaders are claiming to be men or women of the people, he is a great character and plays to the gallery. ‘Farage is the same. This bonhomie works for them and yet Gove, Javid or the others just can’t get away with it.’

Boris’s pitch to be prime minister made much of his achievements during his eight-year tenure as London Mayor. But his critics say he is drawn to gimmicks rather than practical policies. For years, he has championed Boris Island, a £112 billion airport in the Thames Estuary that has been rejected as a ‘risk to the taxpayer’. And £53 million of public money was wasted on so-called ‘Boris Bridge’, a tree and flower-covered walkway across the River Thames that never got built.

His other river crossing brainchild – the cable car that shuttles between the Royal Docks and Greenwich – cost £60 million but last week was used by fewer than 22,000 people. ‘Boris bikes’, while popular, were actually an idea of the previous Ken Livingstone administration but still cost the taxpayer £200 million – despite Boris’s boast it would be free.

During the 2011 London riots, he was away on a family holiday and it would take three days for him to return back to a scarred city. Afterwards, he bought three water cannons at a cost of £320,000. The vehicles were outlawed by then-Home Secretary Theresa May and were sold for scrap – entirely unused – for just £11,000 last year.

Boris’s greatest success as Mayor came during the 2012 London Olympics and he used his comedy skills to great effect when he got stuck on a zip line. Former members of his team call him ‘distracted’ while Labour point out they put in much of the groundwork for the Games.

Boris’s spell in the Foreign Office was also mired with blunders. He managed to offensively recite a colonial-era Rudyard Kipling poem at a Buddhist shrine in Myanmar and British-Iranian mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is still in jail after he mistakenly told Iran she was a journalist.

Prof Yates, an expert in culture and communication, added: ‘His lack of attention to detail is often cited and we have seen concrete effects of that with the case of Ms Zagahri-Ratcliffe. ‘And that is very serious. While all this bumbling, affable charm may appeal to some, it has real consequences if you are not on top of the detail. ‘The whole thing about Brexit has been the big message without any detail.

Today, politics is driven by the emotive power of narrative and the Brexiteers have been telling a powerful story of emancipation. ‘Leaving the EU also has a narrative of a return to a fantasy of a previous imperial age, which is very appealing to some. ‘In reality it is far more worrying. Leaving the EU is highly complex and having him in charge is not reassuring at all. ‘He has alienated people on the Continent already.’

The EU may not like Mr Johnson but he has an ally in Donald Trump and the comparisons are well documented. They share the shock of bright blond hair, a New-York birthplace and a reputation for having a messy personal life and being economical with the truth.

Prof Yates added: ‘There is definitely a comparison with Trump in terms of the empty rhetoric. Johnson stretches the truth and tells fibs and then when questioned, he just fronts it out. ‘Like Trump, he is a populist leader who claims to be speak for the ordinary person against an elite despite being part of that elite. ‘They are both playful, they are performers and they flirt with their electorate. ‘The lines of celebrity and politics have totally become blurred. Trump came from The Apprentice and Johnson was on Have I Got News For You. ‘When Johnson first became mayor, he could do no wrong and people voted for him because he was charming. ‘For many, that charm has rubbed off now and he is seen as a jaded entertainer at the end of a seaside pier. ‘And yet the Tories continue to be seduced by him and seem to think he is the magic solution, which is of course a fantasy.’

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His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.

His favored areas of study include state sponsored terrorism, media manufactured reality and the role of intelligence services in manipulation of populations and the perception of events.
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