TrumpsteinGate: What if Acosta Killed Epstein Case to Save Family from Mob?

Epstein is a fall guy. There is nothing in his personal history that puts him with the kind of human garbage we are finding him tied to....guilty as he may be of some of what he accused of, he is NOT the worst of them...



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  1. is it time for VT to publish the e-mails, and records of the telephone calls mentioned above? I think so, as it would go a long way to getting to the truth.
    For all interested Zero Hedge published Epstein’s flight logs so it’s easy to verify who went were on the Lolita Express, and when, just go take a look.
    Amazing Polly’s video is worth the time. At the end she points to the tail number of Epstein’s airplane (N212JE) and states that this number is shared with another jet, one owned by the Dept. of State. How does that happy?

    • “How does that happ[en]?” – joetv

      Duplicate “N” (i.e., US aircraft registration) numbers could only happen by arm-twisting or bribing the right persons at the FAA.

  2. Let’s say Epstein had been fully prosecuted and the case had made huge headlines for weeks and months on end. Would this have drawn uncomfortable comparisons to the Catholic Church ?
    I propose an aspect of consideration in why Acosta handled it the way he did, was in consideration of other scandals and interests going on at the time.
    “A Church-commissioned report in 2004 said more than 4,000 US Roman Catholic priests had faced sexual abuse allegations in the last 50 years, in cases involving more than 10,000 children – mostly boys.”
    So, once procedural example is made, the people shout for equality under the law, and thus we see very few sex trafficking prosecutions, and Judaism and Catholicism have interests which would be harmed. In 2008, the climate was pretty bad for the church, and full scale PR efforts were underway.

    • and note, it says, Church commissioned. What we have found since, is that internal investigations were underreporting both number of victims and abusers by a huge percentage. If a priest or victim is sent or brought across state or international lines, is this not aiding and abetting international sex trafficking ? Or worse ? I think it’s pretty smart to look at pressures from insurance companies, liquidation of assets and amount of funding to PR firms and lobbying efforts at the time of the plea deal. It’s clearly bigger than Epstein.


    Why this? Why now? Epstein seemed free as a bird having only ever experienced in a fleeting fashion the sense of being a jail-bird. Slipping out of ankle chains after being caught with your pant(e)s around your heels seems par for the course of all elite scum, for what, a little childsplay. Yeah right! The Lolita Express logbook has all the names including Dershowitz and the Clintons, both as well as Prince Andrew. Checking a Secret Service listing seems hardly worth the bother when your Commander-in-Chief (or should that be philanderer-in-briefs) decides what goes in there and what doesn’t … the logbook dummy! The logbook is the thing. Or am I missing something? So if all leads to a clandestine Mossad compromise of all Little St. James Island nobs and nabobs hobnobbing with children – who does Mossad report to: the Talmud thumpers – as against Bible thumpers, running the Knesset? Hardly. I did ask myself – trying to be circumspect you know – if the absence of Epstein might somehow ease Turnip-head’s 2020 re-election without a Twittering gaggle of former teenage masseuses putting the skids under Monsieur de Pompadour by rubbing some very public faces in the dirt. Epstein other than being surplus to requirements may well be cause for some ongoing target practice in the butts. Sometimes it requires a little more than a billion in assets to cover one’s ass – as the donkey said.

  4. I’ve got no sympathy for Acosta if this is true. As a lawman what do you think Wyatt Earp or Eliot Ness would have done? Cut a deal because of threats? What a coward!

  5. Truth is Gordon this evil business has flourished under every President and Congress since the inception of Boys Town———-

  6. We need Veterans Today shirts and jackets – good quality – and start wearing them – all around the World. I’m not sure if this has been tried but there millions of Veterans around the World -American and foreign , who know about Honor. And VT is the Pravda. Thanks.

  7. I’m surprised that Lucky Larry Pull it Silverstein isn’t in hell where he belongs. I always suspected that people like him lived off the blood of innocent children.

  8. Well, a nuclear war in the Middle East should distract the public on how the Deep State/KZM//Kosher Nostra controls most of the world, eh? Exposure of that control to the general public and the possible resulting collapse of the crime syndicate is all that is really at stake here.

    • A sign that VT is pushing the correct buttons to force a showdown between the white hats and black hats, eh? We can only hope that the vast majority will figure out which side to be on when the time comes.

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