Trump The Rapist

Pussy Grabber Strikes Again!


Lying Trump a RAPIST? Of course he is! So what? TrumpBots simply do NOT care. Plain and Simple! It’s the new phony Christian value of “Matthew 55:24 Jesus Endorses Rape“.
Let The Good Times Roll!

Rapist Trump claims he does NOT know this long time accomplished lady except when there is a picture of him with her at a meeting. Come on man! Hilarious! LOL!

This lady, E. Jean Carroll, has NO history of sociopathy. So if we are to believe Trump claims she’s a Democrat plant, we would need absolute evidence or we must default to his motis operandi that our PUSSY GRABBER, the self-proclaimed national victim and known sociopath, is also a Sexual Predator of the highest order.

I mean Trump the Sociopath lies so often about everything he’s completely LOST the benefit of the doubt. Professionals refer to this as “Referrent Power” to which he has none among objective peoples. Unfortunately, when it comes to his TrumpBots, objectivity has been completely canceled. Cult Membership outweighs objectivity by a million miles.

Frankly I marvel at his absolute contempt for all. He just rolls over people with impunity cause he can. He plays the Billionaire Criminal perfectly.

Don the Con reminds me so much of my father who was a professional con-man with absolute contempt for his victims; a doppleganger!
Charlie, my Dad, was referred to as “The Legend” inventing the Boiler Room operation back in the 1960s; a Sicilian American gangster who owed “The Track”, paid off NYC coppers, and rolled over victims laughing in their faces as they realized they were conned.


Oh The Move as told by the late Paul Kashdan, one of dad’s associates who was a gambling friend and fellow boiler room colleague…. While at the Santa Anita Race Track back in the early 70s, dad told Paul that his son, me, was very sick in the hospital on death watch with 105 fever and he needed money to pay the doctors to save his son!

So Paul feeling for him took out 5 C-Notes ($ 500) and handed to “Charlie”. The Grift was on!

Charlie lifted his right pant leg showing his overfilled old man sock then pulled out a wad of cash that must have been $ 20,000. He then wrapped the 5 bills around the wad and put it back in his sock. He puled down his pant leg down and said THANKS PAUL and walked away.

Paul was so taken aback by the move that he just stood there in awe. He told me he let let Charlie have it the cash because he could NOT believe the bold move. It was brilliant. Paul said he could NOT believe “his friend” would do him like that.

And that’s what Con Men do folks. They get your trust, aka your “confidence” and violate it without conscience. That’s my dad; a sociopath. That’s Don The Con. Only Don the Con went all the way to the highest office is now conning the world on the biggest stage.

I wonder if Don The Con graduated from my fathers School for Confidence Men? My father would have LOVED The Donald. He would have called him “My Son”. Hideous Men Donald Trump assaulted me in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room 23 years ago. But he’s not alone on the list of awful men in my life.


Watching an emboldened con man like Donald operate with zero respect for his cheering cult supporters is hard. I had to watch victims fall in absolute love with my dad then get destroyed by him after the grift was done.

They would call him The Greatest Man they ever met. He was handsome, wore $ 5000 suits from Beverly Hills, drove fancy cars like Caddy’s and Rolls-Royce always with coke whore candy on his arm. They loved him. He was their hero. He is what they wanted to be…successful American style. That’s the game folks. Sounds like someone you know?

Like Paul, they let him rape because the grift is so outrageous that it’s amusing. Besides, TrumpBots love their rapist hero! Want a cookie?

So what impact will this new rape reveal have? Nothing! America does NOT care.

Nevertheless,I should write a song called THE RAPIST dedicated to this billionaire entitled asshole. Hum? Or maybe I should write a song about his hero worshipping cult members aka THE VICTIMS who, arguably, are even more interesting than their fearless cult leader.

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  1. Excerpt,: “The man I will be talking about denies it, as he has denied accusations of sexual misconduct made by at least 15 credible women, namely, Jessica Leeds, Kristin Anderson, Jill Harth, Cathy Heller, Temple Taggart McDowell, Karena Virginia, Melinda McGillivray, Rachel Crooks, Natasha Stoynoff, Jessica Drake, Ninni Laaksonen, Summer Zervos, Juliet Huddy, Alva Johnson, and Cassandra Searles. ”

    She didn’t even bother to list Ivana. Guys that do this, never do it once or twice.

    • Here’s the clump, no Iran attack, no immigrant round up, E Caroll comes out, Trump says he talked to Pelosi,

      And this story is wiped from nearly all outlets overnight. Welcome to the United States of America. Where the only transparent activity of our government is blackmail.

  2. Her reasoning for not bringing charges does not compute. She is going to be bombarded with 10,000 reasons to file the complaint.
    NY should not require the victim to file charges if evidence is made public and I think we actually have domestic abuse laws that do not require an abused woman to press charges.
    Meanwhile, we all need to ponder what it takes to remove a person from office. If this slides, the ramifications are going to echo across the land like the racism and bully business model has.
    Our Commander in Chief has multiple credible accusations of rape against him, one by a girl as young as 13.
    I’m definitely tired of “winning”. The DA needs to grab that dress.

    • I have no problem with investigating Trump for rape. I do have a problem with people in the democrat party establishment and the media though who thought this was perfectly okay behavior for the occupant of the White House when Bill Clinton was “doing his thing”, and I’m not talking about Lewinsky. There were rape allegations against him, but I don’t recall seeing any outraged “pink hatters” at the time. Guess I just don’t like hypocrites and sociopathic opportunists.

    • Yea, and ya know, racism should just be tolerated, because you know, some people had slaves.
      I’m going to say, that the progression of societal acceptance concerning certain aspects of human behavior changes over time, and the levels we tolerate change due to things like the accusations against Clinton.
      When lot’s of people are doing it, the charges do not come forward, and the fewer people doing things, the less it is accepted. Sometimes Judges make examples to influence society. Sometimes a collective prevents justice because there is not enough public outcry. Compare to Al Franken. The irony of Trump bringing Clintons accusers to a debate, has yet to reach its maturity. Defending one person with anothers guilt, is immature in the larger scope of things. But, that is what he was doing that day. He did it, so can I.
      The question is never who, but what, and how many in society have had enough. Great, Clinton did it too, so should we just let other people ? Law and enforcement is a constantly evolving creative process.
      50 Judges let the priest off the hook, should we keep doing that ?

  3. You just do not rape women. If you are attracted to them; you woo them. Or, if you really like them try the Ol Court and Spark. If you need help, ask your Grandmother.

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