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Since the last few decades, there are several theories about cannabis use. But marijuana or cannabis, whatever you call it, carries both medical usage characteristics and “getting you high” characteristics. Many major countries around the world have legalized cannabis use in their territory for medical as well as recreational purposes.

Canada has made an online dispensary so; people go through the legal way to get marijuana to reduce the illegal distribution of the substance. Even now, citizens can buy weed online in Canada. So seeing all these, we are going to discuss the effects of cannabis on memory and thought processes.

The most significant aspect to remember about any psychological effect of a drug or any substance that you abuse, that has psychologically activating properties is the huge role that psychological makeup is set and the context that it’s used in play in how it influences your own psychological makeup, cognitive function, one’s mood.

So, that’s a very big caution. It depends upon people’s psychology since everybody who has different expectations and different makeups, things will affect them differently. In this matter, it should be noted that the American Medical Association had testified to Congress about what the uses of cannabis are in the 1930s for medical purposes.

In modern-day what we call marijuana or weed or pot. The Association testified to Congress that marijuana was very useful in helping to bring memories back in psychotherapy, which is called as repressed or lost memories.

The representative of the association who testified to Congress also mentioned that this would be an invaluable tool that was being used in psychotherapy to bring back forgotten memories. This is quite surprising since most of the theories and people nowadays think that cannabis use might make you forgetful or forget things while the doctors of those days were discussing the utility and helping you remember things with marijuana use.

This just goes to show the complexity of the thing. An important thing you may see in the studies that when people are consuming cannabis in controlled settings, people might describe an interruption of short term memory with the acute use of marijuana. These effects can be tolerated, which means that repeated uses may not happen again. In some cases, Shatter might heighten our recalling power.

[easyazon_image align=”right” height=”500″ identifier=”0618465138″ locale=”US” src=”https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/51dJbxHwxOL.jpg” tag=”veteranstoday-20″ width=”250″]In the 1970s a prominent doctor of that time named Andrew Weil wrote a book called “The Natural Mind”. In the book, he stated the phenomenon called ‘stoned thinking” which sometimes has also been referred to as mosaic thinking. The theory goes like, it is not like you are forgetting things or losing memory, but you are thinking about things in a different way and different context.

These are the kind of effects of cannabis on cognitive patterns that are really dependent, on the amount that is being used and the context it is being consumed in. Some people describe creative thought patterns, creativity, or new ideas, inspiration as an effect on thought. There are also concerns that people might get the same thoughts which they were thinking before they consumed the drug might be heightened.

So, these are thoughts about really worries or thoughts about persecution. Such thoughts might be heightened under the effect of a substance like cannabis that just kind of magnifies what is already there. It is a very broad concept since there are various effects of marijuana on memory and thought.

Talking about physical effects, it can increase the appetite which generally called “munchies” but instead you can buy Anavar online as an appetizer.

But overall you may get a sense of the short term memory interruption, but it possibly results in long term memory recall, linear thinking to mosaic thinking, and then in some conditions complete tolerance to any effects at all that cannot be measured on non-cognitive testing.


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