Epstein Leads to Bronfman, Maxwell, Greenburg and to Planning and Execution of 9/11


We follow Polly down the rabbit hole, as Epstein with Wexner and the Bronfman’s, according to our highest/official sources and nicely put together here (congrats) shows us the Mega Group and the real name of the Deep State.


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  1. Wikipedia James Wolfensohn who is reported to be a member of the Committee of 300. Wikipedia Quartet on the Middle East … The Quartet on the Middle East or Middle East Quartet, sometimes called the Diplomatic Quartet or Madrid Quartet or simply the Quartet, is a foursome of nations and international and supranational entities involved in mediating the Israeli–Palestinian peace process. The Quartet comprises the United Nations, the United States, the European Union, and Russia. The group was established in Madrid in 2002, recalling Madrid Conference of 1991, as a result of the escalating conflict in the Middle East. The Quartet’s current Special Envoy is Kito de Boer, who assumed the position after the resignation of Tony Blair in 2015…James Wolfensohn, the former president of the World Bank, was appointed Special Envoy for Israel’s disengagement from Gaza in April 2005. He stepped down the following year because of restrictions in dealing with the Islamic militant group Hamas and the withholding of money from the Palestinian Authority, risking its collapse. Tony Blair announced that he had accepted the position of the official envoy of the Quartet, the same day he resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and as a Member of Parliament on 27 June 2007. The approval came after initial objections by Russia.[8] The United Nations were overseeing the finances and security of his mission, before his resignation on 27 May 2015

    • Tony Blair is also reported to be on the Committee of 300. James Wolfensohn gives presentations at the Israel Council on Foreign Relations search engine this…… Point being that the Money Powers/Synagog of Satan do not want peace and safety for the people of Israel or the Palestinian people or the People of Syria or Turkey or Iran or Lebanon or Saudi Arabia or Yemen or the United States or the British or all of Europe or Russia or China or India or Pakistan ect ect… They want Albert Pike’s plan for 3 world wars. They want us all to fight each other.

  2. A longtime Bronfman henchman at Seagrams, Stephen Herbits, was recruited by then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to make “heads roll” in the military, screening Pentagon promotions and appointments, enforcing Zionist control of the U.S. war machine. This move on the military came in 2006 when top retired American military leaders publicly slammed the Bush administration for waging the war against Iraq, making it clear they spoke for many colleagues still in the Pentagon who opposed the war from the start. Herbits urged the media to investigate military leaders who dared to take on the administration. Saying it would be “a service to this country when the media digs a bit below these attacks to examine the generals,” Herbits was sending a warning: Military leaders who stood up against civilian warmongers promoting the interests of Israel were subject to investigation by spy agencies such as the Anti-Defamation League, which could come up with “data” on the dissidents to destroy them.

    • he Bronfmans were the “godfathers” behind the career of Arizona Senator John McCain (R), Israel’s most outspoken advocate in Congress. McCain’s $150 million fortune comes from his marriage to Cindy Hensley, who inherited one of the nation’s largest beer distribution companies from her father, Jim Hensley. Hensley made his money as a henchman of Kemper Marley who, for 40 years, was political boss of Arizona and the Lansky syndicate’s front man in The Grand Canyon State. The Bronfmans set Marley up in business and after Hensley took the rap for Marley in a criminal case, Hensley’s reward was the beer business now in McCain family hands.

  3. When Bernstein died in 1999, his firm managed $80 billion in stock and bonds for individual investors and institutions. In October 2002, Sanford C. Bernstein’s firm was acquired by Alliance Capital, the two merging into AllianceBernstein, which would become AB in 2015. The Weekly Standard’s l has been a Director of AllianceBernstein since 1994 and is a Director of various Sanford C. Bernstein funds within AB, including its International Portfolio. Wikipedia Project for a new american century The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was a neoconservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. that focused on United States foreign policy. It was established as a non-profit educational organization in 1997, and founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan.

  4. and of common knowledge is that Bronfmans are connected to the Committee of 300. An aide to Netanyahu, and ghost writer of one? of his books is Yoram Hazony who was funded by Lauder who was Silversteins partner in target acquisition of the World Trade Center.

    • Since its inception, the center has enjoyed funding of tens of millions of dollars, not least from donations by Jewish philanthropists such as Ronald Lauder, Sheldon Adelson and Zalman Bernstein. The center is located in two buildings and has a budget this year of $10 million, though fewer than 100 employees. Since its inception, it has also been under the centralistic control of a small group of people, who have known each other since their student days at Princeton University, headed by Dr. Daniel Polisar and Dr. Yoram Hazony. Polisar, the institution’s president, is described as its operational and guiding arm. Hazony, a former confidant of Benjamin Netanyahu, preceded Polisar as president and is now provost.
      Under their leadership, the center has recruited figures such as former chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon and former minister Natan Sharansky. A year and a half ago, the center established the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies, which Sharansky heads and in which Ya’alon is a “distinguished fellow.” Adelson’s $4.5-million donation to the center stems from his unreserved support for Sharansky. The center is constantly gathering momentum and influence. It recently held a conference on “Democracy and Security” in Prague, at which U.S. President George W. Bush spoke.

  5. Polly is asking the right questions and searching for the right answers to the enigma known as Epstein. I’m a nobody, but years ago my 1st response to Epstein’s notoriety was how did he become so wealthy? This character Jeffrey Epstein is obviously State sponsored, and I believe the state to be Israel. Polly claims the tail number on Epstein’s jet is shared with another airplane owned by the state department. Let your mind wonder about that, and ask how sharing a tail number with the US Department of State could benefit a man like Epstein, and his handlers. The 1st question to answer is how it happened and who at the FAA signed off on it?
    Sadly I doubt we’ll ever know. I think Jeff’s days are numbered and his expiration date is near.

    • The FAA still had the alleged tail numbers for AA Flights 11 and 77 listed as operational until around 2006 when some internet sleuths pointed this out. At which point they mysteriously vanished from cyberspace. Lucky some of us got screen shots.

      Hopefully this answers your question. The FAA is to flight safety like the ADL is too philanthropy both just deep state tools.